The Far East, Its History and Its Question

G. Richards, 1900 - 372 sivua

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Sivu 313 - Parties, equally with the citizens or subjects of the most favored nation, shall have liberty freely to come with their ships and cargoes to all places, ports and rivers in the territories of the other which are or may be opened to foreign commerce, subject always to the laws of the country to which they thus come.
Sivu 307 - British subjects are hereby authorised to travel, for their pleasure or for purposes of trade, to all parts of the interior, under passports which will be issued by their Consuls, and countersigned by the local authorities. These passports, if demanded, must be produced for examination in the localities passed through. If the passport be not irregular, the bearer will be allowed to proceed, and no opposition shall be offered to his hiring persons, or hiring vessels for the carriage of his baggage...
Sivu 263 - His Majesty the Emperor of China agrees, that British subjects, with their families and establishments, shall be allowed to reside, for the purpose of carrying on their mercantile pursuits, without molestation or restraint...
Sivu 353 - European accountant to supervise the construction of the line in question, and the expenditure of the money appropriated to it. But it remains understood that this fact cannot be taken as constituting a right of property or foreign control, and that the line in question...
Sivu 293 - Japanese^ subjects may freely use foreign or Japanese coin, in making payments to each other. As some time will elapse before the Japanese will become acquainted with the value of foreign coin, the Japanese Government will, for the period of one year after the opening of each port, furnish British subjects with Japanese coin in exchange for theirs, equal weights being given, and no discount taken for recoinage.
Sivu 314 - ... any prohibition be maintained or imposed on the importation of any article, the produce or manufacture of the...
Sivu 292 - All questions in regard to rights, whether of property, or person, arising between citizens of the United States in China, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of, and regulated by, the authorities of their own government.
Sivu 277 - Subjects of China who may be guilty of any criminal act towards citizens of the United States shall be arrested and punished by the Chinese authorities according to the laws of China. And citizens of the United States...
Sivu 324 - All treaties between Japan and China having come to an end in consequence of war, China engages, immediately upon the exchange of the ratifications of this Act, to appoint plenipotentiaries to conclude with the Japanese plenipotentiaries a treaty of Commerce and Navigation, and a convention to regulate frontier intercourse and trade.
Sivu 331 - ... Minister of Finances of a warrant of the State Bank certifying the payment of the first instalment on the shares. In any case such payment must be made not later than two months from the day of confirmation of the present Statutes. "The succeeding instalments on the shares shall be paid in such...

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