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Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the

State of New York, held in the Common Council Chamber,
City Hall, Albany, N. Y., Tuesday and Wednesday,

February 14th and 15th, 1888.

The Society was called to order by Dr. H. M. Paine, President, and prayer offered by the Rev. G. W. Brown, pastor of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Albany, N. Y.

Dr. T. M. Strong was appointed Secretary pro tem.



In constructing the programme announcing the order in which the business of the Society is to be conducted, the secretary has stated that I am, at this particular juncture, to “make remarks."

How he should have had the temerity to order me, without my consent, to make remarks, I am unable to discover. He knows, however, as well as any one in this room, that I have never attended a meeting of this Society, except the first one, without having made remarks; in fact, like the garrulous old woman who kept speaking in meeting, I am in danger of making remarks all the time; and yet this incautious secretary has actually directed me to make remarks, and to begin at the very beginning.

GENTLEMEN: This Society is subject to fits. It has fits of misanthropy. It is a veritable hater of mankind. These fits are chronic. They are epileptoid. They have recurred with regularity, on the second Tuesday in February of each year, for at least five or six years past. The origin of these fits was a genuine surprise to me.

I knew that there was a moderate liability thereto; but I had no idea that they could be actually induced so easily, or that they could be developed so speedily. The Society seemed to be getting on well. There were no external symptoms of serious disturbance of nerve centers; when, all

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