Sivut kuvina

mon law pleading and practice, state prac-, after the date of such license, upon his temtice, conflict of laws, professional ethics, the porary admission, and the clerk shall imfederal statutes relating to the judiciary and mediately notify the secretary of the Oregon to bankruptcy, and the development in the Bar Association of such order: Provided, state of Oregon of the principles of law, as | however, that if such license would expire exemplified by the decisions of its Supreme during any vacation of this court, then, and Court and by statutory enactments. Such in that event, it shall continue in force until examinations shall be conducted in the man the third Monday of the succeeding term ner and according to the method prescribed of this court to be held at Salem. In the by said board. No such applicant shall be event that any objection is made to the final permitted to practice in the courts of this admission of any person so licensed to pracstate, unless at least three members of said tice law in this state, such objection shall board, or the court on appeal from the deci- be made in writing, setting forth the grounds sion of the board, shall deem, such applicant thereof, and shall be filed with the clerk, to be duly qualified as to the requisite char- who shall transmit the same to the said acter, learning and ability. Upon such mo- | board of examiners for their action, which tion of any three members of said board action shall be by them reported to the Susuch applicant shall be admitted subject to preme Court: Provided, however, that the the approval and confirmation of the Su court may, in its discretion, either continue preme Court.

or revoke the temporary license pending

such investigation and report. In case no RULE 41. Attorneys and counselors at law

objection is so made and filed within six and solicitors in chancery who have been ad

months after the making and entry of the mitted to practice in the highest courts of

order granting the temporary license to pracany other state, territory or district, or of

tice, then such applicant at any time after England, her colonies, or dependencies where

the expiration of said six months may, on the common law prevails, and who are other

written motion of three members of said wise qualified, may be admitted to the bar of

board of examiners, unless otherwise ordered this state without examination upon pre

by the court, be permanently admitted to senting their certificate of admission to such

practice law in the courts of this state. courts, accompanied by a petition in writing, verified by the oath of the petitioner, RULE 42. Applicants for admission upon showing (1) where he was first admitted to examination shall pay to the clerk $20.00, practice, all places and the periods of time and upon certificate $30.00 before his examduring which he has practiced as an at- ination. (General Laws of Oregon 1913, torney or counselor at law, and especially page 78.) the place, the period of time, and the court Section 1081, Lord's Oregon Laws, probefore which he last practiced; and (2) | vides: whether or not any proceedings for his dis- "Whenever it appears that a person of barment or suspension have been instituted any other state or country is an attorney or prosecuted at any time or place, and that of the highest court of record in such state he has practiced for at least one year in or country, he may appear as counsel for a some other jurisdiction. Such petition must party in a particular action, suit or proceedalso be accompanied by the certificate of the ing then pending in court, or before a judipresiding judge of the highest court in which cial officer of this state, but not otherwise: he last practiced, or was admitted to prac- Provided, however, that upon proof that he tice, to the effect that the petitioner was in is a person of good moral character, which good standing and trustworthy in his pro may be proved by any evidence satisfactory fession in such jurisdiction, and also the to the court, he may be admitted generally, affidavits of two attorneys of this court by the Supreme Court, as an attorney, in showing that they believe him to be a repu- all respects as if he were a citizen of this table attorney and a person of good moral state, and shall be permitted to practice in character, and setting forth how long a time, all courts of this state: Provided, that the when, and under what circumstances those state or country of which such applicant is making the same have known the petitioner. a resident or citizen admits to its bar, and Such applicant may be licensed to practice to practice in its courts, attorneys who are law for a period of nine months from and citizens of this state."



Revised July 6, 1918 The revised rules read the same as shown | No. 21. Registration of Students in Law at 157 Pac. vii, except as to rules 20 and 21, Offices. At the time of entering upon a course which read as follows:

of reading in the office of any attorney, as a

preparation for admission to the bar, the proADMISSION OF ATTORNEYS.

spective applicant shall file a declaration No. 20. Motions-Nonresidents-Fee. Any thereof with the clerk of the Supreme Court, resident of Kansas who was admitted to accompanied by such proofs of good moral practice in the district and inferior courts of

character and preliminary general education this state prior to June 1, 1903, will be admitted to practice in this court, on motion, as are required of an applicant for admisand any practicing attorney of any state or sion to the bar by the rules of the board territory having professional business in this of examiners. If such proofs are approved by court may be admitted for the time and pur- the board, the clerk shall register him as a pose of such business, upon taking the oath law student, upon the payment of a fee of hereinafter set out, or such attorney may be five dollars, which shall be credited upon the heard by permission of the court without twenty-five-dollar payment provided for in formal admission. All motions for the ad- rule 25, whenever the student so registered mission of attorneys must be presented in shall make application for admission to the the morning hour, immediately after the first bar. call of the docket. Each resident attorney, upon being admitted under this rule, shall The rules relating to admission to the bar pay three dollars to the clerk, who shall fur- are the same as set forth at 157 Pac. xi, exnish him a certificate of admission and a cept that in rule V the reference to rule 27 printed copy of the rules.

of the Supreme Court is changed to rule 22. 173 P.


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App.) 598

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Dam, Harding v. (Cal. App.)

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Deschutes County, State y. (Or.)

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Harris v. (Okl.)

69 (Or.)


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Dist.. Barnes v. (Cal.)

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and for Clark County, Gay v. (Vev.) 885 Fitzgerald v. Centralia (Wash.)..


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V. (Colo.)

426 App.)


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Co. v. (Okl.)..

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.1141 Flynn, Wright 1. (Mont.)


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British Columbia (Wash.).

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Dryden v. Daly (Or.).

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Du Bois, Firebaugh v. (Okl.)

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Dunlap, Starkweather v. (Kan.)
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:50 Forest Mills of British Columbia, Drescher
Lumber Co. v. (Wash.)

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East Tintic Development Co., Henriod v.

Fotheringham, Terrill v. (Wash.)

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Eby v. Lewistown (Mont.).

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. 10SS
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Eichler's Estate, In re (Wash.).

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Elgin Forwarding Co., Davidhizar v. (Or.) 893 (Cal. App.)


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Elliott, Stilphen v. (Utah)

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Elwell y. Dickson (Colo.)..

423 / Fuller, Leach y. (Colo.)


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