Proposed Federal/State Oil and Gas Lease Sale, Beaufort Sea: Final Environmental Impact Statement, Nide 1

Alaska Outer Continental Shelf Office, 1979

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Sivu 30 - Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended by the Clean Water Act of 1977.
Sivu 25 - Shelf which are intended to result in expedited exploration and development of the Outer Continental Shelf in order to achieve national economic and energy policy goals, assure national security, reduce dependence on foreign sources, and maintain a favorable balance of payments in world trade...
Sivu 33 - Lakes and their connecting waters, which he determines necessary for the purpose of preserving or restoring such areas for their conservation, recreational, ecological, or esthetic values.
Sivu 336 - Secretary, and the Secretary of the Department in which the Coast Guard is operating, shall require, on all new drilling and production operations and, wherever practicable, on existing operations, the use of the best available and safest technologies which the Secretary determines to be economically feasible...
Sivu 392 - If the subject sale were cancelled, the follow ing energy actions or sources might be used as substitutes. However, some of these actions are not feasible at this time and may not be during the estimated life of this production area. It is anticipated that the oil and gas that would become available from this proposal in the next 25-year period could provide significant contribution to this region's energy supply; if the subject sale were cancelled, the following energy actions or sources might be...
Sivu 33 - ... including, but not limited to, the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, the Endangered Species Act of 1973, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
Sivu 336 - Except as provided in this section, any person having a valid legal interest which is or may be adversely affected may commence a civil action...

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