The Early Years of the Late Bishop Hobart ...

Protestant Episcopal Press, 1834 - 228 sivua

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Sivu 205 - Others apart sat on a hill retired, In thoughts more elevate, and reasoned high Of Providence, Foreknowledge, Will, and Fate— Fixed fate, free will, foreknowledge absolute — And found no end, in wandering mazes lost.
Sivu 207 - ... is the religious and moral knowledge of right and wrong ; the next is an acquaintance with the history of mankind, and with those examples which may be said to embody truth, and prove by events the reasonableness of opinions. Prudence and justice are virtues and excellences of all times and of all places ; we are perpetually moralists, but we are geometricians only by chance.
Sivu 207 - But the truth is, that the knowledge of external nature, and the sciences which that knowledge requires or includes, are not the great or the frequent business of the human mind. Whether we provide for action or conversation, whether we wish to be useful or pleasing, the first requisite is the religious and moral knowledge of right and wrong; the next is an acquaintance with the history of mankind, and with those examples which may be said to embody truth, and prove, by events, the reasonableness...
Sivu 224 - Sacred and awful will be my duties ; the grace of GOD can alone enable me to execute them. O pray with me, that in my entrance on this important • office, I may have a single eye to his glory, and the salvation of immortal souls — pray that he would subdue within me every desire of honor, emolument, or human praise ; and that I may serve him with sincerity and truth.
Sivu 121 - I should be if you were with me, and without them. But, my dear John, mental advantages are not all that are to be considered, you should also have regard to your health, for without health there can be no enjoyment. Do not neglect to pay proper attention to that, and spare nothing that will contribute to preserve it ; and if any thing should at any time ail you, do not neglect to attend to it in time. It certainly would be my wish to have you with me, if your improvement would be promoted by it...
Sivu 11 - October 27th, 1776, leaving to his wife the usual inheritance of widowed sorrow, and to his children little beside a father's blessing, and the legacy of a good name. But happily for them their mother was not wanting in the energy requisite to her desolate condition. ' She fulfilled her duties toward them as has been well said, with the prudence of a father's judgment, and the tenderness of a mother's love*.' Out of nine children, four had preceded their father to the grave ; five remained, two sons...
Sivu 174 - Hobart during his collegiate course; he graduated in 1793, and I entered as a member of the junior class at the beginning of the winter session of 1794. He was still, however, residing in college when I reached Princeton, which was to me a subject of deep interest, from the animated contest in which he had been engaged for the first honour of his class.
Sivu 222 - ... his early years. In all academic studies, wherever placed, he had stood pre-eminent ; but these he little valued except for their bearing upon spiritual character. ' The improvement of the heart,' said he, ' should be the end of all our acquirements, and to no purpose are we made wiser, if we are not also made better men.
Sivu 17 - ... was one of his earliest lessons and his ruling sentiment. His improvement was marked accordingly. His class-mates were all, I believe, his seniors; but he soon gained, and kept, during his whole course, the enviable distinction of being head in all their studies. He was often honoured by the open approbation of the Principal, and his example commended to imitation. The trustees, too, at the stated examinations, were liberal of encomium, and the popular voice of the school echoed their praise.
Sivu 224 - I,' says he again,' from thinking that I am qualified for the ministry, either in mental or spiritual acquirements. I want every requisite ; but by the goodness of GOD, I may at last obtain those qualifications which will fit me for entering on it.

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