Becoming True to Ourselves: Cultural Decolonization and National Identity in the Literature of the Portugese-speaking World

Greenwood Press, 1987 - 94 sivua

Nunes' conclusion is succinct and contains several original ideas. Unlike most writers, she claims that human interdependence is a fact that may have positive effects. . . . "Becoming True to Ourselves" is an outstanding work of research and presents insightful and original concerns about a topic that had not been studied previously but is of major importance.

"Rocky Mountain Review"

"Becoming True to Ourselves" is a penetrating exploration of literary strategies of decolonization in the Portuguese-speaking world. Divided into three parts, the analysis centers on an examination of the Portuguese, Brazilian, and African colonial experiences as viewed through the eyes of native contemporary writers over a 100-year span. This examination enables the author to uncover the fundamental relationship between cultural decolonization and national identity and reveals an unusually vital literary tradition that both reinforces and helps impel these nation's drives toward cultural, political, and economic independence.

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Portuguese Women and Decolonization

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MARIA LUISA NUNES is Professor of Portuguese at the State University of New York at Stonybrook.

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