Historical notes on the places of interest to be visited by the British archæological association during their congress ... at Devizes, ed. by W.H. Butcher


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Sivu 79 - Malmesbury, had several manuscripts of the Abbey. He was a proper man and a good fellow; and, when he brewed a barrel of special ale, his use was to stop the bunghole, under the clay, with a sheet of manuscript; he said nothing did it so well: which methought did grieve me then to see.
Sivu 19 - ... wheat in the market, each paying her due proportion towards the same. One of these women, in collecting the several quotas of money, discovered a deficiency, and demanded of Ruth Pierce the sum which was wanting to make good the amount. Ruth Pierce protested that she had paid her share, and said, 'She wished she might drop down dead if she had not.' She rashly repeated this awful wish ; when, to the consternation and terror of the surrounding multitude, she instantly fell down and expired, having...
Sivu 23 - My soul is athirst for GOD, yea, even for the living GOD: when shall I come to appear before the presence of GOD...
Sivu 42 - Heddington, and there fought against the whole army, put them to flight, and pursued them as far as their fortress; and there he sat down fourteen days. And then the army delivered to him hostages, with many oaths, that they would leave his kingdom, and also promised him that their king should receive baptism; and this they accordingly fulfilled.
Sivu 42 - Brixton, on the east side of Selwood ; and there came to meet him all the men of Somerset, and the men of Wiltshire, and that portion of the men of Hampshire which was on this side of the sea ; and they were joyful at his presence.
Sivu 89 - ... the monuments of chiefs, who had no means of recording their deeds or even their names, but trusted to the rude mound of earth and the pious memories of their children to transmit to posterity the memorials of those acts they seemed so anxious to perpetuate. When viewed from a distance, the vastness of the open tract in which Stonehenge stands takes considerably from its impressiveness ; but when the observer gets close to its great monolithic masses, the solitary situation lends it a grandeur...
Sivu 43 - Camd. Brit. col. 109. terrified by famine and cold, by fear and despair, that they begged for peace, on the condition that the king should receive from them as many hostages as he pleased, and should not give them any in return. They had never before made a treaty of this kind with any one. The king, after receiving their embassy, was moved with pity, and named and received such hostages as he chose ; and when this was concluded, the Pagans immediately swore that they would leave his dominions as...
Sivu 42 - After this, at Easter king Alfred with a small band constructed a fortress at Athelney ; and from this fortress, with that part of the men of Somerset which was nearest to it, from time to time they fought against the an11y.
Sivu 15 - For there he erected extensive edifices, at vast cost, and with surpassing beauty; the courses of stone being so correctly laid that the joint deceives the eye, and leads it to imagine that the whole wall is composed of a single block.
Sivu 84 - Welsh triads, it was once the site of a great monastery. " The three chief perpetual choirs of the Isle of Britain : the choir of Llan Iltud Vawr, in Glamorganshire ; the choir of Ambrosius, in Ambresbury ; and the choir of Glastonbury.

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