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myrrh of Thy sufferings, I may one day be admitted among Thy jewels, and enter into Thy kingdom of glory. Amen.

O GOD, Who art rich in mercy unto all; O FATHER of glory, Who hast given Thy Son to be a Light unto the nations, to preach redemption unto the captives, and sight unto the blind ; do Thou, Who through Him art bounteous in compassion, grant unto us remission of all our sins, and a portion among the saints through faith. Amen. :

O God, the Enlightener of all nations, take away the veil of darkness and discord that so grievously mars the Unity of Thy Church upon earth. Purify the hearts of Thy people, amend their lives, and grant unto Thy Holy Church the blessings of peace; pouring into our minds that radiant light of faith wherewith Thou didst gladden those Eastern Kings, who as on this day did worship Thine Only Son, the Holy Child JESUS, Who with Thee and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth, now and ever. Amen.

Almighty and Everlasting God, Who hast made known the Incarnation of Thine Only Son by the bright shining of a glorious Star ; which when the Wise Men beheld, they presented costly gifts, and bowed down to worship and adore Thy Majesty : Grant, we beseech Thee, that the star of faith may ever shine for us, and guide us on towards Heaven; and that we may abundantly offer ourselves, and all that we have, as treasure unto Thee; evermore praising Thee and blessing Thee, and saying, Glory be to Thee, O God Most High. Amen.

Our FATHER, &c.

Bethlehem, of noblest cities

None can once with thee compare ;
Thou alone the LORD from Heaven,

Didst for us Incarnate bear.
Fairer than the sun at morning

Was the star that told His Birth;
To the lands their God announcing,

Hid beneath a form of earth.
By its lambent beauty guided,

See the Eastern Kings appear ;
See them bend, their gifts to offer,-

Gifts of incense, gold, and myrrh.
Offerings of mystic meaning ;-

Incense, doth the God disclose ;
Gold, a Royal Child proclaimeth ;

Myrrh, a future tomb foreshows.
Holy Jesu, in Thy Brightness,

To the Gentile world displayed !
With the Father and the Spirit,
Endless praise to Thee be paid.



WXXVIII. Confitebor Tibi. thanks unto Thee. O LORD, ole heart : even before the

oraise unto Thee. id toward Thy holy temple, Name, because of Thy loving

th: for Thou hast magnified and Thy Word, above all things.

alled upon Thee, Thou heardd enduedst my soul with much

ings of the earth shall praise RD : for they have heard the shall sing in the ways of the creat is the glory of the LORD.

the LORD be high, yet hath into the lowly : as for the eholdeth them afar off. walk in the midst of trouble, yet

fresh me : Thou shalt stretch Hand upon the furiousness of es, and Thy Right Hand shall

shall make good His lovingward me : yea Thy mercy, O ureth for ever; despise not then

Thine own hands.

the FATHER, &c. . in the beginning, &c.



“ Thou shalt call His Name, JESUS.”-S. Matt. i. 21.

It was not the Blessed Virgin Mother, nor S. Joseph, nor yet the Angel, who gave this Name to the Holy Child.

It was given Him by the Eternal FATHER, Who alone knows the Son, and the end for which He was Incarnate, and the office which He was to perform as man. He might have been called by many names. Isaiah had been inspired to speak of Him as Wonderful, Counsellor, the Prince of Peace, Immanuel; but the Eternal FATHER would have Him called JESUS, which means a “SAVIOUR.” Others, indeed, had been called so before-Joshua especially—but these were only figures of the true the Only-begotten Son, Who took our nature upon Him, and had His Name from above, was the only JESUS—the Saviour, the Deliverer. But this Name reveals the office which He came to fulfil. It is a Name that concerns me-a Name that relates to my present and everlasting welfare ; and I will seek by God's grace to have it revealed to me in all its fulness.

I want a present Deliverer. This my heart assures me every moment. I want to be freed from error and ignorance; from sin, and all affection to sin; from the power of the Tempter, and from the temptations arising from my own thoughts and feelings; and the Key to deliverance from these and all evils, is the Name of JESUS. By invoking that—by binding myself in the SPIRIT to Him Who is called JESUS; by keeping close to Him by faith and love; by hoping always for help from Him; there is no evil, no danger, from which I may not be saved.

But my soul cries out not simply for deliverance. I want to obtain those graces and virtues which shall keep me in a state of salvation, and perfect my salvation; and JEsus is the Name which opens the way to these gifts. Jesus is the spring-head from whence the HOLY GHOST conveys every kind of wisdom, of virtue, of grace, which makes our path clean and pure here; and JESUS is the Light Which goes before us continually to lead us into the Paradise of God.

But this Name of Jesus does something more. It presents me with a SAVIOUR Who is Almighty to save, and Who can feel with me in my need of salvation. Were He Man alone, He could not save me ; were He God alone, He could save me by

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