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His power and mercy; but He would be still, as it were, at a distance from me. Whereas, by being God and Man, He saves me by justice and by victory, as well as by power and mercy. He saves me by making satisfaction for me ; by getting the victory for me and in me; by making me to partake of His human nature by grace, and through that, of His Divine nature. I can call Him, therefore, my JESUS, and my God. I can know Him by union with Him through His Sacraments; and I can lay my hand upon Him as the Days-man between God and my soul.

O most true SAVIOUR! I rejoice in that glorious Name which was given Thee, and which Thou bearest still at the Right Hand of God. Praise the LORD, O my soul, for the goodness of this Name. Rejoice in the LORD, and joy in the God of thy salvation. For He, the LORD God, is thy strength; He will make thy feet like harts' feet, and will lead thee to His high places, where thou shalt see Him as He is.

O JESU! Very God of Very GOD; Be unto me a strong Rock and House of Defence, that Thou mayest save me!

O JESU! Wisdom of the FATHER! Grant me to seek and to relish the things that are above, that I may taste and see how gracious the LORD is.

O JESU! First-Begotten among many' brethren: make me a joint-heir with Thee in Thy FATHER'S House.

O JESU! Son of Man! made in the likeness of man, and formed in fashion as a man; make me by grace partaker of the Divine Nature.

Our FATHER, &c. .

PSALM XCII. Bonum est confiteri. It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD : and to sing praises unto Thy Name, O most Highest;

To tell of Thy loving-kindness early in the morning : and of Thy truth in the nightseason;

Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the lute : upon a loud instrument, and upon the harp. .

For Thou, LORD, hast made me glad through Thy works : and I will rejoice in giving praise for the operations of Thy hands.

Glory be to the FATHER, &c.
As it was in the beginning, &c.


“ In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.”-Acts iii. 6.

This sacred Name has power over all nature. It has restored the dead to life, cured all manner of sickness and disease, and filled the world with miracles.

Should I be afflicted in body myself, or should I be distressed for those in sickness, I will call upon the Name of the LORD JESUS. I will plead with God by that Name: I will offer it to Him in prayer and in the Holy Sacrament: and I will believe that nothing is impossible which is asked in the Name of JESUS.

But if I may hope for bodily help in the Name of JESUS, still more may I hope for spiritual help. If the feet of my soul are lame so that I cannot walk in the path of God's commandments, the Name of JESUS can make me to rise up and walk.

The very devils' are subject to this Name, and tremble at it. And whenever they trouble us, whether in body or soul, this is the weapon with which to cast them out. Not as if the material word JESUS contains

any virtue or charm, “but His Name, by faith in His Name,” has this power.

O Name of JESUS! worthy of all blessing and praise, I will endeavour to know Thy mysterious power by my own experience. 'In all my temptations I will call upon the Name of JESUS through His sacred Cross and precious Blood. In the stirring of passion and of evil temper, in the assault of impure thoughts and feelings, in provocations from man, and in the assaults of the devil, I will instantly sign myself with the sign of the Cross, and bid the evil thing, or spirit, go from me in the Name of JESUS.

O JESU, my Creator, create in me a new heart, and renew a right spirit within me.

O JESU, Author of my life, may my soul live to Thee; for to me to live is CHRIST, and to die is gain.

O JESU, Physician, Who by Thy stripes didst heal our sicknesses, heal my soul; for I have sinned against Thee.

O JESU, Innocent LAMB led to slaughter, take away the sins of the world ; take away mine, the chief of sinners.

O JESU, Good Samaritan, pour into my wounds the wine of penitence, and the oil of loving-kindness.

Eternal FATHER, I should not have the boldness to appear before Thee to implore either pardon or graces; but Thy Son has told me, that whatever grace I ask of Thee in His Name Thou wilt grant it me. I offer Thee, therefore, the merits of JESUS CHRIST, and in His Name I ask of Thee first a general pardon of all my sins; I ask holy perseverance unto death ; I ask above all the gift of Thy holy love, that it may make me always to live according to Thy Divine will. O grant me all these things, and more also, for the Name and sake of JESUS. Amen.

Our FATHER, &c.

Psalm CV. Confitemini Domino. O give thanks unto the LORD, and call upon His Name : tell the people what things He hath done.

O let your songs be of Him, and praise Him : and let your talking be of all His wondrous works.

Rejoice in His Holy Name : let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD.

Glory be to the FATHER, &c.
As it was in the beginning, &c.

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