A Common-place Book of the Fifteenth Century: Containing a Religious Play and Poetry, Legal Forms, and Local Accounts

Lucy Toulmin Smith
Trübner and Company, 1886 - 176 sivua

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Sivu 48 - Finally, the lesson of faith for 'learned and lewed' and 'the wisest of us all' is taught by the 'Doctor' in the simplest manner, without reference to types or Christianity. In printing, the contractions of the...
Sivu 57 - Abraham. I am full sory, son, thy blood for to spyll, But truly, my chyld, I may not chese. Ysaac. Now I wold to god my moder were her on yis hyll, Sche woold knele for me on both hyr kneys 176 To save my lyffe.
Sivu 67 - That my wyt servyd me so wyll, For to drede God more than my detth. ABRAHAM. Why! dere-wordy son, wer thow a-dred? Hardely, chyld, tell me thy lore.
Sivu 61 - ABRAHAM. A ! dere chyld, lefe of thy monys ; In all thy lyffe thow grevyd me neuer onys ; Now blyssyd be thow, body and bonys, That euer thow were bred and born ! Thow hast be to me chyld full good. But i-wysse...
Sivu 63 - M[o]u not make me to my God on-myld. I wyll no lenger let for the, For that my God a-grevyd wold be ; Now hoold tha stroke, my owyn dere chyld.
Sivu 66 - I schall mrltyplye 3owres botheres sede As thyke as sterres be in the skye, Bothe more and lesse; And as thyke as gravell in the see, 396 So thyke mvltyplyed 3owre sede schall be, Thys grant I 3ow for 3owre goodnesse.
Sivu 152 - ... the defendant's goods and retain them till satisfaction is made. The other Court Baron, for taking and passing of estates, surrenders, admittances, &c. is held but once or twice in a year (usually with the Court Leet) unless it be on purpose to grant an estate ; and then it is holdcn as alien as requisite.
Sivu 57 - I the kyll, I schuld greve God rygth sore, I drede. Yt ys hys commawment, and also hys wyll, That I schuld do thys same dede. 184 He commawdyd me, son, for serteyn, To make my sacryfyce with thy blood.
Sivu 121 - If the room be large there are three or four priests celebrating together in the several corners of the room. The masses done, they proceed to their feasting, but, after all the others, each priest and friar is discharged with his largess.
Sivu 51 - Yffe ony off my freynchepe he wyll ffell. 40 Schow hym the wey on to the hylle Wer that hys sacryffyce schall be; I schall asay now hys good wyll, Whether he lovyth better hys chyld or me. All men schall take exampyll be hym My coffzmawmenta how they schall kepe.

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