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against idolatry, and errors relating to the creation of the world,. so now must the week and sabbath be a standing witness for the redemption of the same world, which was sinished on the sirst day of the week. Work then all the week for six days, then rest, and hold a sabbath on the sirst day, and make this collection on that day, when you are gathered together for the purposes of divine worship. For this is what I do ordain in al! other churches.

The apostle therefore in this place, sinks the

credit, destroys the authority of the day of the

jewish sabbath, and turns it over into a working

day, and sets up the sirst day of the week in the

room of it as the only sabbath.

And he had many reasons for so doing; one was, that the Jewish sabbath, yea, all their sabbaths, are, in a certain mystical sense, reckoned to have come over into the christian sabbath along with the dawn of the resurrection morning. So it is expressed in Matthew 28. 1. The evening, or end of sabbaths, dawning into the siist morning of sabbaths. Here it appears that the evening

preceding preceding the resurrection, was the . evening, or end of some preceding sabbath, and that that morning, was the sirst, or beginning of some succeeding ones. It is impossible to doubt whether the foregoing were the Jewish, nor can we be at a loss to know that by the succeeding, we are to understand the christian; because, there were no others to be set in opposition to each other.

It is here then further asserted, that the end, or evening of the foregoing sabbaths, dawned itself into the morning, or sirst of the succeeding. This is not spoken according to the real state of things, but according to what appears to us, which is the most eligible way. According to this common mode of speaking, it is here reckoned that the end, or twilight of the foregoing Jewish sabbath, winged itself away from the western, to the eastern horizon, and came over into the MI A of the new sabbaths, and along with it, all the sabbaths with which it was connected.

The evening of the sabbath which preceded the resurrection, was the Opse, or, as the word

signisies, signisies, the utmost edge and extremity, not of that sabbath only, but of sabbaths, in a general and indesinite sense: all former sabbaths, sabbatical years, jubilees, and primitive holy days, came over, with all their attendant authority, and landed in the east that morning, and were involved and comprehended, in one solemn day, set up in the front of the week, to be the unalterable sabbath of Christianity. The lighting up of that morning then, was the dawn of the new world, the reduction of all the primitive sabbaths of the world, and their passing over out of their sirst situation, into the Mi A of the aew creation.

Consequently the ancient sabbaths are not lost, but removed out of their sirst places, and as it were reduced, contracted, and comprehended, within the limits of one high and great day, which alone must be called, and honored as a sabbath.

Here then we may see, not only the reality but the authority, pre-eminence, and sublimity of the christian sabbath. Christ had upon that morning all things in the universe brought down under

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