A hand-book for the parish of saint James, Westminster


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Sivu 34 - At another time an impudent squatter settled himself there, and built a shed for rubbish under the windows of the gilded saloons in which the first magnates of the realm, Norfolks, Ormonds, Kents, and Pembrokes, gave banquets and balls. It was not till these nuisances had lasted through a whole generation and till much had been written about them that the inhabitants applied to parliament for permission to put up rails and to plant trees.
Sivu 44 - Safe are thy pavements, grateful is thy smell ! At distance rolls along the gilded coach, Nor sturdy carmen on thy walks encroach; No lets would bar thy ways were chairs deny'd The soft supports of laziness and pride; Shops breathe perfumes, thro' sashes ribbons glow, The mutual arms of ladies, and the beau.
Sivu 47 - Piccadilly, (which was a fair house for entertainment and gaming, and handsome gravel walks with shade, and where were an upper and lower bowlinggreen, whither very many of the nobility, and gentry of the best quality, resorted, both for exercise and conversation...
Sivu 47 - He was one of the best Bowlers of his time in England. He played at Cards rarely well, and did use to practise by himselfe a-bed, and there studyed how the best way of managing the cards could be.
Sivu 11 - He has lived a most easy life, in plenty even abroad, whilst his Majesty was a sufferer ; he has lost immense sums at play, which yet, at about eighty years old, he continues, having one that sits by him to name the spots on the cards. He eat and drank with extraordinary appetite. He is a prudent old courtier, and much enriched since his Majesty's return.
Sivu 11 - Lord St. Albans, who treated her extremely ill, so that, whilst she had not a faggot to warm herself with, he had in his apartment a good fire, and a sumptuous table. He never gave the Queen a kind word, and when she spoke to him, he used to say, ' Que me veut cette femme ? — What does that woman want?
Sivu 2 - But though the picture weary out the eye, By nature an unmanageable sight, It is not wholly so to him who looks In steadiness, who hath among least things An under-sense of greatest; sees the parts As parts, but with a feeling of the whole.
Sivu 28 - Yet Burlington's fair palace still remains ; Beauty within, without proportion, reigns. Beneath his eye declining art revives, The wall with animated picture lives ; There Handel strikes the strings, the melting strain Transports the soul, and thrills through every vein ; There oft I enter, (but with cleaner shoes,) For Burlington's belov'd by every Muse.
Sivu 7 - James's, elegantly built ; the altar was especialy adorn'd, the white marble inclosure curiously and richly carved, the flowers and garlands about the walls by Mr. Gibbons in wood ; a pelican with her young at her breast, just over the altar in the carv'd compartment and border, invironing the purple velvet fring'd with IHS richly embroider'd, and most noble plate, were given by Sir R.
Sivu 35 - Who then shall grace, or who improve the soil? Who plants like Bathurst, or who builds like Boyle.

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