Church Folk: What's Love Got to Do With It

iUniverse, 1.3.2004 - 104 sivua
"Church Folk: What's Love Got to Do With It" is a writing that discloses the perils involved with believers not fulfilling the mandate of Christ. The Word of God teaches that love is the only way the body of believers can confirm their allegiance to Christ to a world that continues to look for answers. In order for the church to influence our culture, love must not be phony, routine, opportunistic, vindictive, elastic or irresponsible but it must be true. This sequel to "Church Folk Can Be Dangerous People" challenges the church to stand up, take responsibility and represent Christ with all purity and with all sincerity. "Church Folk: What's Love Got to Do With It" stresses the importance of the church exhibiting the character of Christ through love. The reason? Believers are sometimes the only God the world will ever see. Are we our brothers' keeper? Yes, we are.

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