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again Zech. iii. 8. “Behold! I will bring forth my servant, The Branch.

The exact correspondence here pointed out between the Christian and Jewish writings, respecting the nature and person of Christ, who is in both declared to be a man, (which species of intelligent creature he could not be, if a man were unconcerned in begetting him, at least in that case we are not authorized to call him such, without a special direction from God) the precise agreement between the evangelists of the New, and the prophets of the Old, Testatament, concerning his birth from parents • of the house and lineage of David, i' and the perfect coincidence of the events with the predictions relative to the sufferings, death, resurrection, and future kingdom, of the Messiah will, I trust in God, operate as the happy means of convincing many of you, that the Jesus of the Christians and the Messiah of the Jews are one and the same person.


It is probable, that the whole body of the house of Israel will not be converted to the faith of Christ, till the fulness of the Gentiles be come in ;' an expression of the apostle Paul, which probably implies the conversion of the whole, or the greater part, of the Heathen world. However, this is certain, that, when, my dear unconverted friends, you can once be brought to discern the truth of the past advent of your suffering Messiah, who, though foretold under that character, by Isaiah, is still to you a stumbling block;' to lament, that your forefathers · fulfilled the prophecies in condemning' and crucifying him by the hands of the Romans ; and to acknowledge, that those subsequent disastrous events, unparalleled either in sacred or profane history, the destruction of your city and temple by Titus, and your long continued dispersion from that time to this, among all nations, are the divine punishments of this their great fin; the Lord your God will,' in conformity to his promise by his prophets,

gather together again the outcasts of Israel * from all the countries whither he has



• driven them, as a shepherd gathereth his • Aock,' bring again the captivity of Israel and Judah, restore you to your own lands • build again the waste places of Jerusalem,' and give you a new city and temple, wherein he will reside among you, as in the former days, under the external symbol of a glorious cloud, or a fire. This future luminous manifestation of his presence will not only surpass that which resided in the temple of Solomon, in splendor, but exceed it likewise in duration, as it will continue for ever. Moreover, the great son of David, your Messiah, will be your king, that is, reign in person among you.

The Christians, indeed in general, understand the kingdom of Christ in a strict spiritual sense only, viz, that by his kingdom are meant the universal establishment of, and practical conformity to, his excellent system of morality throughout the world, or those eternal immạtable laws of godliness, righteousness, temperance, love and peace, which your Jehovah, your one


and only Lord God, commissioned him to preach to your sinful ancestors. But, as the minute circumstances, predicted concerning the death of the Messiah, have been in very deed fulfilled, I think that those, whịch relate to the sceptre of his kingdom, stileda seeptre of righteousness, will receive the same literal completion.

When I read in Jeremiah, and Hosea, that the house of Israel shall seek and serve • the Lord and David their king,' when Ezekiel prophesies, that my servant David • shall feed them, be a prince among them, • and a king over them, I believe, that, in God's due appointed time, Christ, de scribed by these prophets under the name of his royal progenitor, will bę, in the strict sense, their shepherd and their king, and in his own person • execute, as it is elsewhere exprest, ' Judgment and Justice,'. among them. When Daniel prefigures the kingdom of the Messiah under the fimili. tude of the stone, cut out of the mountain,

{miting the image upon his feet,' I verily believe, that God will give him a king


dom, which will break in pieces and cons • fume' the ten kingdoms, answering to the ten toes of the image, into which the Roman empire was divided, represented in another passage of the same prophet, under the character of a beast with ten horns. But this his kingdom will not be confined to the land of Judea only, it will extend itself over the whole earth. “The stone • became a great mountain, and filled the « whole earth. Under the reign of the Messiah, the word of the Lord will go • forth from the new · Jerusalem' to the remoteft countries, and all people, na« tions, and languages, shall serve him.' The city indeed will not be called Jerufalem, for Ezekiel xlviii. 35. assures us, the name of the city from that day shall be the Lord is there,

Moreover, Ezekiel prophetically describes a division of the land among the twelve tribes, and the dimensions of a city and temple, very different from any former partition of the one, or measurement of the other, and therefore thefe are events, which still remain to be, not figuratively, but literally fulfilled.


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