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• This great prosperity of the children of • Israel, with their dominion over fome of • the neighbouring nations, and the judge* ments poured out on their enemies, joined . with the presence of the Meffiah their • king at Jerusalem, and the glory of the "Lord, will invite people, even from the

most distant countries of the earth to come • up to them, to worship the Lord God, • to pay their homage to the Messiah, and • to be eye-witnesses and partakers of these • blessings. Yea, many people and strong nations fhall come to seek the Lord of Hofts ' at Jerusalem, and to pray before the Lord, * &c. Zech. viii. 20, 21, 22. Rejoice • then, ye Gentiles, with Jerusalem, that ' ye may be satisfied with her confolations, • and be delighted with the abundance of her glory.

• And here I would observe, that Jeru'falem is so situated as to be fitted for the

capital of the world, and for the chief seat • of universal empire : for it is placed nearly • in the middle of this part of the earth, * which contains three of the four great


continents, and is almost equally distant • from the most remote nations of it on every

side. And the great sea,' the Mediterranean, washing this country on the west, and

the red sea, and the Persian gulph, * coming up almost to it on the south and east, makes it equally advantageous for

fhips to come thither from every ma- ritime part of the world, even from Ameerica itself.

“To these things we may add, that God • promised Abraham, he would give to his feed the land from the river of Egypt to

the river Euphrates, Gen. xv. 8. This • he afterwards confirmed to the Israelites • thus, I will set thy bounds from the red

Jea, even to the sea of the Philistines,' part of the Mediterranean, and from the desert,

that is of Syria, unto the river, or the Euphrates.Exodus xxiii. 31. Now though Solomon be said to have had dominion over those countries, from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates, and seems in general to

o have

P 4

" have extended his power from the red sea * to Tadmor in the desert of Syria, 2 Chron. viii, 4, 17. and ix. 26. yet the Tyrians and • Zidonians were never subject to him, but • always continued independent, though . God had promised the Israelites to drive out the Zidonians before them. Joshua

xiii. 6. Hence it appears most probable, • that as this prophecy of the Israelites . having the possession of all these countries, “has not been yet fulfilled, so the time • will come when it shall be exactly accom

plished. And since at the times we are

now, speaking of, several of these parts • will be in a great measure void of inhabi• tants, because being subjekt to the Turks,

they will, it is likely, come up with them • against the Israelites, and consequently be destroyed, and since the remainder of the

Israelites, still left among the nations will "be restored at this time; this seems to

be the proper period for the entire fulfil"ment of this prophecy. And to this pur..pose. Isaiah xlix. 19, 20. and liv. 2, 3, " tells them, thy waste and defolate places, &c.


Shall even now be too narrow by reason of

the inhabitants, and they that swallowed thee up, that is the Turks, &c. Mall be far,

away, &c. &c. So also God by Zech. x. ? 6, 10. says, I will bring them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon, and place shall not be found for them, &c. So that even * the mountains of Gilead and Lebanon,

added to the former land of Israel, shall • still be too little, and their poffeffions will

be extended quite to the Euphrates and : the red sea.:

Thus have we considered the prophecies relating to the times, when the Messiah • shall be the prince or king of the Israel • ites ; but we find other prophecies, which i consider him as the sovereign of the whole

world, and which seem to relate to the • last times of all, to which we now pro


: How long will be the interval of time between these two periods is uncertain ;


• but if that ancient tradition among the • Jews be true, that the world should con• tinue 6000 years in this unhappy state, • surrounded with evils and amictions of va• rious kinds, and that the seven thousandth • should be the fabbath, or universal reft: • then the reign of the Messiah, as the king • of the whole earth, will be established, • when the world shall be 6000 years old. • Just before this period, another power', probably the papal power of the church of Rome in particular, leagued with the ecclesiastical power of all civil establishments in religion in general, armed by its respective civil powers, 'will stand up against the • Messiah, the prince of princes, and pro• bably attempt the destruction of the Ifrael. • ites ; but God will then appear, the judge

ment will fit, the beast will be pain, bis body destroyed, and given to the burning *. flame, Dan. vii. 7 to 12, and viii. 23, 24, * 25. that is, those people will be destroyed,

part of their land will be given to the fire, and then the reign of the Messiah will be established over the whole world,


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