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on her body. Said she was ready, though she wanted more faith, but so did the Apostles; and she must say like them, "Lord, increase our faith." She thought much of what our Lord said to Thomas: (John xx. 29.)


Sep. 4.-Saw Matty after my return home from a month's absence. Found her infirm, but not worse. She said, a few more storms, and all will be over." She said how much she wished to go, but she must not set times to God. I said the Lord purified his people by suffering, as silver was put into the fire, &c.; and told her the illustration of Malachi iii. 3. "Yes," she said, "the dross must be taken out of us: we must be justified and sanctified."

Sunday, Sep. 18.—I heard a delightful sermon in the morning on, "Let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord." (Psalm cv. 3.) And curiously enough, when I went after church to see Matty, and asked her how she was, after telling me how ill she had been in the night, she said, "But my heart does rejoice in the Lord." I was struck with the practice of what I had been hearing, so well enforced as a duty, on considering all the blessings of providence and of grace by which we are surrounded. "It is our duty to glorify God; rejoicing, does glorify Him; therefore it is our duty to rejoice." Truly Matty performs this duty. But to return to Matty, who was indeed a striking instance of God's goodness and power in giving consolation and joy amidst trying, earthly circumstances. She added, "When my Saviour suffered so much, shan't I suffer a bit." She would be glad if I heard in the morning she was gone-was quite ready.

Sep. 25.-Matty very poorly, and had had a very bad night, "but the Lord was near me: I hope He'll take me soon; I'm not afeared.” I asked her why she wished to go? because the Lord had shewn her what a sinner she was, and what a Saviour Jesus was. I asked if she wished to go to heaven, that she might be rewarded, and if she deserved to go there. She gave me such a look, and said, "I deserve nothing but hell! I lived in the town many years, and had nothing said against

me; but I followed the devices and desires of my own. heart, &c.; and even in my illness, I've had foolish, wicked thoughts." Yes, I said, its too true, for the Bible tells us, "the thought of foolishness is sin." I've nothing of my own," she said, "but sin." I repeated to her,

"Nothing in my hand I bring,

Simply to Thy cross I cling," &c.

She said she had had a great study upon her this morning, and then was some time before she got "gradely" love in her heart again. Told me that promise, "My grace is sufficient," was a great comfort to her; "because then,' she said, "if temptation comes, there will be a way for me to escape. If I forget to watch for myself, Christ will watch a-top of me. I thought," she said, "the other day, that we might well be glad if we get to heaven, and when sinners do: but it says in the Bible, the angels rejoice at it: think of that, the blessed angels themselves, what a thing. Well, if any one was to offer me the grandest thing here, I'd rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God." Said how she had been comforted with reading, "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy." Then said she with a happy smile, "He will have mercy on me."


Oct. 2.-Called on Matty, who has had very bad nights since I saw her. She was lying on the screen, drinking her tea. I asked her if she had as many pillows as she wanted, under her head; she answered, "Yes, thank God." I said, "you can still thank and praise God then ?" that I can. yes, Why the other night I seemed to hear that text, 'Arise and pray;' for what the Lord has said, that can he perform: and I did sit up and pray; and then I got such a sweet bit of sleep. Oh! my heart does rejoice in the Lord! And then I think of that old woman's word, 'The Lord prolongeth my days as He will, and I'm


*Poll Peg, with whose history she had been delighted, in the "Friendly Visitor."

content.'" How much contained in that one word! She had been taught the great Apostle's lesson, "I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Perhaps one of the most difficult of the lessons which believers have to learn.

Oct. 6.-Matty very poorly still. She said "I have had a very poor night, but God was with me: He will never leave me, nor forget me; and if God is with me, all is with me," she added-waving her hand backwards and forwards. "I suffer a deal of pain at times, but God does it: He brings me nigher unto Him by it. Eh, I think so at that old woman, 'Poll Peg;' God was with her, and he's with me, and he'll never leave me nor forsake me." I said, "There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother:" "Yes, yes," she said, "or else He never would have found me out, or sticken unto me. I am as happy as if I had all the world around me. When one's foolish, the world is every thing; but I am crucified to the world. If I could have every thing in the world, I would not change back to my former state. Well may blessed creatures like, shine brighter in glory than such an one as I. But we mun have heaven within." I replied; "yes, we must be made meet for the glorious inheritance." "Yes," she said, "I would have all purified, and brought to Him without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. Oh! I'd not be in the same state I was before! Oh, He'll never leave me nor forsake me! Oh! bless God!" Indeed this was the burden of her conversation-" Oh, bless God."


"God doesn't choose people for being wise or great. I was ignorant; but bless God, He has made me wisewiser unto salvation."

Oct. 22.-Saw Matty, after a long time away. Only just up, and very poorly; but praise still the burden of her lips. "Oh, bless Him! He's bringing me nigher that's what He lays sufferings on me for." I said, "you don't think your sufferings can help you to heaven." She looked up at me as before, with look of simple surprise, and said, "Eh, no; my only hope is Christ died for me. Why I never could suffer enough.

Eh, sometimes I think I can almost see His head crowned with thorns. I'm dark sometimes, and then, eh, the Lord sends light."

Oct. 30.-Called at the gate of her cottage as I went to church, in the morning. Matty was not up. The woman, living with her, told me she had had a very bad night. She had prayed hard to the Lord to take her, but then said, "Not my will, but thine be done."

Nov. 1.-Called to see Matty, found her very poorly. She said she longed for the Lord to take her; but she must wait His time. "I tell Him I am weary and heavy-laden; and then He mun do with me what's best: I can trust Him-I have occasion. What does He say? Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. (Luke xii. 52.) I was in darkness long; but I hope I have a better light now. I walk by faith, not by sight: I walked too long by sight. I have a God that will hear me. I have not received the grace of God in vain. I must be as a little child before God, or I can never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Nov. 12.-Found Matty lying on the screen, and very poorly. Asked her how she was, and she answered, "I am doing very well." I said, "Do you mean you are getting better?" "Oh, no," she replied, "thank God." I told her Thomas B. was gone. She said she had wished it had been her; but she knew now she must not be impatient, but must wait God's time. "He has been with me in six troubles-yes, in seven-and shall not I trust him now? He has followed me with the cry of his blood; and oh! has he not plucked me as a brand from the fire? If Jesus suffered so much for nothing-for me, shall not I suffer a bit? Christ's children must suffer, or they wouldn't be his children, &c. If that blessed creature was all night a-top of a high mountain, with wild beasts, and Satan and all, I may well have something on ine; when the world's over, every thing will be past, but Christ the same. The Bible says, Watch and pray,' and the Lord may come

any day; and oh! if we haven't the wedding garment on, we shall be speechless. It says, the angels rejoice over sinners; and hadn't I—a sinner-a good right to rejoice over what Christ has done for me? But those who don't walk by faith, don't know none of these things. Ye ask, and have not," she said, "because ye ask amiss. I walked by sight a long time; but, bless God, now I can walk by faith. But when the Spirit is put into the heart, the flesh lusteth agen the spirit. But I have no doubts a-top of my heart; I do believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, and I'm not afeared.”

Nov. 19.-Found Matty very poorly, lying on the screen, but with such an expression of sweet peace on her countenance as many might have envied. She said she was very poorly, but the Lord was very merciful to her, (smiling.) I said, "Yes, he is merciful, and longsuffering, and willeth not the death of a sinner." "No, no," she replied, "he willeth not the death of any."

said, "He came to seek and to save those that were lost." "I was lost," she said; "but, bless God, he's found me. He enters my heart; and if an hundred pounds were offered me, I wouldn't take it for what he has done for me."

Nov. 29.-I was unable to see Matty myself, but D. went to her. Found her extremely ill, but in a most happy state of mind. Said, "He's been with me in six troubles, and he will in seven-and that's all." Was full of praise and thanksgiving. So thankful for a cup of milk that had been sent to her. Said what a sinner she had been, and how the Lord had enlightened her; and she could not be thankful enough. Repeated that verse of hymn

"Plenteous grace with thee is found, Grace to pardon all my sin," &c. Dec. 10th. Called to see Matty, after being prevented doing so for a long time. She had been very ill several nights. Had begged the woman who attended her to take warning-to serve the Lord-and that would be her best comfort-and to bring up her children in the fear of the Lord. Her breathing was very much

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