Sivut kuvina



Othou, Lord God Almighty! in the conclusion of our solemn assemblies, we reverently crave ability to return unto thee our humble thanksgiving, for thine abundant mercy, and above all, for the blessed and glorious hope of everlasting life, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And in deep self-abasement, we beseech thee to forgive all our iniquities, and to blot them out forever, in the atoning blood of the Lamb; and that our names may be fơund written in the Lamb's book of life, even when the book shall be opened, and when all the children of men shall be judged according to their works,

And now, glorious Lord, we beseech thee to pour forth of thine own holy and eternal Spirit upon this assembly, that all may be brought very near to thee, our Father and our God, and very near one unto another, in the unity of thy Spirit, and in the love of the everlasting gospel. And grant, we humbly pray thee, that thine own pure eternal truth, in its simplicity, and in its power, may rise into full dominion; and that in the humiliation of every heart, we may confess that unto thee, O God our Father, the Creator of heaven and earth, and unto thy well beloved Son, and unto the Holy Spirit, the Teacher

and Sanctifier of thy children, one true, living, incomprehensible God over all, belong and must be ascribed, all honor, power, dominion and praise. 0, the glorious oneness of thee, thou eternal Jehovah! blessed and glorified be thine ever-excellent name, now, henceforth, and to all eternity.


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