Yorkshire: The History of Roche Abbey, from Its Foundation to Its Dissolution

R. White, 1870 - 201 sivua

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Sivu 35 - I. ; which provided, that no person, religious or other whatsoever, should buy, or sell, or receive under pretence of a gift, or term of years, or any other title whatsoever, nor should by any art or ingenuity appropriate to himself, any lands or tenements in mortmain : upon pain that the immediate lord of the fee, or, on his default for one year, the lords paramount, and, in default of all of them, the king, might enter thereon as a forfeiture.
Sivu 164 - He has already removed all the heaps of rubbiflh, which lay around; fome of which were very ornamental ; and very ufeful alfo, in uniting the two parts of the ruin. They give fomething too of more confequence to the whole, by difcovering the veftiges of what once exifted. Many of thefe fcattered appendages...
Sivu 84 - ... prince and lord Henry the Eighth, by the grace of God king of England and France, defender of the Faith, lord of Ireland, and on earth supreme head of the Church of England...
Sivu xix - My vow of poverty has given me a hundred thousand crowns a year; my vow of obedience has raised me to the rank of a sovereign prince.
Sivu 32 - Edward, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine, to all those that these present letters shall hear or see, greeting.
Sivu 90 - At the breaking up whereof an uncle of mine was present, being well acquainted with certain of the monks there ; and when they were put forth of the house, one of the monks, his friend, told him that every one of the convent had given to him his cell, wherein he lied ; wherein was not anything of price, but his bed and apparel, which was but simple and of small price ; which monk willed my uncle to buy something of him ; who said, I see nothing that is worth money to my use.
Sivu 91 - Hayleith and hid them in their hay ; and likewise they did of many other things : for some pulled forth the iron hooks out of the walls that bought none, when the yeomen and gentlemen of the country had bought the timber of the Church. For the Church was the first thing that was put to...
Sivu 158 - Be it known that we, of our especial grace, have granted and given permission for us and our heirs, as much as in us lies, to John Denynton, Abbat of the house and church of the blessed St.
Sivu 111 - Know all of you that I have given, granted, and by this my present charter...
Sivu 164 - In a word, when the lake itfelf is improved by time, it may fuit the ruin, which ftands upon it's banks. At prefent, the lake, and ruin are totally at variance. — The fpire, which terminates this view, deferves particular notice, as a very beautiful piece of Gothic architecture, tho the ornament only of a country church.

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