History of Russia and of Peter the Great


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Sivu 66 - I been thrown down by buffaloes, wounded by the antlers of stags, and trodden under the feet of elks ! A furious wild boar rent my sword from my baldrick ; my saddle was torn to pieces by a bear; this terrible beast rushed upon my courser, whom he threw down upon me. But the Lord protected me. " O, my children, fear neither death nor wild beasts. Trust in Providence; it far surpasses all human precautions.
Sivu 262 - He then seated himself and drank to his assassins, who, standing up around him, could not avoid putting the glass about, and drinking his health. But soon they began to...
Sivu 442 - Czar with all his attendants withdrew with very dismal countenances, and when they went, the marshal ordered me to attend at the prince's apartment, and in case of any alteration, to inform him immediately thereof : there were at that time two physicians and two surgeons in waiting, with whom, and the officer on guard, I dined on what had been dressed for the prince's dinner. The physicians were called in immediately after to attend the prince, who was struggling out of one convulsion into another,...
Sivu 443 - It was given out publicly, that on hearing the sentence of death pronounced, the dread thereof threw him into an apoplectic fit, of which he died. Very few believed he died a natural death ; but it was dangerous for people to speak as they thought.
Sivu 163 - Moscow ; but, at sight of him, everybody was struck with astonishment. Their surprise is described by their historians. " Only a month," say they, " had elapsed since the absence of Ivan, yet they hardly knew him again. His large and robust body, his ample chest, his broad shoulders, had shrunk ; his head, which had been shaded by thick locks, was become bald ; the thin and scattered remains of a beard which was lately the ornament of his face now disfigured it. His eyes were dull, and his features,...
Sivu 443 - Very few believed he died a natural death ; but it was dangerous for people to speak as they thought. The ministers of the emperor, and the states of Holland, were forbid the court, for speaking their mind too freely on this occasion, and, upon complaint against them, were both recalled.
Sivu 61 - Jauffret, ii. 84. doubtless reckoned the treaty they had recently extorted from him. But by how many great actions did he not atone for this great error! When, in 1093, his father died in his arms, on the throne of Kief, which he bequeathed to him, and of which all good citizens implored his acceptance, he refused it. Absurd as was the established order of succession, he respected it, and transmitted the sceptre to his cousin Sviatopolk. " His father," said he, "was the senior of mine; he reigned...
Sivu 66 - I wished to see everything with my own eyes. Never did I abandon the poor or the widow to the oppressions of the powerful. I made it my duty to inspect the churches and the sacred ceremonies of religion, as well as the management of my property, my stables, and the vultures and hawks of my hunting establishment.
Sivu 329 - ... sway, this monopoly annually brought back into his coffers all the pay that had been disbursed from them. When, in 1716, he wished to defray the expenses of his second journey to Holland, and at the same time avoid being a loser by the rate of exchange, what was the plan which he adopted? He laid hands on all the leather intended for exportation, which he paid for at a maximum fixed by himself, and then exported it on his own account, the proceeds being made payable in Holland, where it was purchased...
Sivu 65 - If you find yourself affected by any ailment, make three prostrations down to the ground before the Lord ; and never let the sun find you in bed. At the dawn of day, my father, and the virtuous men by whom he was surrounded, did thus : They glorified the Lord. They then seated themselves to deliberate, or to administer justice to the people, or they went to the chase ; and in the middle of the day they slept ; which God permits to man, as well as to the beasts and birds.

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