Logics of Television: Essays in Cultural Criticism

Patricia Mellencamp
Indiana University Press, 1990 - 307 sivua

"This intellectually sexy collection features some of the best and brightest academic media analysts from Britain and the United States." —Voice Literary Supplement

"The essays in this volume rigorously engage the challenges of postmodern cultural criticism and theory, the central contemporary debate in the humanities." —Communication Abstracts

"Mellencamp has produced a challenging and an invigorating text.... It should provide much inspiration." —Journal of Communication

"This is a particularly good collection of thirteen papers with, overall, much more theoretically interesting yet less obscure and more pleasure-giving content than the norm. Give it priority." —Media Information Australia

These essays, on the cutting edge of theoretical debate in the humanities, rigorously engage the challenges of postmodern cultural critique and theory. They range widely from detailed historical research to broad questions of theory and method.

Contributors are Patricia Mellencamp, Meaghan Morris, John Caughie, Charlotte Brunsdon, Lynn Spigel, William Boddy, Eileen R. Meehan, Andrew Ross, Lynne Joyrich, Jane Gaines, Margaret Morse, Mary Ann Doane, and Stephen Heath.

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