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This pamphlet contains all the unrepealed provisions of Title 52, Revised
Statutes (R.S. 4399–4500) and Acts of Congress enacted subsequent
thereto pertaining to marine inspection up to the date of publication.





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This publication contains a compilation of various marine safety laws from the United States Code (1958 Edition) pertaining to the inspection and navigation of merchant vessels, as well as certain other laws on directly related subjects, which are administered or enforced by the United States Coast Guard. It replaces the “Laws Governing Marine Inspection,” dated June 1, 1962. The current laws reprinted herein were approved prior to March 1, 1965.

The text of the 1960 Safety of Life at Sea Convention, which will be in effect on and after May 26, 1965, is set forth herein as a separate chapter VIII.

General authority over the administration of the laws, rules and regulations governing the inspection and navigation of merchant vessels in the several Coast Guard Districts is delegated to the Coast Guard District Commanders in such districts. The rules and regulations prescribed by the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, which implement the marine safety laws in this pamphlet are published in the Federal Register and in title 33, chapter 1, and title 46, chapter I, of the Code of Federal Regulations. In addition, certain rules and regulations on specific subjects are published in separate publications.

Attention is invited to section 492 of title 46, United States Code, contained herein, which requires every master or commander of any steam vessel carrying passengers to keep on board at least two copies of this publication. It may be obtained upon request from any Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, United States Coast Guard, and their local addresses are set forth on the last two pages of this pamphlet.


It is most important that shipowners, operators, builders, vessels' operating forces, and other persons affected by these laws, rules and regulations familiarize themselves with the laws reprinted herein. To this end, Coast Guard personnel concerned with the administration of these laws will extend every possible assistance.

E O Poland

E. J. ROLAND, Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard,

Commandant. Dist: (SDL No. 80): A: None B:n (100); g (21); c (14); e (5); bd hijk pq (1) C:mo (1) D:dikr (1) E:lmo (1) F:p (1) List 112 List 160



Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1946.------

Reorganization Plan No. 26 of 1950.--

Section 1. Transfer of functions to the Secretary...

Section 2. Performance of functions of Secretary-----

Section 3. Administrative assistant Secretary ----

Section 4. Incidental transfers.---

Assignment of functions under Reorganization Plan No. 26 of 19

Establishment of Coast Guard ----

Primary duties.----

Relationship to Navy Department.-

"Secretary” defined -----

Secretary; general powers.------

Treasury Department.----

Delegation of powers by the Secretary--

Functions and powers vested in the Commandant


Delegation of functions.-

Subchapter 1B.—Excerpts From Administrative Procedure Act and

Federal Register Act

Definitions (Administrative Procedure Act).

Publication of information ---



Ancillary matters.---

Hearings; presiding officers.

Initial decisions; conclusiveness; review by a

Imposition of sanctions--------

Judicial review of agency--

Appointment of examiners-----

Impairment of rights; effect on other laws..

Documents to be published in Federal Register..

Filing document as constructive notice; publication in Register as pre-

sumption of validity; judicial notice; citation -----

Publication in Register as notice of hearing-----

Federal Register annual supplements; style and composition; application

to Code of Federal Regulations---

Subchapter 1C.-Administration of Shipping Laws

Superintendence of commercial marine and merchant seamen; documen-


Administration of inspection laws...

Regulations of the Commandant.---


Enforcement of sections 643, 660a, 672, 672a, 673, and 710a; rules


Annual list of vessels; report of increase; report on navigation laws------

Records and reports of inspections and licenses.--.

Extra pay for overtime services; payment by owner or master or agent;

appropriations; regulation of varying working hours.......

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