The Status of Aliens in China, Nide 50,Numero 2

Columbia University, 1912 - 359 sivua

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Sivu 254 - In this critical posture of affairs in China it is deemed appropriate to define the attitude of the United States as far as present circumstances permit this to be done. We adhere to the policy initiated by us in 1857 of peace with the Chinese nation, of furtherance of lawful commerce, and of protection of lives and property of our citizens by all means guaranteed under extraterritorial treaty rights and by the law of nations.
Sivu 181 - British subjects are hereby authorized to travel, for their pleasure or for purposes of trade, to all parts of the interior, under passports which will be issued by their Consuls, and countersigned by the local authorities.
Sivu 132 - Regarding the punishment of English criminals, the English Government will enact the laws necessary to attain that end, and the Consul will be, empowered to put them in force ; and regarding the punishment of Chinese criminals, these will be tried and punished by their own laws, in the way provided for by the correspondence which took place at Nanking, after the concluding of the peace.
Sivu 155 - The Chinese love to trade with our people, and to sell them tea and silk, for which our people pay silver, and sometimes other articles.
Sivu 139 - Act it was enacted (among other things) that it should be lawful for Her Majesty, by any Order or Orders made with the advice of Her Privy Council, to ordain for the government of Her Majesty's subjects being within the dominions of the Emperor of China, or being within any ship or vessel at a distance of not more than one hundred miles from the coast of China...
Sivu 244 - With reference to the area within which, according to the treaties in force, likin ought not to be collected on foreign goods at the open ports, Sir Thomas Wade agrees to move his Government to allow the ground rented by foreigners (the so-called Concessions) at the different ports, to be regarded as the area of exemption from likin...
Sivu 251 - ... of the German Government, and especially to place no obstacle in the way of any regulation of the water-courses which may prove to be necessary. His Majesty the Emperor of China, at the same time, reserves to himself the right to station troops within that zone, in agreement with the German Government, and to take other military measures.
Sivu 244 - ... within the localities at those places which have already been, or may hereafter be, set apart for the use and occupation of foreigners...
Sivu 166 - And citizens of the United States who may commit any crime in China, shall be subject to be tried and punished only by the consul or other public functionary of the United States thereto authorized according to the laws of the United States.
Sivu 327 - Missionary societies of the United States shall be permitted to rent and to lease in perpetuity, as the property of such societies, buildings or lands in all parts of the Empire for missionary purposes and, after the title deeds have been found in order and duly stamped by the local authorities, to erect such suitable buildings as may be required for carrying on their good work, Article XV.

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