The Medical Repository, Nide 5

Samuel Latham Mitchill
T. & J. Swords, 1802

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Sivu 247 - It is not air That from a thousand lungs reeks back to thine, Sated with exhalations rank and fell, The spoil of dunghills, and the putrid thaw Of nature...
Sivu 235 - ... it became evident that a person might milk a cow one day, and, having caught the disease, be for ever secure ; while another person, milking the same cow the next day, might feel the influence of the virus in such a way as to produce a sore or sores, and in consequence of this might experience an indisposition to a considerable extent ; yet, as has been observed, the specific quality being lost, the constitution would receive no peculiar impression.
Sivu 236 - Phipps, in whose arm a little vaccine virus was in* jerted, taken from the hand of a young woman who had been accidentally infected by a cow. Notwithstanding the resemblance which the pustule, thus excited on the boy's arm, bore to variolous inoculation, yet, as the indisposition attending it was barely perceptible, I could scarcely persuade myself thepatient was secure from the small-pox. However, on his being inoculated some months afterwards, it proved that he was secure.
Sivu 119 - And principles ; of causes, how they work By necessary laws their sure effects ; Of action and re-action : he has found The source of the disease that nature feels, And bids the world take heart and banish fear. Thou fool ! will thy discovery of the cause Suspend th...
Sivu 234 - ... just the same as if no disease had been communicated to them by the cow. This occurrence led me to inquire among the medical practitioners in the country around me, who all agreed in this sentiment, that the cow-pox was not to be relied upon as a certain preventive of the small-pox.
Sivu 235 - ... scab, they have felt an improper confidence, and sometimes mistaken a spurious pustule, which the vaccine fluid in this state is capable of exciting, for that which possesses the perfect character.
Sivu 234 - ... the cow-pox was not to be relied upon as a certain preventive of the small-pox. This for a while damped, but did not extinguish my ardour; for, as I proceeded I had the satisfaction to learn that the cow was subject to some varieties of spontaneous eruptions upon her teats ; that they were all capable of communicating sores to the hands of the milkers ; and that whatever sore was derived from the animal was called in the dairy cow-pox.
Sivu 234 - I found had undetgone vOL. ix. 7 a disease they called the cow pox, contracted by milking cows affected with a peculiar eruption on their teats. On inquiry, it appeared that it had been known among the dairies, time immemorial, and that a vague opinion prevailed that it was a preventive of the small pox.
Sivu 465 - The Lord descended from above, And bowed the heavens high, And underneath his feet he cast The darkness of the sky. ' On cherubs and on cherubims Full royally he rode, And on the wings of mighty winds Came flying all abroad.
Sivu 234 - This impediment to my progress was not long removed before another, of far greater magnitude in its appearance, started up. There were not wanting instances to prove, that when the true cow-pox broke out among the cattle at a dairy, a person who had milked an infected animal, and had thereby apparently gone through the disease in common with others, was liable to receive the small-pox afterwards. This, like the former obstacle, gave a painful check to my fond and aspiring hopes...

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