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Sivu 352 - ... there, to sue and be sued only in their own courts, that they may not be drawn from their business, which is highly profitable to the public, by attending their law-suits in other courts, (d) The privileges of the tinners are confirmed by a charter, 33 Edw.
Sivu 281 - You gave the wrong answer,' said the sphinx. 'But that was what made everything possible,' said Oedipus. 'No.' she said. 'When I asked, what walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening, you answered Man. You didn't say anything about Woman.' 'When you say Man,' said Oedipus, 'you include women too. Everyone knows that.
Sivu 102 - Here then exchange we mutually forgiveness : So may the guilt of all my broken vows, My perjuries to thee, be all forgotten, As here my soul acquits thee of my death, As here I part without one angry thought, As here I leave thee with the softest tenderness, Mourning the chance of our disastrous loves, And begging Heav'n to bless and to support thee.
Sivu 333 - ... as have been broken off, which extends as far under water as the eye can reach. Here the forms of the pillars -are apparent : these are of three, four, five, six, and seven sides, but the numbers of five and six are by much the most prevalent.
Sivu 161 - Notes in birds are no more innate than language is in man, and depend entirely upon the mailer under which they are bred , as far as their organs will enable them to imitate the founds which they have frequent opportunities of hearing.
Sivu 429 - Take the night's cream, and put it to the morning's new milk, with the rennet ; when the...
Sivu 245 - ... even then each had his proper portion, that every thing might be done there with gravity and decency. The black broth •was the great rarity of the Spartans, which was compofed of fait, vinegar, blood, &c.
Sivu 333 - NW is fupported by ranges of pillars pretty erect, and, though not tall (as they are not uncovered to the bafe), of large diameters ; and at their feet is an irregular pavement, made by the upper fides of fuch as have been broken off, which extends as far under water as the eye can reach. Here the forms of the pillars are iipparent ; thefe are of three, four, five, fix and feven fides ; but the numbers of five and fix are by much the moft prevalent.
Sivu 181 - By the sovereign power, as was before observed, is meant the making of laws ; for wherever that power resides, all Others must conform to, and be directed by it, whatever appearance the outward form and administration of the government may put on.
Sivu 102 - Each cast at the other, as when two black clouds, With heaven's artillery fraught, come rattling on Over the Caspian ; then stand front to front, Hovering a space, till winds the signal blow To join their dark encounter in mid air : So frown'd the mighty combatants, that hell Grew darker at their frown...

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