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Recommended and Appointed



Consisting of

Meditations and Prayers for fee Morning

vaAEvening of every Day in the Week:

wi TH*

Forms ofExanrination andCoDieffionof Sins ,


A Companion at the Altar,

Dirts/thg'dxe CommumcantinhLv.2?< havieirr and

Devotions at the LoKD S TABLE;

All s o

Meditation S to enable us to live well after receiving the


Towbichareadied A]^ffiwnglŒv/7isng?s7^et&K^ssC/gfitQisFami^. See TheTWty Ninth Edition.

LoNDOU .Printed tyAfiagument from the
Executors of the lateEjxm'WzcrKSTBED,
foJo^itoTbN'in'Newgate Street.

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f'^EORGE the Second, by the Grace of God, King of Graf Britain,' f -j- France* and Irclami, Defender. of the Faith, fife, Tt> aii to whom v-* these Presents shall come, Greeting; WHEREAS our Trusty and', Well beloved Edward Wdsteed, of our City of London, Bookseller, hath j 'humbiy represented to us, That he is now Printing a New Edition {-witb" Improvements) of a Work, Entitled,

Ike New Week's Preparation/^ a Worthy 'Receiving tke Lord's Supper, as recommended and appointed tke Church of England, &c. In two Parts,

AND whereas the said Edward tVicksteed has informed us, that the said 1 Work has been perfected with great Labour, Study, aud Expence. He has iherefore humbly prayed Us to grant to him the said Edivard Wicksiecd, Our Royal Privilege, Licence, and AUTHORITY, for the SOLE Printings Pubhjbing, and Pending the laid Work, in as ample Manner and Form as has ever been done in Cafes of the like Nature.

W E being graciously inclined to give all due Encouragement to Worfcs that may be

Of Public Use and Benefit,

and especially to these ofthis Kind, which so greatly tend to the Advancement if Religion, and tbe genera. Good and Benefit of Mankind, ARE pleased to condescend to his Request, and DO by these Presents (as sar as may be agreeable to the Statute in that Cafe made and provided) giveand^rslw/ to the raid EJ•ivard IF'Ckjieed, his Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, full Power, Licence, Privilege, and sole AUTHORITY, for the SOLE Printing, PuWjb'itig^ and Vending the said Work, together with all and all manner of Amendments, Corrections, Alterations, and Additions of or to the same; and Our express Will and Pleasure is, and We do hereby strictly charge, command, and prohibit all and every Person and Persons whatsoever, within Our Dominions, that they, nor any or either of them, presume In any manner of wise to reprint, abridge, or extracl the same, or any Part or Parts thereof, either iu the like, or in anyotherFormor Forms, Volume or Volumes whatsoever; OR to import, buy, wend, utter, or distribute, any Copies thereof, or nf any Part or Parts thereof, that are or shall be printed or reprinted beyond the Seas, without the AUTHORITY, Consent, or Approbation of the said Edivard W.icksteed, his Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, by Writing under his or their Hands and Seals, first had and obtained, as they and every of them offending herein will incur Oi*r Royal Indignation and Displeasure, and such other Pains asd Penalties as by the Laws and Statutes of Our Realms may be indicted. WHEREOF the Co.nmifiioners and other Officers of.our Cu/tows, the Master,Warden;,, and Company of Stationcisof London* and all other Officers, Ministers, and others, whom it may concern, are to take Notice, that a strict Obedience be given to Our Pleasure herein signified. *

G'rvin at Our Court at St, [ames's, sec*
■fvil .' &* Majesty's Command.

Holies Newcastle.

The Preface.

KEbU's week's preparation ex-
ceeding faulty. Page j

A few instances of the many lewd and

fcandalms expressions in Kebli's

week's preparation, ii

Such language fitter for a sensual It.

ver than a worshipper of the all

pure, and all-knowing God. ii'

Bishop Stilling fleet's testimony a
gainst that way of worlhip. in
1 The way of worship made use of in
Kehle's week's preparation has
greatly contributed towards the
decay of christian piety, ii

Many honest and tmll-meaning chri

stians have been thrown into de-

spair by it. iv

It has served to bring Religion into

ridicule and contempt, and to har-

den the wicked and unthinking
part of mankind against the first
efforts of reformation, v

The love of God, as taught by Ke

hle's week's preparation, very

different from that taught us by

Christ himself, and by St. John, v
The prayers and meditations in this
New Week's Preparation are
such as can be warranted from
the ivcrd of God itself. vi

Bishop Fleetivood's testimony a

gainst the manner of worship

made use of in Kehle's week's

preparation. vi

'An account of this work. vi
The duty of frequent commimicat
ing. vi

The obligations for preparing our-

selves for the Lord's supper, vij

The communion office must be
P ., carefully attended to. viii
j The usefulness of a&iual prepara
tion. ij
Dr. rVaterland's commendation of
, the Week's 'Preparation. IX

The warning on Sunday before the

most holy sacrament.

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A prayer to conclude our devotions

for every day. ,j

Ejaculations at going to bed.

For Tuesday.

A meditation for the morning.

A prayer for the morning. 4,

A meditation for the evening. 44

A prayer for the evening. " 47

For Wednesday.

A meditation for the morning. 5*

A confession os sms. c j

A prayer for God's mercy. M

A meditation for the evening. 57

A prayer for the evening. e •

A 4

[blocks in formation]

A prayer at offering our alms. 10 e

Directions concerning the prayer

- for the church militant. 106

. — the exhortation. 107

-r~ the confession. 109

the absolution. no

, the humiliation. 113

————— the conjecration, 114

sprayer after consecration. 115

A prayer when the priest is receiv-

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