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This is one of the first four in a new series of fabulously illustrated natural history travel guides, intended for the general reader with an interest in natural history, and for the growing numbers of 'ecotourists' who want to know where to see wildlife in the countries they visit. Thebooks are designed to complement each other and to build into a nature library, together giving an introduction to the natural history of Europe.Greece is a wonderfully varied and exciting country, with unspoilt scenery, from hot, barren, sun-baked rocky wastes to snow-capped mountains, forests, abundant natural lakes, many of the deepest gorges in Europe, and vast areas of saltmarsh and coastal lagoons, all relatively undiscovered. Itsclimate makes it an ideal place to visit in spring and autumn. For the naturalist, it is a rewarding country to visit, with much to see at every season, and something new around every corner.Essentially practical, the book first introduces the ecology, geology, and wildlife of Greece, then goes on to describe where to see its natural history at its best. There are descriptions of a selection of some 200 sites to visit, each carefully chosen to show a range of habitats and fascinatingwildlife. The entries are the personal choice of the author and are based on intensive travel and research in the region. Described sites range in size from a few to thousands of hectares, be they National Parks, nature reserves, or simply common land, but all are open to the public and accessibleto the ordinary visitor.Four colour throughout, this book has stunning landscape photographs, line drawings and photographs of individual animals of plants and animals, colour region and site maps, and a splendid composite painting encapsulating typical habitats and their inhabitants.

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Northwest Greece
North Greece
Northeast Greece
Central Greece
Aegean islands
Ionian islands
Cretan area
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Bob Gibbons is a highly respected natural history photographer, author of numerous plant and wildlife books, and a regular ecotour leader.

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