Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great Britain, During the Years 1810 and 1811, Nide 2

author; and for sale, 1815

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Sivu 52 - Not yet enslaved, not wholly vile, O Albion ! O my mother Isle ! Thy valleys, fair as Eden's bowers, Glitter green with sunny showers ; Thy grassy uplands gentle swells Echo to the bleat of flocks ; (Those grassy hills, those glittering dells Proudly ramparted with rocks) And Ocean mid his uproar wild Speaks safety to his island-child, Hence for many a fearless age Has social Quiet loved thy shore ; Nor ever proud invader's rage Or sacked thy towers, or stained thy fields with gore.
Sivu 188 - I found none, but for felony very many. And when her majesty hastily asked me, Wherein ? I told her, the author had committed very apparent theft; for he had taken most of the sentences of Cornelius Tacitus, and translated them into English, and put them into his text.
Sivu 330 - has generally the credit of having tir.-t lighted the torch which was to illuminate and soon set in a blaze the finest part of Europe ; yet I think the flint was struck and the first spark elicited by the patriot John Wilkes, a few years before. In a time of profound peace, the restless spirits of men, deprived of other objects of public curiosity, seized with avidity on those questions which were then agitated with so much violence in England, touching the rights of the people and of the government,...
Sivu 122 - I to say how the part is acted it might be still worse ;— after beginning their labour and breaking ground for a grave, a conversation begins between the two grave-diggers ;— the chief one takes off his coat, folds it carefully and puts it by in a safe corner ; then, taking up his pick-axe, spits in his hand, gives a stroke or two, talks, stops, strips off his waistcoat still talking, folds it with great deliberation and nicety and puts it with the coat, then an underwaistcoat, still talking,...
Sivu 189 - Turkey it obliges the sultan to permit the extortion of the bashas and governors of provinces, from whom he afterwards squeezes presents or takes forfeitures : In England, it engaged the queen to erect monopolies, and grant patents for exclusive trade : An invention so pernicious, that had she gone on during a tract of years at her own rate, England, the seat of riches, and arts, and commerce, would have contained at present as little industry as Morocco, or the coast of Barbary.
Sivu 52 - I saw thee seek the sounding shore, Delighted with the dashing roar; Or when the North his fleecy store Drove thro' the sky, I saw grim Nature's visage hoar Struck thy young eye.
Sivu 122 - ... it by in a safe corner; then, taking up his pick-axe, spits in his hand, — gives a stroke or two, — talks, — stops, — strips off his waistcoat, still talking, — folds it with great deliberation and nicety, and puts it with the coat, — then an under-waistcoat, still talking, — another and another. I counted seven or eight, each folded and unfolded very leisurely, in a manner always different, and with gestures faithfully copied from nature. The British public enjoys this scene excessively,...
Sivu 22 - I propose in the following papers, " to hold, as it were the MIRROR up to Nature, " to shew Virtue her own features, Vice her own *' image, and the very age and body of the Time " his form and pressure," my readers will judge for themselves, independent of names and authority, whether the picture be a just one.
Sivu 322 - England three times more in men and money than the substance of the whole country, when reduced, is worth: if it be just, that men of English birth and estates, living in Ireland, should be represented in the legislative power ; and that the Irish should not be judged by those who, they pretend, do usurp their estates; it then seems just and convenient that both kingdoms should be united, and governed by one legislative power. Nor is it hard to shew how this may be made practicable, nor to satisfy,...
Sivu 188 - ... opinion that there was treason in it, and asked me if I could not find any places in it that might be drawn within case of treason: whereto I answered: for treason surely I found none, but for felony very many.

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