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Sivu 92 - Version ; continued by an Historical Account of the Jewish Nation : and forming a Consecutive History from the Creation of the World to the Termination of the Jewish Polity. Dedicated by permission to the Lord Bishop of Winchester. "Js. THE EVIDENCE of PROFANE HISTORY to the TRUTH of REVELATION. Dedicated, by Special Permission, to her Majesty THE QUEEN. With numerous...
Sivu 89 - Readings in English Prose Literature ; from the Works of the best English Writers; with Essays on English Literature. Fifth Edition. 3s. 6d. Readings in Poetry; from the Works of the best English Poets, with Specimens of the American Poets.
Sivu 92 - First Sundays at Church; or, Familiar Conversations on the Morning and Evening Services of the Church of England. By JE RIDDLE, MA Fcp.
Sivu 90 - THE EARLY CHRISTIANS ; Their MANNERS and CUSTOMS, TRIALS and SUFFERINGS. By the Rev. W. PRIDDEN, MA Four Volumes, with Portraits, New Edition, 4s.
Sivu 89 - READINGS IN SCIENCE ; Being familiar EXPLANATIONS of some of the most interesting Appearances and Principles in NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.
Sivu 90 - THE FAMILY HISTORY OF ENGLAND. By the Rev. GEORGE R. GLEIG, MA ; with a Series of PICTORIAL ILLUSTRATIONS of the COSTUMES, ARCHITECTURE, SHIPPING, &c., of the successive periods of British History.
Sivu 86 - ... SHEETS, Containing the Exercises and Figures in bold Characters on Sheets Three feet Six inches long. Ten Parcels of Ten Sheets each, (Nos. I. to X.; XI. to XX.; XXI. to XXX., &c.) price 7«.
Sivu 90 - THE CIVIL HISTORY OF THE JEWS, From Joshua to Adrian ; with incidental Notices of Manners and Customs, Geography and Antiquities. By the Rev.O. COCKAYNE, MA, of King's College, London. Fourth Edition, 4s., THE EARLY CHRISTIANS ; Their MANNERS and CUSTOMS, TRIALS and SUFFERINGS.
Sivu 90 - A HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY; From its Promulgation to its Legal Establishment in the Roman Empire. By WC TAYLOR, LL.D., Trinity College, Dublin. Fourth Edition, 6s. (id-. HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, From the Ascension"- of Jesus Christ to the Conversion of Constantino.
Sivu 85 - A MANUAL FOR TEACHING MODEL-DRAWING FROM SOLID FORMS; Combined with a Popular View of Perspective, and adapted to the Elementary Instruction of Classes in Schools and Public Institutions, as taught under the Sanction of the Committee of Council on Education. By BUTLER WILLIAMS, CF, FGS, Director of the Drawing Classes at Exeter Hall.

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