Felicia Hemans: Reimagining Poetry in the Nineteenth Century

Nanora Sweet, Julie Melnyk
Palgrave Macmillan, 3.4.2001 - 242 sivua
This collection of twelve specially commissioned essays, the first to focus on the work of Felicia Hemans, includes new work from important critics in the field - Isobel Armstrong, Stephen Behrendt, Gary Kelly, Susan Wolfson - as well as contributions from emerging scholars. Offering close readings of Heman's poetry, new research on her reception, and analyses of her cultural significance, the collection contributes substantially to our understanding of Hemans and to current debates about romanticism, feminism, canonization, and the relations between gender, culture, and poetry.

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (2001)

JOHN M. ANDERSON Lecturer, Boston College ISOBEL ARMSTRONG Professor of English, Birkbeck College, University of London STEPHEN C. BEHRENDT George Homes Distinguished Professor of English, University of Nebraska CHAD EDGAR formerly Lecturer in Literature, University of Wisconsin, Madison GARY KELLY Professor of English, University of Alberta and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada FRAUKE LENCKOS Participant in the Longfellow Institute, Harvard University MARLON B. ROSS Professor of English and Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan GRANT F. SCOTT Associate Professor of English, Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania BARBARA D. TAYLOR Lecturer, School of Continuing Education, University of Nottingham MICHAEL T. WILLIAMSON Assistant Professor of English, Indiana University, Pennsylvania SUSAN J. WOLFSON Professor of English, Princeton University

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