International Organization and Conference Series I-IV., Osa 1,Numero 6


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Sivu 183 - When two sailing vessels are approaching one another, so as to involve risk of collision, one of them shall keep out of the way of the other as follows, viz.
Sivu 184 - Every vessel which is directed by these Rules to keep out of the way of another vessel shall, if the circumstances of the case admit, avoid crossing ahead of the other.
Sivu 175 - ... in a vertical line one over the other, not less than 6 feet apart, and of such a character as to be visible all round the horizon at a distance of at least 2 miles...
Sivu 183 - Rule only applies to cases where vessels are meeting end on, or nearly end on, in such a manner as to involve risk of collision...
Sivu 183 - When both are running free, with the wind on the same side, the vessel which is to windward shall keep out of the way of the vessel which is to leeward.
Sivu 182 - A vessel of less than 12 metres in length shall not be obliged to give the above-mentioned signals but, if she does not, shall make some other efficient sound signal at intervals of not more than 2 minutes.
Sivu 179 - ... the horizon, and shall also, on the approach of or to other vessels, show where it can best be seen a white flare-up light or torch in sufficient time to prevent collision.
Sivu 184 - Every vessel coming up with another vessel from any direction more than two points abaft her beam, that is, in such a position, with reference to the vessel which she is overtaking that at night she would be unable to see either of that vessel's side-lights, shall be deemed to be an overtaking vessel...
Sivu 182 - A steam vessel hearing, apparently forward of her beam, the fog signal of a vessel, the position of which is not ascertained shall, so far as the circumstances of the case admit, stop her engines, and then navigate with caution until danger of collision is over.
Sivu 186 - ... signals which may be confused with any of the above signals is prohibited.

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