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THESE offices are now filled partly by selection and partly by competitive examination, and are open to Principal Coast Officers, Out-Door Officers, Watermen, and Boatmen who have not less than three years' good service.

No Officers are allowed to compete whose general conduct has not been satisfactory.

Two Examinations are held-the preliminary at the ports where the officers may be stationed; and the competitive, for all Officers who pass the preliminary, at a selected number of the large ports.

The office of Gauger in the Port of London is open only to the London Out-Door Officers; but that of Examining Officer in London, and at the Out-ports, is open to all Out-Door Officers in the service.

The successful candidates at these Examinations are placed on probation for a period of three months-it being understood that they are to be instructed in the performance of any duties for which they may not be fully competent, and that their appointment will not be confirmed until they are reported to be fully qualified for the performance of the several duties they will have to discharge.

The following papers were set to the Candidates for the appointment of Examining Officer at the competitive Examination held in January, 1876 :


One hour and three quarters allowed.

1. A cubic foot of gold weighs 19,259 ounces avoirdupois ; find its weight in hundred-weights, &c.

2. Convert 9 ozs. 17 dwts. into grains.

3. If 14 lbs. of rice cost 6s, how much will 356 lbs. cost at the same rate?

4. If a person purchases 12 articles, one of which costs 2s; two cost 48 each; two 5s each; and seven 8s each; what did he pay on an average for each article?

5. Sold cloth at 18s a yard, and lost 5 per cent, upon it; what did it cost?

6. What is the interest on £1,000 for 1 year 3 months, at 5 per cent?



7. Reduce to its simplest term?

8. Convert 3 cwts. 3 qrs. 8 lbs. into the decimal of a ton
9. Add together the sum, difference, and product of and

10. Convert 5 hrs. 48 mins. 48 secs. into the fraction of a day.

11. What will the digging of the foundation of a house 68 feet long, 33 feet broad, and 5 feet deep, come to at is 3d per solid yard?

12. Three persons, A, B, and C, purchased a ship, of which A paid for, B for 3, and C paid £400; what part of the ship had C, and what did A and B pay?

The working of each question is to be shown with the



One hour and a quarter allowed.

Write a paper of not less than 40 lines on any one of the following subjects::

1. Have reduced hours of labour been productive of benefit to the working classes?

2. The advantages and disadvantages of competitive exami nations.

3. The probable results of the visit of the Prince of Wales to India.


The story of the burning of the "Cospatrick," as now fully told by the survivors, must be regarded as one of the most frightful exhibitions of the impotence, misery, and agony to which human beings may be reduced which have ever been recorded in an authentic narrative. The three worn and wasted

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