Gauging and Operations in Bond: Being Practical Instructions in Gauging

Dumfries, 1877 - 122 sivua

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Sivu 102 - Sykes' hydrometer ; for every gallon of the strength of proof by such hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less quantity than a gallon, viz.: — Brandy gallon Geneva yallon Rum of and from any foreign country, being the country of its production.
Sivu 102 - Other Spirits, being sweetened or mixed so that the Degree of Strength cannot be ascertained as aforesaid...
Sivu 43 - ... shall be examined by the proper officers, and the duties due upon any deficiency or difference between the quantity ascertained on landing, and the quantity found to exist on such examination, together with the necessary expense attendant thereon, shall, subject to such allowances as are by law permitted in respect thereof, be paid down, and the quantity so found shall be re-warehoused in the name of the then owner or proprietor thereof in the same manner as on first importation.
Sivu 43 - ... being satisfied that the same are still in the warehouse, and that there is no reason to suspect that there is any undue deficiency; but the warehouse-keeper shall be liable to make good the duty on any deficiency not allowed by law which may be discovered in the goods at the time of delivery thereof, or any earlier time. 121—If any warehoused goods shall not be duly enteved Disposal of for use within the Island, or as aircraft's or ships...
Sivu iv - Convert 5 hours, 48 min . 48 sees. into the fraction of a day. 11. What will the digging of the foundation of a house 68 feet long, 33 feet broad, and 5 feet deep, come to at Is. 3d. per solid yard? 12. Three persons A, B, and C, purchased a ship, of which A paid for...
Sivu 30 - Governor may approve for the removal from time to time of any goods from one warehouse to another, and for the due arrival and re-warehousing of the same at the place of destination within such time or times as the Collector of Customs may direct.
Sivu 14 - RULE. — To the square of the bung diameter add the square of the head diameter ; multiply the sum by the length, and the product by .0014 for ale gallons, or by .0017 for wine gallons.
Sivu 30 - Upon the arrival of such goods at the port or place of destination, the same shall be entered and warehoused in the same manner, and under and subject to the same laws, rules, and regulations, so far as the same are or can be made applicable, as are required on the entry and warehousing of goods on the first importation thereof.
Sivu 47 - ... the port or place of destination, and the person requiring the removal thereof shall enter into bond, with one sufficient surety, in a sum equal at least to the duty chargeable on such goods, for the due arrival and re-warehousing thereof at the port or place of destination within such time as the...
Sivu 29 - The officers of Customs may on the entry of any goods, or at any time afterwards, take samples of such goods for examination, or for ascertaining the duties payable on such goods, or for such other purpose as the Commissioners of Customs may deem necessary, and such samples shall be disposed of and accounted for in such manner as the Commissioners of Customs may direct.

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