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[blocks in formation]

$ cts. $ cts. Brought forward.......

3,261,005 51 MAIL SUBSIDIES AND STEAMSHIP SUBVENTIONS. For a line of steamers to run between St. John, Halifax, and London or Liverpool.

.$ 25,000 00 For steam service between St. John and Halifax and London

(pending negotiations respecting the Fast Line) the whole
sum of $40,000 to be applied as follows:- In the summer
months a service between St. John, Halifax and London
as hitherto; in the winter months direct services from St.
John to London, and from Halifax to London..... 15,000 00

40,000 00
Steam communication between Halifax and Newfoundland, via Cape
Breton Ports...

2,000 00 Line of steamers to run between St. John and Halifax, or either, and the West Indies and South America. .

78,000 00 Steam service between Victoria and San Francisco.

5,000 00 Steam coinmunication during the season of 1896, i.e., from the opening to the

closing of navigation, between the mainland and the Magdalen Islands. 9,000 00 Steam communication during the season of 1896, i.e., from the opening to the

closing of navigation, between Prince Edward Island and the mainland. 10,000 00 Steam communication during the year 1896, i.e., from the opening to the closing of navigation, between Gaspé Basin and Dalhousie...

12,500 00 Steam communication during the season of 1896, i.e., from the opening to the closing of navigation, between Pictou and Cheticamp...

2,000 00 Steam communication during the season of 1896, i.e., from the opening to

the closing of navigation, between St. John and Minas Basin ports... 3,000 00 Steam service during the season of 1896, i.e., from the opening to the

closing of navigation, between Baddeck, Grand Narrows and Iona, daily; between St. Peter's and Port Mulgrave; between Grand Narrows, East Bay and Irish Cove.

7,000 00 Steam communication during the season of 1896, i.e., for not less than 32

full round trips between St. John and Halifax, via Yarmouth and other way ports ...

7,000 00 Steam communication from the 1st July, 1896, to the 30th June, 1897,

between Pictou, Murray Harbour, Georgetown and Montague Bridge. 1,200 00 Steam communication from 1st July, 1896, to 30th June, 1897, between Grand Manan and the mainland

4,000 00 Steam communication from 1st April, 1896, to 31st March,

1897, between Port Mulgrave, Arichat and Canso, and between Port Mulgrave and Guysboro', and from 1st April to 30th November, 1896, between Port Mulgrave and Port Hood.

.$ 5,000 00 Additional amount required

3,000 00
The service to be performed by two approved steamers thus : Daily ser. 8,000 00

vice between Port Mulgrave, Arichat and Cape Canso; four trips
a week between Port Mulgrave and Guysboro' ; two trips a week
during the season of navigation between Port Mulgrave and Port

Hood, and one of such trips to be extended to Margares
Amount required to pay for ocean and mail service between Great Britain
and Canada...

126,533 33 For steam services between Victoria, B.C., and San Francisco, for year ended 30th June, 1895..

5,000 00 Steam communication between St. John, N.B., and Digby, N.S., from 1st July, 1896, to 30th June, 1897...

12,500 00 Steam communication fortnightly between Liverpool, G.B., and St. John,

N.B., during the winter season of 1896-97, not less than ten round trips 20,000 00
For fortnightly service between Halifax, St. John's, Nid., and Liverpool,
G.B., from 1st July, 1896, to 30th June, 1897

25,000 00
For steam service (pending negotiations respecting the Fast Line) between
St. John, N.B., and Glasgow during the ensuing winter.

7,500 00 For steam service (pending negotiations respecting Fast Line) between St. John, Dublin and Belfast during the ensuing winter......

7,500 00

392,733 33 Carried forward.

3,653,738 84

[blocks in formation]

$ cts.

$ cts. 3,653,738 84

Brought forward........

To pay the cost of hauling steamer "Quadra" off Fulford Reef and towing

into Victoria Harbour, as agreed upon between agent of the Depart

ment and captain of tug-boat To pay costs of litigation connected with the steamer “Druid To provide tug for winter mail service between Cape Traverse, P.E.I.,

and Cape Tormentine, N.B...

[blocks in formation]

To provide for the establishment of a fog alarm at Belle Isle..
To provide for two gas buoys on Lake Erie....
Further amounts required for construction of lights, and aids to naviga-

tion, as follows :-
Three new lights on the Lake of the Woods; light and fog-alarm on

Flower-Pot Island, Georgian Bay; range light at Port Dover ;
aids to navigation in British Columbia, including lights and fog.
alarms at the Sisters and entrance to Vancouver, and

Pole light
at Chemainus, B.C., and light at Eastern Harbour, Cheticamp,

To provide for the salary of James Mitchell, late Inspector of Light-

houses in New Brunswick, from the 1st October, 1891, to the 31st
December, 1891, being the date between his suspension and the
date of his superannuation, three months at $100 a month..

[blocks in formation]



To pay balance of account due Professor C. H. McLeod, of McGill Uni

versity, for services in determining the longitude of Montreal....

[blocks in formation]

To pay for repairs to Marine Hospital, Miramichi .
To pay A. J. McCallum a sum allowed for medicine supplied the Marine

Hospital, Yarmouth, for a period of between two and three years,
prior to 13th April, 1892, his books and papers having been destroyed
by fire

To provide for the expenses of the British Commission appointed under

the Behring Sea claims convention, and the remuneration and ex-
penses of counsel and witnesses, and other expenses in conncction

therewith.. To provide for paying cost of a new sailing schooner built for the Fisher

‘ies Protection Service, to replace the * Vigilant,” including sails.. To pay balance costs recovering license fees wrongfully exacted by New

foundland Government from Dominion fishermen..
To provide for expert investigation into seal life, in connection with

Award Regulations, Behring Sea .
To provide for legal expenses of case of steamer “Coquitlam ” before
United States Supreme Court ......


[blocks in formation]

To meet expenses in connection with this service..

8,000 00

Carried forward....

3,763,204 33

[blocks in formation]

Exploration and Survey..
Printing and Publication Reports and Maps, etc.
Wages of Assistant Explorers, Draughtsmen, Clerks and others...
(Persons having special and professional or technical qualifications, as

defined by the Geological Survey Act-53 Vict., chap. 2, clause 4-
may be employed and may be paid out of this rote at a rate of more
than $400 per annum, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in

the Civil Service Act or any Act in amendment thereof.) Purchase of specimens, books, instruments, stationery, mapping materials,

maintenance of museum, laboratory apparatus, chemicals, express

charges, telegrams, etc. Advance to Explorers... To provide for continuing Artesian boring in the North-west Territories..

[blocks in formation]




Relief of distress, and seed grain, province of Quebec..... $ 3,500 00
medical attendance, Ontario.

800 00 Blankets and clothing, Ontario and Quebec.....

700 00 Schools, Ontario, Quebec and Maritime Provinces.

33,800 00 Salaries of Chiefs at Cape Croker and Gibson Reserves, Pen

sion of Grand Chief, Lorette, salary of Agent, St. Régis. 200 00 Removal, Lake of Two Mountain Indians.

300 00 Payment of Robinson Treaty Annuities...

16,806 00 Survey of Indian Reserves

500 00 To provide for the following overdrawn accounts : Indian

Land Management Fund, Province of Quebec Fund,
Indian School Fund..

14,000 00 Grant to Agricultural Society, Munceys of the Thames.. 90 00 To pay expenses of prosecution of persons selling liquor to

Indians belonging to bands in the older provinces which have no funds of their own

250 00 To provide an amount for expenditure at Caughnawaga, Pro

vince of Quebec, in repairirg roads and bridges, evicting trespassers, reclaiming land, schools, buildings, and general improvements on reserves

2,500 00

73,446 00



.$ 1,250 00 Relief and seed grain

2,500 00 Medical attendance and medicines..

2,000 00 Miscellaneous and unforeseen

100 00 Grant to assist in rebuilding Micmac Church, Indian Island, Pictou Co., destroyed by a hurricane.

2,000 00

7,850 00


Relief and seed grain..
Medical attendance and medicines.

.$ 1,730 00

2,300 00
1,295 00
300 00

5,625 00

Carried forward.....

86,921 00 3,830,204 33 4,000 00 General expenses.,

[blocks in formation]

1,850 00

21,590 00

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND. Salaries and travelling expenses.

300 00 Relief and seed grain.

925 00 Medical attendance and medicines..

350 00 Office and miscellaneous..

75 00
To provide instruction in farming to the Indians of Lennox

200 00
To provide for the salary of a teacher at Big Cove, New

$ 250 00
To provide for the heating apparatus and the slate roof for
the new Mount Elgin Industrial School building,

2,500 00 To provide for 15 additional pupils at the Mount Elgin In'dustrial Institute at $60..

900 00 To provide for medical attendance on the Indians between

Pegamasing and White River on the line of the C.P.R.. 250 00
To provide tools for the Wabanoosh band, Lake Nepigon.. 50 00
To provide an amount to settle a long outstanding claim of

Chippewas of Thames on account of trespass on their
Reserve by Muncey Indians to whom location tickets
have been issued by the Department of Indian Affairs... 17,640 00

Annuities and commutations.

$ 69,905 00 Supplies for destitute and working Indians.

156,093 00 Day, boarding and industrial schools..

285,000 00 Surveys

3,000 00 Farm wages

24,955 00 Supplies for farmers..

10,092 00 Sioux...

4,274 00 Buildings.


110,511 00 Grist and saw mills

3,098 35 To provide a school building, $400, and the salary of a teacher,

$300, for a school at Nut Lake and Fishing Lake, Touchwood Hills Agency...

700 00 To provide for 8 pupils at the boarding school at the Piegan Reserve at $72 each.

576 00 To provide for 15 additional pupils at the Birtle boarding school at $72 each..

1,080 00 To provide for the necessary outlay in removing the present

buildings to a new site and to provide outbuildings for the Elkhorn Industrial School..

5,000 00 To enlarge the buildings and erect outbuildings at the McDougali Orphanage, Morley :

2,000 00 To provide for additional outbuildings at the Brandon Industrial School...

1,000 00 To provide for additional school rooms for the Red Deer Indus

trial School, and furnish heating apparatus for the same.. 1,800 00 To pay for the removal of Canadian Indians from Montana and expenses in connection therewith...

2,000 00 To provide for the erection and equipment of a tannery on

the Blackfoot Reserve, and for the services of an Instruc. tor in tanning...

1,300 00 To provide for 10 additional pupils at Crowstand Boarding School at $72....

720 00

687,104 35

Carried forward...

797,465 35 3,830,204 33



Canada Gazette..
Miscellaneous printing..
Expenses in connection with distribution of Parliamentary documents..
Unforeseen expenses, expenditure thereof to be under Order in Council,

and a detailed statement to be laid before Parliament within the first

fifteen days of the next session. ... Commutation in lieu of remission of duties on articles imported for the use

of the Army and Navy.... For the expenses of the Government in the District of Keewatin. Maintenance of Keewatin and other lunatics chargeable to Keewatin.. To meet expenditure in connection with “The Canada Temperance Act.” To compensate members of the North-west Mounted Police for injuries received in the discharge of duty. Carried forward.

61,500 00 5,594,408 68

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