Sivut kuvina
[blocks in formation]

Williams Head Quarantine-Repairs to wharf and improvement of water

service-additional amount

1,600 00


Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick...... $8,000 00
Ontario and Quebec..

8,000 00

16,000 00

Outstanding accounts in connection with the funeral of the late

Sir John Thompson, viz.:- The Halifax Gas Light Co., Limited, $349.78; De Wolfe & Son, carriage manufacturers, Halifax, $35; Chas. Scriin, florist, Ottawa, witness, $28.25 ; Geo. R. Lancefield, photographer, witness, $79.89; O'Connor & Hogg, barristers, $17.59; The Registrar, Exchequer Court of Canada, fees, $56.20; R. L. Borden, barrister, Halifax, $124.10; W. B. A. Ritchie, barrister, Halifax, $2.50 ; Weldon & McLean, barristers, etc., St. John, N.B., $96; E. Ryan, appraiser, $20.45; The Nova Scotia Furnishing Company, $714.61 ; further disputed accounts not

yet adjudicated upon, inclusive of legal expenses, etc., $475.63$2,000 00 Salaries of architects, draughtsmen and clerks, Chief Architect's office...

2,100 00 Temporary clerical and other assistance, inclusive of services of

all persons required who were employed after 1st July, 1882,

notwithstanding anything in the Civil Service Act. 1,500 00 Decorating and illuminating the Parliament and Departmental

Buildings in celebration of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee 6,000 00

[blocks in formation]


479 32

Collectors of Customs for services in connection with the issuing of fishing

licenses to United States vessels during 1896...
$15 each to Customs and other officers for services in compiling and for-

warding daily reports in connection with the Fisheries Intelligence
Bureau, for the season of 1896, viz. :-J. P. Brennan, Remi Benoit, c.
P. Le Lacheur, E. P. Randall, A. J. Clarke, T. C. Cook, S. Aucoin,
J. M. Viets, R. McLean, Charles Owen, E. A. Calder, J. C. Bourinot,
J. H. Dunlap, J. R. Ruggles, P. O'Toole, L. McKeen, J. M. McNutt,
M. A. Dunn, Geo. Rowlings, A. G. Hamilton, P. T. Fougère, E. D.
Tremaine, J. W. Taylor, E. E. Letson, D. Murray, J. A. D'Entre-

ment, R. H. Bohnan, W. C. Henley, D. McAulay, D. Urquhart... Towards expenses of the Fisheries and Yacht Exhibition, to be held at

Imperial Institute in London in 1897..
Expenses and salaries of Commissioners appointed to investigate charges

against Government officials, including witnesses' fees...
Gratuity to the widow of the late F.C. Gilchrist, Inspector of Fisheries of

the North-west Territories....

450 00

1,500 00

2,000 00

133 33

4,562 65

Carried forward...

794,491 89

[blocks in formation]

Further amount for Winter Mail Service, Prince Edward Island...

6,000 00



Balance of the cost of a heating apparatus for the Shingwauk
Home, Sault Ste. Marie..

.$1,025 00 Further amount for the payment of Robinson Treaty Annuities. 1,500 00 Additional amount for surveys in the older provinces, to com

plete the outlay for surveys on the Reserve of the Abenakis of St. Francis at Pierreville, P.Q.....

50 00

2,575 00


Erection of a house for the teacher of the Indian school on the
Shubenacadie Reserve.

$ 100 00 Medical attendance and medicines..

1,000 00

1,100 00

Dr. R. A. de Olloqui, medical attendant to the Indians of Kent County,

at the rate of $175, from 1st October, 1896, to 30th June, 1897....

56 25


To complete 100 yards of a ditch on Old Sun's Reserve (Blackfoot).....

$ 300 00 To complete a storehouse for grain on the Oak River Sioux Reserve

215 00 To assist in the erection of a bridge over Bird Tail Creek.

100 00 Additional amount for surveys, N.W.T..

1,075 00

1,690 00


Additional amount for the travelling expenses of Inspectors Macrae and


[blocks in formation]


Further amount for expenses connected with the Lieutenant-Governor's


650 00

6,000 00

Unforeseen expenses ($3,000), and further expenditure in connection with

the Tariff inquiry
To make good the ascertained losses to the Post Office Department caused

by the defalcations of the late postmaster at St. Johns, Que., between

the 3rd November, 189), and 9th July, 1896..
To make good to the Post Office Department the sum fraudulently with-

drawn, on 25th July, 1894, by some unknown person, from Zenaide
Charette's account in the Post Ottice Savings Bank
Carried forward..

4,718 31

50 00

10,768 31 807,263 14

[blocks in formation]

3,776 37

30 00

750 00 1,856 00

To recoup the Department of the Interior for expenditure incurred in

connection with the repatriation of distressed Canadians from Brazil,

and paid from the immigration appropriation.. Further amount to refund to James J. Foster, of Birtle, Manitoba, the

bonus paid by him for a timber berth in what was known as the

“Disputed Territory”. Expenses of Commission investigating charges against North-west Terri

tories officials.. Expenses of Commission investigating Quebec Land Slide. Sums recommended by Commissioners to sufferers by Quebec land slide in

full satisfaction of all losses.. Contribution for Canadian Law Library, London, England Casket, and engrossing and binding Jubilee Address to Her Majesty, of

which a sum not exceeding $150 may be paid to members of the Civil

Service, notwithstanding anything in the Civil Service Act... Expenses of Commissioners appointed to inquire into matters relating to

the Outside Service of the Department of the Interior. The expenditure made from this appropriation shall be charged to the several services under the control of the Department of the Interior.....

[blocks in formation]



Miscellaneous-Further amount to pay law costs in case of
Toronto Street Railway Co. vs. The Queen..

$3,518 93 To compensate preventive officer Vincent Mullins for loss of

horse and harness while assisting in making a seizure of smuggled goods near Low Point, N.S., on the 8th of July, 1896.

100 00 Cost of fitting up and maintenance, etc., of additional revenue cruiser to 30th June, 1997

4,000 00 Cost of repairs to the Government steamer


1,000 00 Further amount for preventive service..

5,000 00

13,618 93


$2,000 00

J. R. Linton, of Vancouver, B.C., for loss sustained by a tem-

porary officer having granted a license which could not be

approved by the Department Preventive service....

100 00 2,200 00

4,300 00

Increase of James Patton's salary from $1,800 to $2,100, from 1st July,


300 00


300 00

Martin O'Brien and Edward Kelly for the months of Nay and June, at
$75 per month......
Carried forward...

18,518 93 S67,212 30

[blocks in formation]

A. O. Macfarlane's salary as Laboratory Clerk from 7th August, 1896, to

6th October, 1896, two months at $100 per annum...

66 66

[blocks in formation]

Expenses of investigation on Government Railways and Canals. 3,500 00

27,457 07


Slides and Booms.

Balance due the Upper Ottawa Improvement Company on authorized

allowance for management, etc., in connection with the logs passed through the Chenaux Boom, Ottawa River, during the tiscal year 1895-96....

122 92


Balance required for Outside Service of Post Office Department for fiscal year 1896-97

.$ 46,507 55 Increase of salary of Denis d'Aigle, Railway Mail Clerk, promoted from third to second class....

180 00 Carried forward....

46,687 55

46,165 58 867,212 30

[blocks in formation]

Post OFFICE-Concluded. Compassionate allowance for the family of Railway Mail Clerk

A. C. Edgecombe, killed in a railway accident while on duty, on the 26th January, 1897, to be applied for the benefit of his wife and children in such manner as may be determined by Order in Council

2,000 00 For the following new Railway Mail Services :

Nakusp and Slocan Railway, from 1st September, 1896.... 250 00
Quebec Central Railway, from 1st October, 1896..

2,619 00 Red Mountain Railway, from 19th December, 1896.

238 00 Canadian Pacific Railway (between Montreal and St. Gabriel de Brandon) from 1st January, 1897..

725 00 Postmaster at Winnipeg, salary to which he is entitled by the increased business of his office...

200 00 To compensate Henry Hyde for having conveyed in safety to its

destination a Canadian mail despatched for Fort Cudahy, from Juneau, Alaska, on the 16th December, 1895, which the mail courier, T. Constantine, had been compelled to abandon on the summit of Chilkoot Pass owing to the severity of the weather.....

100 00 To recoup the vote of 1896-97 the following expenditure made

in 1896-97 in payment of liabilities incurred in previous
fiscal years, as under, the same to be charged to Consolidat.
ed Fund :-

Amount outstanding on 1st July, 1895.. .$ 616,712 99
Incurred in 1895-96..

68,734 04

-685,447 03

738,266 58


Chargeable to Income.

Gratuity to the widow of the late John Allison, Homestead Inspector....

[blocks in formation]

UNPROVIDED ITEMS, 1895-96. To cover unprovided items as per Auditor General's report for 1895–96, page A -2......


120,630 15

1,772, 474 61

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