Sivut kuvina
[blocks in formation]

Dredging-Nova Scotia....

Prince Edward Island do New Brunswick.. do Quebec and Ontario.. do Manitoba. do British Columbia.. do General service....

50,000 00

8,000 00 15,000 00 5,000 00

218,000 00


Slides and booms...

$ 5,000 00 Madawaska River--Ottawa District-Compensation to Wm.

Bailey in full of all desiands for past, present or prospective damages to his properties in the vicinity of the Chain Rapids timber driving station, whether caused by fooding of land, snubbing of booms, or in any other manner in connection with the location, construction, working or maintenance of slides, booms, dams or any other government works at the said stasion for the descent of timber or any other purposes. (Liability incurred in 1894-95.)......

550 00

5,550 00


Bridges-Ottawa City, over the Ottawa River, the Slides, the

Rideau Canal and approaches thereto-Ordinary repairs. $ 7,000 00 Dominion traffic bridges throughout Canada, including approaches..

5,000 00 Bridge across the Saskatchewan at Edmonton, N.W.T. 50,000 00 Sappers' Bridge, Ottawa-Extraordinary repairs.

3,000 00 Asphalt sidewalks on north sido Wellington street, etc., <pposite Parliament square, Ottawa

8,500 00 Maria street bridge over the Rideau Canal, Ottawa-Reconstruction.

10,00) 00

83,500 00


Land and cable telegraph lines for the sea coasts and the

islands of the Lower River and Gulf of St. Lawrence and

the Maritime Provinces :-Land line on north shore of St. Lawrence-To improve road

way, repair line and increase operating facilities gene

rally, between Godbout and Pointe aux Esquimaux...... $ 3,000 00 Land line on the north shore of St. Lawrence-Extension from Pointe aux Esquimaux eastward..

7,000 00 Telegraph lines, British Columbia-To provide for an alter

native line connecting Cape Beale and Carmanah with Victoria by extending the French Creek Alberni Line,

southwardly to the south-west coast of Vancouver Island 4,600 00 Land line on north shore of St. Lawrence-For purchase of

premises now rented for telegraph office and dwelling at Long Point of Mingan, the transfer point for Anticosti cable...

600 00 Land line on north shore of St. Lawrence-Extension northeastward towards Belle Isle

12,000 09 To connect St. Alexis on the Saguenay line with Anse St. Jean...

2,500 00 Carried forward....

29,700 00 2,256,411 72 111,156,920 26

[blocks in formation]

25,000 00
2,000 00

42,000 00

20,000 00
2,900 00

Surveys and inspections..
National Art Gallery ..
Salaries of engineers, draughtsmen and clerks, Chief En-

gineer's Office.
Salaries of architects, draughtsmen and clerks, Chief Archi-

tect's Office..... Salary of staff, telegraphic service. Temporary, clerical and other assistance, inclusive of services

of all persons required who were first employed after 1st July, 1882, notwithstanding anything in the Civil Ser.

vice Act.... Towards a monument for the Hon. Alexander Mackenzie... Towards a statue of Her Majesty the Queen in celebration of

the Diamond Jubilee... One-half of the salary of the Departmental photographer, the

other half of his salary having been provided for by the Department of Railways and Canals....

[blocks in formation]

2,410,211 72

40,000 00

2,000 00

78,000 00
5,000 00

9,000 00

A line or lines of steamers to run between St. John, Halifax and London,

during the summer months, with direct services during the winter
months between St. John and London, and between Halifax and

Steam communication between Halifax and Newfoundland, via Cape Bre-

ton ports
A line or lines of steamers to run between St. John and Halifax, or either,

and the West Indies and South America.... Steam service between Victoria and San Francisco Steam communication during the season of 1897, 1. c., from the opening to

the closing of navigation, between the mainland and the Magdalen

Steam communication during the season of 1897, i. e., from the opening to

the closing of navigation, between Prince Edward Island and the

mainland.... Steam communication during the season of 1897, i. c., from the opening to

the closing of navigation, between Gaspé Basin and Dalhousie . Steam communication during the season of 1897, 1. e., from the opening to

the closing of navigation, between Pictou and Cheticamp... Steam communication during the season of 1897, i. c., from the opening to

the closing of navigation, between Baddeck, Grand Narrows and Iona, daily; between Port Mulgrave and St. Peters; between Grand Nar.

rows, East Bay and Irish Cove.. Steam communication during the season of 1897, 1. e., for not less than 32

full round trips, between St. John and Halifax, via Yarmouth and

other way ports Steain conmunication during the season of 1897, i. e., from the opening to

the closing of navigation, between St. John and Minas Basin ports... Steam communication from 1st July, 1897, to 30th June, 1898, between

Pictou, Murray Harbour, Georgetown and Montague Bridge
Steam communication from 1st July, 1897, to 30th June, 1898, between

Grand Manan and mainland..

10,000 00

12,500 00

2,000 00

7,000 00

7,000 00

3,000 00

1,200 00

4,000 00

Carried forward..

180,700 00 13,567,131 98

[blocks in formation]

8,000 00 126,533 33

20,000 00

Steam communication from 1st April, 1897, to 31st March, 1898, daily,

between Port Mulgrave, Arichat and Canso: four trips a week
between Port Mulgrave and Guysboro', and from 1st April, 1897, to
30th November, 1897, semi-weekly, between Port Mulgrave and Port

Hood, such trips to be extended once each week to Margaree..
Ocean and mail service between Great Britain and Canada...
Steam service fortnightly between St. John and Liverpool, Great Britain,

during the winter season of 1897-98, not less than ten round trips.. Steam service between Halifax, St. John's, Newfoundland, and Liverpool,

from 1st July, 1897, to 30th June, 1898... Steam service between St. John and Glasgow during the winter of 1897-98 Steam service between St. John, Dublin and Belfast, during the winter of

1897-98.. Steam communication between St. John and Digby, from 1st July, 1897,

to 30th June, 1898. Subsidy for carrying the mails between Canada and Newfoundland during

the season of 1893-4-5. Steam communication from 1st July, 1897, to 30th June, 1898--Weekly

between Quebec aud Gaspé Basin, touching at intermediate ports ... Steam communication between Port Mulgrave, Arichat, Canso, Guysboro'

and Port Hood during the years 1893-95

[blocks in formation]


Maintenance and repairs to Government steamers.
Examination of masters and mates.
Rewards for saving life, etc...
Investigation into wrecks.
Canadian registry of shipping..
Tidal service, tide gauges, instruments and staff.
Removal of obstructions in navigable rivers.
Winter mail service...

[blocks in formation]

Salaries and allowances of light-keepers....
Agencies, rents and contingencies..
Maintenance and repairs to lights.
Construction, etc., of lights.
Signal service.
Repairs to wharfs...
Establishment of a fog-alarm at Belle Isle.
Construction of lights, and aids to navigation, as follows:- Three new

lights on Lake of the Woods ; light and fog-alarm on Flower Pot Is-
land, Georgian Bay; range light at Port Dover; aids to navigation in
British Columbia, including lights and fog.alarms at the Sisters and
entrance to Vancouver, and pole light at Chemainus, B.C., and light
at Eastern Harbour, Cheticamp, N.S..

[blocks in formation]



Observatory, Toronto.
Meteorological service
Hydrographic surveys..

[blocks in formation]

Carried forward...

114,700,024 71

[blocks in formation]

Care of sick seamen in Marine and other hospitals in the Maritime Pro

vinces Shipwrecked seamen.

[blocks in formation]


Steamboat inspection...
Inspection of Dominion steamers and fog-alarms.

26,000 00
1,300 00

27,300 00


Salaries and Disburseinents of Fishery Inspectors, Overseers and Guardians 90,000 00
Building and maintenance of Fishbreeding Establishments and Lobster

34,500 00 Fishery Protection Service.

95,000 00 Building fishways and clearing rivers

2,000 00 Legal and incidental expenses.

4,000 00 Canadian Fishery Exhibit .

1,000 00 Persons employed in the Department of Marine and Fisheries for services in connection with the distribution of the fishing bounty

5,000 00 Oyster Culture....

7,000 00 Expenses investigating the question of seal life, in connection with the ap

proaching negotiations for the revision of the Paris Award Regulations 1,000 00 Further amount for the expenses of the British Commission appointed under

the Behring Sea Claims Convention, and the remuneration and ex

penses of counsel, and other expenses in connection therewith... 20,000 00 Services of counsel and other expenses in connection with the Fisheries

Reference, to argue the appeal for the Dominion before the Judicial
Committee of the Privy Council..

8,000 00
Further amount towards expenses of the Fisheries and Yacht Exhibition
now being held at the Imperial Institute in London ...

2,500 00 Expenditure incurred by Dr. Andrew McPhail, Montreal, on the scientific

exainination of the cause of the blackening of canned lobsters... 2,185 45

272,185 45


Expenses in connection with this service..

8,000 00


Explorations and Surveys
Printing and Publication, Reports and Maps, etc..
Wages of Assistant Explorers, Draughtsmen, Clerks and others (persons

having special and professional or technical qualitications, as defined
by the Act respecting the Department of the Geological Survey, 53
Vict., chap. 11, sec. 4, may be employed and may be paid out of this
sum at a rate of more than $100 per annum, notwithstanding anything

in the Civil Service Act).. Purchase of specimens, books, instruments, stationery, mapping material,

maintenance of museum, laboratory apparatus, chemicals, express

charges, telegrams, etc.... Advance to Explorers.. For continuing Artesian boring in the North-west Territories

[blocks in formation]

Carried forward.

(15,102,510 16

[blocks in formation]

Relief and seed, province of Quebec. ....

$ 3,500 00 Relief and medical attendance, Ontario..

1,100 00 Blankets and clothing, Ontario and Quebec.

500 00 Schools : Ontario, Quebec and Maritime Provinces..

33,890 00 Salaries of chiefs at Cape Croker and Gibson reserves ; salary of agent at St. Regis...

150 00 Removal of Lake of Two Mountains Indians from Oka to Gibson.....

200 00 Robinson treaty annuities.

16,806 00 Survey of Indian reserves..

500 00 For the following overdrawn accounts : Indian Land Man

agement Fund, Province of Quebec Fund, Indian School Fund..

14,000 00 Grant for Agricultural Society, Munceys of Thames..

90 00 Expenses of prosecution of persons selling liquor to Indians

belonging to bands in the older provinces which have no funds of their own.

500 00 Expenditure at Caughnawaga, P.Q., in repairing roads and

bridges, evicting trespassers, reclaiming lands; for schools, for buildings and general improvements on the reserve....

1,000 00

72,236 00


Relief and seed
Medical attendance and medicine.
Miscellaneous and unforeseen..


.$ 1,200 00

2,100 00 2,200.00

100 00

5,600 00


$ 1,705 00 Relief and seed.

2,300 00 Medical attendance and medicine

1,295 00 Miscellaneous and unforeseen.

300 00 To increase the salary of the teacher of the Indian school at Church Point

50 00

5,650 00

[merged small][ocr errors]

Salaries and travelling expenses
Relief and seed grain..
Medical attendance and medicine
Office and miscellaneous expenses
Instruction in farming to the Indians of Lennox Island.

300 00 9:25 00 350 00


75 00 200 00

1,850 00

Annuities and commutations
Implements, tools and harness.
Field and garden seeds.
Live stock
Supplies for destitute and working Indians.
Triennial clothing:
Day, boarding and industrial schools.

$124,525 00

6,750 03

1,32.5 00 12,032 00 177,913 00

4,210 00 295,231 00)

3,000 00 5,196 00

Carried forward.

630,212 00

85,336 00 15,102,510 16

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