Sivut kuvina
[blocks in formation]

200,000 00
90,000 00

Pay of force..
Subsistence, forage, fuel and light.
Clothing, repairs and renewals, horses, arms and ammunition, medical

stores and stationery..
Scouts, guides, billeting, transport of men, horses and stores, and contin-

gencies. New buildings and repairs.... Steam launch for the Upper Yukon River..

[blocks in formation]

Expenditure connected with Lieut.-Governor's office.
Incidental justice, etc
Insane patients, Manitoba...
Grant for schools, clerical assistance, printing, etc., to be paid half-yearly

in advance..
Schools in unorganized Territories
Further amount for the North-west Government subsidy, to be paid

half-yearly in advance..

[blocks in formation]

Carried forward.

16,807,529 94

SCHEDULE B— Continued.





$ cts. 16,807,529 94

6,000 00 25,000 00 1,000 00

20,000 00

2,000 00 1,660 00 3,000 00

500 00

1,000 00 3,500 00

15,000 00
1,000 00

5,000 00

5,500 00
2,000 00
5,000 00
5,000 00

Brought forward...

Canada Gazette....
Miscellaneous printing..
Expenses in connection with distribution of Parliamentary documents...
Unforeseen expenses, expenditure thereof to be under Order in Council,

and a detailed statement to be laid before Parliament within the first

fifteen days of the next session...
Commutation in lieu of remission of duties on articles imported for the use

of the Army and Navy ..
Expenses of the Government in the District of Keewatin..
Maintenance of Keewatin and other lunatics..
Expenditure in connection with the Canada Temperance Act.
Compensation to members of the North-west Mounted Police for injuries

received in discharge of duty.....
Salary and contingencies of the office of the Paris agency.
Expenses of litigated matters which may be paid for services in connection

with the litigation conducted within the Department of Justice, not

withstanding anything in the Civil Service Act.. Cost of litigated matters (Interior)..... Payments of Extra Clerks, for services rendered in preparation of Returns

ordered by Parliament.. Maintenance, construction of roads, bridges and other necessary works in

connection with the Hot Springs Reservation, near Banff Station,

North-west Territories....
Academy of Arts
To assist in the publication of the Proceedings of the Royal Society.
Further amount for plant of Printing Bureau..
Cost of arbitration respecting the accounts between the Dominion of

Canada and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. (Payments on
account of services rendered may be made to members of the Civil

Service, notwithstanding anything in the Civil Service Act)...... Expenses of taking evidence concerning the Public Accounts, and report

ing the same to the Auditor General under authority of section 57 of the Consolidated Revenue and Audit Act; and to pay for legal advice

to the Auditor General..
For the relief of distressed Canadians in foreign countries other than the

United States..
Grant in aid of the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement

of Science in Toronto..
Expenses of exploring, surveying, etc., the country lying between the

Stikine River and the sources of the Yukon...
City of Winnipeg, one-half of the expenses incurred by the city in respect

of an outbreak of small-pox among European immigrants in 1893 .. One-balf the cost of delimitation of the Western Boundary of the Province

of Ontario from the north-west angle of the Lake of the Woods to the

Winnipeg River
Balance of costs in the case of Maclean vs. The Queen, and Clark and

Barber vs. The Queen....
Expense of delimiting the boundary between Canada and the United States
Claims in connection with the sale of certain lots in the Town of Banff,

made prior to the passing of the Rocky Mountains Park Act, 1887....] Further amount for commutation in lieu of remission of duties on articles

imported for use of the Army and Navy.. Expedition by water to Hudson's Bay, to settle, if possible, the practica

bility of the route for commercial purposes... Further sum to compensate members of the North-west Mounted Police

for injuries received while in the discharge of duty.. Classification of old records of Canada in the Office of the Privy Council.. Expenses in connection with the visit of Hon. W. Laurier to England at

the celebration of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee..... Payment of gratuities to temporary employees of the outside service of the

Department of the Interior. (Payments from this sum shall be charged to the several services under the control of the Department).....

[blocks in formation]

Carried forward..

17,015,349 85

[blocks in formation]



Salaries and contingent expenses of the several ports-
Province of Nova Scotia ,

$108,915 00
New Brunswick..

91,385 00 do Prince Edward Island.

18,200 00 do Quebec..

215,185 00 Ontario..

302,3:15 00 do Manitoba.

32,300 00 do British Columbia

71,285 00 North-west Territories....

12,050 00 Generally-To cover unforeseen expenditures

5,000 00 Salaries and travelling expenses of inspectors of ports and

travelling expenses of other officers on inspection and

preventive service.. Board of Customs-Expenditure in connection therewith,

48,750 00 including $800 salary of Commissioner of Customs as

Chairman of the Board .
Customs Laboratory-Expenditure in connection with the

testing of molasses, etc., including pay of officers appoint-
ed or employed for that purpose..

4,100 00 Miscellaneous-Day-books, ledgers, bookbinding, printing

and stationery, subscriptions to commercial papers, fags, dating stamps, locks, instruments, etc., for various ports of entry and for legal expenses ..

20,000 00 Expenses of maintenance of government cruiser “Constance

for preventive service on the Lower St. Lawrence. 17,000 00 Expenses of maintaining additional revenue cruisers and preventive service.

10,000 00 Additional amount for salaries and travelling expenses of in

spectors of ports and officers on preventive service.... 6,250 00 Expenses of special preventive service.

5,000 00 Department of Justice-Amounts to be disbursed by, and accounted for to it for secret preventive service...

5,000 00 John Reid, for services .

200 00

973,015 00


Salaries of officers and inspectors of Excise, and to provide

for increase depending upon the result of Excise examinations

$ 305,974 25 Extra duty pay at large distilleries and other factories.

6,000 00 Duty pay to officers serving long hours at other than special surveys.

1,000 00 Preventive service

10,000 00 Travelling expenses, rent, fuel, stationery, etc

48,000 00 Stamps for imported and Canadian tobacco.

19,000 00 Collectors of Customs' allowance on duty collected by them for 1896-97..

5,500 00 Commissions to sellers of stamps for Canadian twist tobacco. 100 00 To enable the department to supply methylated spirits to

manufactories, the cost of which will be recouped by manufacturers to whom they are supplied, and to pay for rent, light, power, freight, salaries, etc..

70,000 00 L. A. Fréchette, for technical translation.,

100 00 Extension of this service in the Province of British Columbia 2,000 00

467,674 25

Carried forward.....

1,410,689 25 17,015,319 85

[blocks in formation]

CULLING TIMBER. Salary of Supervisor..

$ 1,900 00 Specification clerks (3).

2,250 00 Bookkeeper..

750 00 Pay of cullers...

3,500 00 Superannuated cullers.

6,300 00 Contingencies..

2,250 00 James Patton, in consequence of promotion

300 00 Salaries of Martin O'Brien and Edward Kelly, two superannu

ated cullers, who are to be put back on the permanent staff. 1,400 00

18,450 00

WEIGHTS, MEASURES, GAS AND ELECTRIC LIGHT INSPECTION. Salaries of officers, inspectors and assistant inspectors of Weights and Measures.

$ 49,010 00 Salaries of inspectors of gas.

15,150 00 Rent, fuel, travelling expenses, postage, stationery, etc., for Weights and Measures...

16,000 00 Rent, fuel, travelling expenses, postage, stationery, etc., for Gas and Electric Light Inspection..

8,000 00 For the purchase of standard instruments, salaries, etc., in connection with Electric Light Inspection....

5,000 00

93,160 00


For the purchase and distribution of Standards of Grain and
Flour and other expenditure under the Act..

.$ 3,000 00 Salary of George Roy as chief inspector of raw hides..

1,500 00

4,500 00



[blocks in formation]

Railways. Intercolonial

.$3,100,000 00 Prince Edward Island

245,000 00 Compassionate allowance to the undermentioned who

were passengers and seriously injured in an accident

on the railway :Mr. J. F. Robertson..

1,500 00 Mrs. J. F. Robertson.

500 00 Windsor Branch.....

20,000 00

Carried forward.

.3,367,000 00 1,582,999 25 17,015,349 85

[blocks in formation]

Repairs and operating expenses

505,580 00 Salaries and contingencies, canal offices..

34,600 00 Additional amount to persons permanently employed in the

public service and remuneration to any other persons for services rendered for and in connection with passing vessels through the canals of the Government of Canada frðm midnight on Saturdays to midnight on Sundays, not

withstanding anything in the Civil Service Act.... 15,000 00 Lachine--Staff

$ 9,330 00 William Bradley wages for the time he was

laid up from injuries received while work.
ing on the electric light station, 7 weeks
at $7.50 per week ....

52 50

9,382 50 Carillon and Grenville-Staff

2,000 00 Cornwall-Staff.

3,000 00 Williamsburg-Staff.

$ 800 00 do 3 months' salary as a retiring allowance to ex-superintendent Hickey..... 450 00

1,250 00 Welland-W. H. Charles for time he worked after he was superannuated-8 days ....

10 00 General-Repairs to Governor General's car.......

1,400 00

3,939,222 50


Collection of slide and boom dues...

.$ 4,000 00 Repairs and working expenses, harbours, docks and slides 96,400 00 “Upper Ottawa Improvement Company,” authorized allow'.

ance for management, etc., in connection with logs to be passed through the Chenaux boom, Ottawa River, during fiscal year 1897-98

1,800 00 Telegraph line between Prince Edward Island and the mainland

2,000 00 Land and cable telegraph lines of the sea coasts and islands

of the lower rivers and Gulf of St. Lawrence and Maritime Provinces, including cost of working steamer “New

field" or other vessels when required for cable service.... 28,000 00 Telegraph lines, North-west Territories....

20,000 00 raph lines, British Columbia..

14,250 00 Telegraph and signal service generally

2,750 00 Public Works agency, British Columbia.

2,500 00

171,700 00

Post Office.

Mail Service

.$2,257,137 00 Salaries and Allowances

1,172, 100 00 Miscellaneous...

207,120 00 To provide for the appointment of six letter carriers at an

annual salary of $360 each for service in the city of Brantford after 1st December, 1897....

1,260 00

3,637,917 00 Carried forward...

19,331,838 75 17,015,349 85

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