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[blocks in formation]

Administration of the Chinese Immigration Act, including

remuneration to Trade and Coininerce and Customs Officers....

$ 3,500 00 Canada's proportion of expendituro in connection with the International Customs Bureau......

600 00 Commercial Agencies, including expenses in connection with

negotiations of treaties or in extension of commercial relations ...

15,000 00

19,100 00


( Chargeable to Income.) Commissioner's salary.

$ 3,200 00 Superintendent of Mines' salary..

3,000 00 Secretary's salary.....

1,800 00 Homestead Inspectors' salaries.

8,400 00 Dominion Lands and Crown Timber Agents' salaries.. 16,945 00 Salaries of Clerks in Outside Service, Forest Rangers and Intelligence Officers ..

23,161 25 Expenses of Inspection of Agencies, travelling expenses of

Superintendent of Mines and Homestead Inspectors, contingencies of Dominion Lands and Crown Timber Agents, and at Head Office, removal expenses, etc., and stationery and printing and forest protection.

31,000 00 Members of the Board of Examiners of Dominion Land Sur

veyors, stationery, rent of rooms and contingent expenses of the Board (the authority required by the Civil Service Act is hereby given for paying out of this sum such amounts as may be required to pay for services of mem

bers of the Board who are members of the Civil Service). 700 00 Salaries of extra clerks at Head Office, Ottawa, advertising, copying, etc...

2,000 00 Salary of one carpenter..

732 00

[blocks in formation]


(Chargeable to Capital.) Surveys, examination of survey returns, printing of plans, etc. Further amount for surveys, examination of survey returns,

printing of plans, etc., including old trails in Manitoba and the North-west Territories..

[blocks in formation]


26,552,226 85

OTTAWA: Printed by SAMUEL EDWARD DAWSON, Law Printer to the Queen's

most Excellent Majesty.


An Act to authorize the raising, by way of loan, of certain sums of money for the public service.

[Assented to 29th June, 1897.) H ER Majesty, by, and with the advice and consent of the


follows :

1. In addition to the sums now remaining unborrowed and Loan of negotiable of the loans authorized by Parliament by any Act $15,000,000

authorized heretofore passed, the Governor in Council is hereby authorized to raise, by way of loan, such sum or sums of money, not to exceed in the whole the sum of fifteen million dollars, as may be required for the purpose of paying the floating indebtedness of the Dominion of Canada and for the carrying on of the public works authorized by the Parliament of Canada.

2. The sums of money hereby authorized to be raised by To be raised way of loan shall be so raised in accordance with and under under R.S.C., the provisions of that portion of chapter twenty-nine of the Revised Statutes of Canada relating to the public debt and the raising of loans authorized by Parliament; and the sums so To form part raised shall form part of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of of Con. Rev. Canada : Provided always, that the rate of interest to be paid Rate of on any loan to be raised hereunder shall not exceed three and interest. a half per cent per annum.

c. 29.

OTTAWA: Printed by SAMUEL EDWARD DAWSON, Law Printer to the Queen's

most Excellent Majesty.

CHAP. 4.

An Act to authorize the granting of subsidies in aid

of the construction of the lines of railway therein mentioned.

(Assented to 29th June, 1897.] ER Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the

Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:

1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, the Interpretar

tion : expression “ cost” means the actual, necessary and reasonable

“ Cost." cost, and includes the amount expended upon any bridge up to and not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars, forming part of the line of railway subsidized not otherwise receiving any bonus, but shall not include the cost of equipping the railway, nor the cost of terminals and right of way of the railway in any city or incorporated town; and such actual, necessary and rea- Cost, how

determined. sonable cost shall be determined by the Governor in Council, upon the recommendation of the Minister of Railways and Canals and upon the report of the Chief Engineer of Government railways, certifying that he has made or caused to be made an inspection of the line of railway for which payment

of subsidy is asked, and careful inquiry into the cost thereof, and that in his opinion the amount upon which the subsidy is claimed is reasonable, and does not exceed the true, actual and proper cost of the construction of such railway. 2. The Governor in Council may grant a subsidy of $3,200 Subsidies

authorized. per mile towards the construction of each of the undermentioned lines of railway (not exceeding in any case the number of miles hereinafter respectively stated), which shall not cost more on the average than $15,000 per mile for the mileage subsidized, and towards the construction of cach of the said lines of railway not exceeding the mileage hereinafter stated, which shall cost more on the average than $15,000 per mile for the mileage subsidized, a further subsidy beyond the sum of $3,200 per mile of fifty per cent on so much of the average

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