Sivut kuvina
[blocks in formation]

49,725 38

Brought forward....

Travelling expenses of the Chief Justice of Canada, appointed a member

of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
Expenses of Judge Forin in travelling to Vancouver to be sworn in..
Further amount for Judges' circuit allowance, British Columbia...
Further amount for expenditure in connection with the Administration of


[blocks in formation]

Penitentiary Commission, payments may be made from this sum nötwith-

standing anything in the Civil Service Act.... H. Gilbert Smith, salary, 1st July, 1896, to 30th June, 1897, as steno.

grapher and typewriter in office of Inspector, 12 months at $25..

10,000 00

300 00

10,300 00


Further amount...

1,200 00


Sessional indemnity of Hon. Dr. Borden, who has been pre-

vented from attending in his place in parliament by reason
of personal injuries incurred by him from an accident on the
Intercolonial Railway while travelling in the discharge of
his public duties..

.$1,000 00 Salary of the Deputy Speaker for Session of 1897

2,000 00 Additional amount for publishing debates..

25,000 00 Additional amount for Sessional Clerks, including two extra

clerks for Whip's rooms at $300 each for session of 1897.... 7,500 00 French Translators during session of 1897.

1,568 00 Additional amount to cover expenditure during recess for French translation....

1,400 00 Contingencies, including clerical assistance to Leader of Opposition for session of 1897, $300..

1,000 00 Sessional messengers..

6,300 00 Pages..

1,761 00 Allowance to restaurant steward at $2.50 per day.

245 00 Servants-Bath rooms..

381 00 Sessional charwomen.

475 00 Contingencies-Housekeeper.

250 00 Gasman, during session.

60 00 E. St. 0. Chapleau, in full of all claims in connection with his patented poll book in use since 1891..

1,000 00 To provide for deductions which may be made from the session

al indemnity of Hon. Messrs. Laurier, Prior and Boulton, and of Messrs. Domville, Tucker and Tyrwhitt, owing to their absence from the Houses of Parliament in consequence of their attendance at the celebration of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee

1,000 00

50,940 00


Payment of the following sessional messengers, during the ges-

sion of 1897 (say ninety-eight days) from the 25th March,
till the 30th June, 1897 :
Wilfred Drouin, 98 days at $2,50.

$ 245 00
H, J. Meiklejohn, 98 days at $2.50

25 00

490 00

Carried forward.

51,430 00 70,342 38

[blocks in formation]

66, 430 00

281 11 2,500 00

Wm. Stoker, for statistical services..
Further amount for dairying services..
Dairy Station at Nappan-To pay for the dairy building, and

its enlargement and alteration
Stockholm Exhibition.
N. W. T. Exhibition of 1891–To pay unsettled accounts for

labour, materials and supplies ordered by officials under
authority of Lt.-Gov. Mackintosh..

$13,537 63
Amount of account claimed by Department of Militia and

555 64
Amount of account claimed by Department of Public
Printing and Stationery....

1,355 86

1,800 00

720 00 1,300 00 173 35

15,449 13


22,223 59

Cattle Quarantine.

To cover Governor General's warrant..

10,000 00


Widow of the late Dr. H. B. Macpherson, gratuity equal to two months'


[blocks in formation]


Pay and Allowances-Headquarters Stat. Colonel the Hon. M. Aylmer, Adjutant General of Militia

Command pay, as officer in command of Military District No. 4, Headquarters, Ottawa, from 1st January, 1896, to 30th June, 1897, 547 days at $1.25 per day..

.$ 683 75 Colonel the Hon. M. Aylmer, Adjutant General of

Militia-Difference of pay and allowances on pro-
motion from Assistant Adjutant General to be
Adjutant General of Militia, viz. : Pay and
allowances, as Adjutant General at rate of $3,200
per annum, from 1st January to 16th July, 1896. $1,740 27
Less-Authorized pay received as Assistant Ad-

jutant General, ist January to 16th July,
1896, at rate of $2,800 per annum...

1,522 73

217 54 Major D. C. F. Bliss, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Headquarters,

Ottawa, staff allowances from 4th April, 1896, to 30th June, 1897, at

rate of $200 per annum . Pay and allowances-Active Militia attending schools of instruction-Pay of officers and men for period from 1st April to 30th June, 1897 Carried forward....

901 29

248 20

8,300 00

9,449 49 | 169,162 63

[blocks in formation]

1,000 00

2,500 00

Pay and Allowances-Hcadquarters Staff-Concluded.
Salaries and wages of civil employees-Balance required for the pay of

superintendents of stores, armourers, caretakers and labourers in the

several Military Districts.. Military properties, works and buildings-For the removal of the old drill

shed at Gananoque and the purchase of a new site. Royal Military College of Canada-Lt.-Col. S. C. McGill, Staff Adjutant,

extra duty pay while performing the duties of Acting Commandant of

the Royal Military College, 1st Sept. to Dec., 1896. Monuments - Battlefields of Canada... Gratuity to the widow of the late Lt.-Col. 0. Prevost, Superintendent of

the Cartridge Factory at Quebec, 2 months' pay at the rate of $2,000

per annum.. Her Majesty the Queen's Jubilee-Further amount for the pay and allow

ances, transport and general expenses of the Militia Contingent sent to England in June, 1897

300 00 1,000 00

333 33

4,000 00

[ocr errors]

18,682 82

[blocks in formation]

Wages of employees whilst unoccupied owing to delays for which the Electric Conipany were not responsible..

8 624 00 Construction....

. 80,000 00 Contractors Hugh Ryan and Company, the cost of pulling down

and rebuilding timber wall in prism of canal, notwithstanding that the amount is not recoverable by contractors under a strict legal interpretation of the contract....

5,796 00 Soulanges. Contractor Archibald Stewart for loss caused by stoppage of work on

Sections 1 and 2..

86,420 00

17,345 00

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Beauharnois. Joseph Julian $275 and Francis Grenier $10 for damage to crops by overflow.

.$ 285 00 Replacing cope stones at nine locks.

1,000 00

1,285 00


Repairs to basin between Locks Nos. 15 and 17.....

8,000 00

[blocks in formation]

River St. Lawrence-Improvement of Ship Channel between Quebec and

River St. Lawrence Ship Channel-Balance due estate of late D. J. Mc-

Carthy for rent of ship yard and buildings, at St. Joseph de Sorel, for
period August 4th to December 31st, 1892, inclusive...

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Public Buildings, Ottawa-Western Departmental Block-To

cover expenditure in connection with conflagration of 11th February, 1897.

.$37,000 00 Petrolia Public Building-Joshua Garratt, contractor, interest

on an overdue balance on final estimate rendered in his favour for contract and additional works performed

342 76

37,342 76

British Columbia,

3,500 00

4,000 00

Williams Head Quarantine Station-Additions to disinfecting facilities and appliances, baths, etc......

Generally. To provide for better fire protection in public buildings generally, including public buildings at Ottawa..

RENTS, REPAIRS, FURNITURE, HEATING, ETC. Public Buildings, Ottawa--Moving Public Departments into new

or renovated permanent quarters in Departinental buildings, inclusive of fitting up of offices, etc., in Model Room, Langevin Block, in Eastern Block and in Slater Block, and repairs, furniture and other supplies found to be necessary in connection with said transfers..

$22,500 00 Public Buildings, Ottawa, including ventilation and lighting-

Repairs, materials, furniture, etc., ordered prior to 1st July, 1896, etc., including : $261.69 to McKinley & Northwood for lead pipe, etc. ; $903.64 to Alex. Fleck for flag poles, Parliament Square ; $216.52 to George Bailey for smith's work ; $398.36 to Wm. Howe for glass, paints, etc. ; $197.09 to E. G. Laverdure & Co. for hardware; $39.99 to Thos. Lawson

for cast iron pipes ; $33.72 to Thomas Birkett for hardware. 2,771 91 Rideau Hall, including grounds-Repairs, renewals, improve

ments, furniture, maintenance, $4,107.80 having been paid out of appropriation for 1896-97 to pay for linen, etc., purchased in 1895-96 (Nov., 1895, to Jan., 1896)...

9,000 00 Rentals of quarters leased at Ottawa to accommodate Public

Departments dislodged from Western Departmental Block by conflagration of i1th February, 1897, etc.....

4,000 00

38,271 91


Nova Scotia.

John Gillies for land purchased for extension of wharf at Georgeville......

50 00


153 95

Hnausa wharf on Lake Winnipeg--To pay workmen balance remaining to credit of contractor, including security deposit with accrued interest. Carried forward.

91,430 61 669,298 60

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