Poems Then and Now, Nide 3

Evans, 2005 - 96 sivua
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Poems Then and Now offers a wide-ranging anthology of classic and modern poems, some of them familiar but many of which will no doubt be new discoveries. It is a stimulating collection and one with a difference. The poems are presented in pairs, within certain themes so that the reader can compare classical and twentieth-century treatments of similar subjects. Stunning black and white photographs enhance each of the poems.

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (2005)

Fiona Waters is an anthologist and children's author. She is the winner of the 2005 CLPE Poetry Prize for her anthology "Why Does My Mum Always Iron a Crease in My Jeans?". Fiona Waters is known in the world of children's books for her passion and enthusiasm for children's literature and her encyclopaedic knowledge. Fiona has over 80 book titles to her name, published in many different languages all over the world; she is also the Editorial Director of Troubadour, The Travelling Book Company, the largest independent Book Fair company in the United Kingdom. She was born and brought up in Edinburgh and later moved to Dorset in the South of England.

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