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TRUSTING to a Better Righ-

teousness than OUR OWN,

Opened and Defended, in a Plain Practical

Discourse upon RO M. X. 3.


By B E'N. FENKS, Rector of Harley

in Shropshire, and Chiaplain to the Right
Honourable the Earl of Bradford.

Printed for W. Rogers, at the Sun against

St. Dunstan’s-Church; and B.Tooke, at the
Middle-Temple-Gate, in Fleetstreet. 1700.

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"O see the Faith of Christ Asaulted-ard Ata tack’d, not only, (as when it first set out

out,) by Open Adversaries and Professed Infidels ; But by such as Lurk within the Church, and pass under the Christian Name ; is enough to raise every Believer's Indignation, that would not be a Traytor to his own Profelled Religion.

And for my Appearing as I do, as this time, I may ask all that know the Publick, and those violent Efforts which have been made by a Party among us, who are no true Friends to S. Paul's Doctrine, as David did Eliab, 1 Sam. 17. 19. What have I. now done? Is there not a Cause ?

Indeed the Cause which I take upon me here to maintain, as it deserves, so it has; many much better Champions. But yet, I hope, it may receive no Detriment from my Concern in it : When it shall appear, That one of such small Accomplishments has yet so much to say for it. And truly that which is of God needs little of Man; Where holy Scripture mall but be heard. But whoever they be, that can make light of what is Spoken by the Lord; are not


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