A manual of naval architecture

Murray, 1877 - 644 sivua
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Sivu 43 - Keel to find the Tonnage, — and the Breadth shall be taken from the Outside of the outside Plank in the broadest Part of the Ship...
Sivu 60 - In the opening chapter the truth of the first condition was established, and it was shown that the circumstances of the surrounding water were unchanged, whether the cavity of the displacement was filled by the ship or by a volume of water having the same weight as the ship.
Sivu 458 - ... speed, is not sensibly affected by the forms and proportions of ships; unless there be some unwonted singularity of form, or want of fairness. For moderate speeds this element of resistance is by far the most important ; for high speeds it also occupies an important position — from 50 to 60 per cent of the whole resistance, probably, in a very large number of classes, when the bottoms are clean ; and a larger percentage when the bottoms become foul.
Sivu 177 - ... of the platinamines generally, we have precisely the same difficulties which meet us in applying the theory to the cobaltamines. We reason throughout from perfectly arbitrary fundamental assumptions. Our only fixed points are the atomicities of platinum and cobalt. All else is purely speculative. In the present state of our knowledge we are not able to say whether a chain of atoms of ammonia, like...

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