Transactions of the ... Session of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, Nide 53

American Institute of Homoeopathy., 1897
Includes World's Homoeopathic Convention #1, 1876; 4, 1891; 7, 1906 others are in book collection.

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Sivu 93 - FLOWER in the crannied wall, I pluck you out of the crannies, I hold you here, root and all, in my hand, Little flower — but if I could understand What you are, root and all, and all in all, I should know what God and man is.
Sivu 86 - THOU unknown, Almighty Cause Of all my hope and fear ! In whose dread presence, ere an hour, Perhaps I must appear! If I have wander'd in those paths Of life I ought to shun ; • As something, loudly, in my breast, Remonstrates I have done; Thou know'st that thou hast formed me With passions wild and strong; And list'ning to their witching voice Has often led me wrong.
Sivu 756 - These By-Laws may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the...
Sivu 96 - tis good to think of them When we are troubled sore! Thanks be to God that such have been, Although they are no more. More homelike seems the vast unknown Since they have entered there; To follow them were not so hard, Wherever they may fare ; They cannot be where God is not, On any sea or shore ; Whate'er betides, Thy love abides, Our God, forevermore.
Sivu 650 - From the first appearance of this ground may be dated the origin of the modern pillow lace trade ; but it was not until the beginning of the present century that the...
Sivu 86 - Where with intention I have err'd. No other plea I have But, Thou art good; and goodness still Delighteth to forgive.
Sivu 310 - A Pseudo-science consists of a nomenclature, with a self-adjusting arrangement, by which all positive evidence, or such as favors its doctrines, is admitted, and all negative evidence, or such as tells against it, is excluded.
Sivu 96 - And so beside the Silent Sea I wait the muffled oar; No harm from Him can come to me On ocean or on shore. I know not where His islands lift Their fronded palms in air; I only know I cannot drift Beyond His love and care.
Sivu 749 - This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of all the members present at the regular annual meeting, provided that notice of such alteration or amendment shall have been given in writing at any session of a previous annual meeting of the Institute.
Sivu 103 - AMENDMENTS. This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of all the members present at the...

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