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937d 1874


The Editor of this volume has published within the last twelvemonth an edition of Dryden's Poems,-one of Messrs. Macmillan's Globe Series,—with a carefully revised text, the result of a labour of some duration. The Globe edition of Dryden's Poems contains more than a hundred corrections of the text as presented in Sir Walter Scott's edition, or that of Mr. Robert Bell in his series of the English Poets. In the portion of Dryden's Poems published in this volume the text is the same as that of the Globe edition; and there are some forty corrections within the compass of these Poems. The Notes to this volume contain a suggestion of one new correction which I have not embodied in the text, not feeling absolutely sure about it; but I think it probable that the words Caledonian and Caledon, which have come down to us from Dryden in 'The Hind and the Panther' (Part I. line 14, and Part III. line 3), were intended by him to be Calydonian and Calydon,

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