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"The Republican party stands for honest
money and the chance to earn it by honest

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committer, 1896-14-9






"That some may be rich shows that others may become rich,
and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise.
Let not him who is homeless pull down the house of another,
but let him labor diligently and build one for himself; thus, by
example, assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when






The subjects treated in this volume are classified in alphabetical order, each article being introduced in BLACK-FACED LETTERS, and numbered through. Example: Advancement-American, No. 6, page 6, is one of a series of short articles on Advancement. It is also indicated in the index under Advancement-American and American Advancement. Use the Index, as many cross-references will aid you. Articles relating to SILVER will also be found under Coin, Coinage, Gold and Money, as all can not appear under one head. The tables and figures used have been taken from the official reports of the Government.

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American Honor and American Interest.
Business, the Source of Employment.

Coin, whether of Gold or Silver, must be Equal to the Best.
Duties, Collected from Foreign Countries. for American Privileges.
Emigrants Who Are Willing to Live Without Robbing Other Men
of Employment.

Financial Integrity, and Money Enough to Pay All Bills.

Gold and Silver, Equal Dollars, for All Business.

Home Markets for American Products.

Imports must Always be Kept Below the Exports.
Judiciary of the U. S. Must not be Tampered With.
Keep in he Middle of the Road.

Labor Employed Means Elevation, Dignity, and Education for the
the Home.

McKinley and Hobart Elected, Means Business and Employment.
Nation's Honor Must be Maintained.

Ownership of Railroads by National Government Opposed by Re-
publican Party.

Pensions for the Veterans of the War Equal to the Pledge of the

Quorum-counting by Speaker Reed Justified now by Democrats.
Revenue, Collected Equal to Expenditures, a Necessity.
Silver Dollars as Good as Gold, the Republican Demand.

Tariff to Protect American Labor and Encourage Home Industry.
United States-The Hope of Universal Liberty and Law.

Voters Have an Opportunity: Vote for McKinley and Business.
Wages Means Home, Education, and Comfort to the Toiler.

X-roads-Republicanism or Populism-Which Way?

Your Opportunity to Restore Business; Vote It.
Zeal in the Campaign Will Win the Victory.

All matter in this volume is arranged in alphabetical order by sections, the BLACK FACE LETTERS indicating

the subjects.

ABANDONED-Bryan and the Chicago Platform.
[Wilmington, Del., Every Evening (Dem.).]

No. 1.

The gathering at Chicago is far from being a representative convention of the great Democratic party of the country. Its majority is simply a howling mob of Populists, free-silverites and Anarchists, dominated by Altgeld and swayed by Tillman. The leaven of good sense and honest purpose supplied in the persons of the gold-standard minority fails to have any appreciable effect. The convention has been swung away from true Democratic principles, and is moving in a course that promises to absolve all honest Democrats from allegiance to its declarations or fealty to the candidates it may place before the people. It is idle to expect that honest, sincere, self-respecting Democrats throughout the country will sustain the farce now being enacted at Chicago in the name of Democracy.

ABASEMENT of the Democratic Party Confessed.
[Chicago Chronicle (Dem.), July 11.]

No. 2.

Dominated by men who are strangers to the Democracy and by ideas even more grotesque in their novelty, the Chicago Convention has named leaders who are not Democrats and adopted a platform which is not Democratic.

By its revolutionary and sectional fury, by its shameful indorsement of the Republican and Populistic heresies of cheap silver and greenbackism, by its cowardly abandonment of tariff reform, and by its amazing demand for the restoration of the barbarous spoils system, no less than by the nomination of men wholly unfit, the Chicago Convention absolves all Democrats from allegiance to its candidates and its pr * iples.


Democracy has been humiliated, but it has not been destroyed. It still lives, a prodigious force for good, a terror to evil. Rising again in all the majesty of the power of the ever-living truth, it will smite with mailed hand the traitors and mercenaries who, in its honored name, have raised the somber flag of financial shame and the blacker flag of disunion and hate.

ABDICATE-Democrats Won't Support Revolution. [New York Staats Zeitung (Dem.).]

No. 3.

Thus has the convention challenged to combat against its tenets every spark of conservatism and civic virtue and intelligence. It is wholly immaterial whom the convention may choose to place upon such a platform. The candidate of a party with such a policy must be defeated and the party itself annihilated. The very existence of the Union depends upon it. The abominable gang which has adopted this platform has forfeited the right to co-operate in the management of the affairs of the Union. It would be idle to argue with the party which this convention pretends to represent upon the basis on which the Chicago Convention enters into the campaign of 1896. Unless the minority defeated in Chicago proceed to form a new political organization, there is in this campaign only one party for which an elector who does not want to support revolution can consistently vote, and this is the Republican party. If that party should, for a long time to come, be once more enthroned in power, it has nobody to thank but that same wretched and infamous crowd.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN-Advice to Voters.

No. 4.

In 1864 Mr. Lincoln said:

"That some may be rich shows that others may become rich. and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him labor diligently and build one for himself; thus, by example, assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built."

No, 5.

ADVANCE—Civilization and Money Material.

Looking over the whole field of monetary history the one fact which stands out clear and indisputable in this: As civilization advances and commercial transactions become more numerous and complicated, there has been an advance in the money material of the world. The advance is from the more to the less perishable, from the more uncertain to the more definite, from the coarser to the finer material. In cruder times we are told that cowry shells, cattle, tobacco, and the skins of animals have been the standard money.

There have been used iron, copper, brass, silver, and gold. That copper is a better material for money than cattle, silver better than

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