The Life, Exile, and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon, Nide 2


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Sivu 317 - TO A LADY WEEPING.* WEEP, daughter of a royal line, A Sire's disgrace, a realm's decay ; Ah ! happy if each tear of thine Could wash a father's fault away ! Weep — for thy tears are Virtue's tears — Auspicious to these suffering isles ; And be each drop in future years Repaid thee by thy people's smiles ! THE CHAIN I GAVE.
Sivu 276 - ... or manufactures, and internal trade, made immense progress during my reign. The application of chemistry to the manufactures, caused them to advance with giant strides. I gave an impulse, the effects of which, extended throughout Europe. ' Foreign trade, which, in its results, is infinitely inferior to agriculture, was an object of subordinate importance in my mind. Foreign trade is made for agriculture and home industry, and not the two latter for the former. The interests of these three fundamental...
Sivu 278 - This was the only part of the manufacture that we performed ourselves. I wished to naturalize the two first branches; and I proposed to the Council of State that their importation should be prohibited. This excited great alarm. I sent for Oberkamp, and I conversed with him a long time. I learned from him that this prohibition would doubtless produce a shock, but that, after a year or two of perseverance, it would prove a triumph, whence we should derive immense advantages. Then I issued my decree...
Sivu 81 - Those who have wrought great changes in the world never succeeded by gaining over chiefs, but always by exciting the multitude. The first is the resource of intrigue, and produces only secondary results : the second is the resort of genius, and transforms the face of the universe !" The Emperor, adverting to the truth of history, expressed his disbelief of all that was attributed to Mahomet.
Sivu 201 - I can, consistently with the interests of my empire, do a great deal of good to Spain. What are the best means to be adopted ? " Shall I go to Madrid ? Shall I take upon myself the office of Grand Protector in deciding between the father and the son ? It seems to me a matter of difficulty to support Charles IV.
Sivu 202 - ... opinion is that nothing should be hurried forward, and that we should take counsel of events as they occur. It will be necessary to strengthen the bodies of troops which are to be stationed on the frontiers of Portugal, and wait " I do not approve of the step which your Imperial Highness has taken in so precipitately making yourself master of Madrid. The army ought to have been kept ten leagues from the capital.
Sivu 59 - In witness whereof, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the present Convention, and have affixed their seals thereto. Done in duplicate at Washington on the twenty-sixth day of May, one thousand nine hundred and thirty.
Sivu 286 - I received him to-day with my stormy countenance, my head inclined, and my ears pricked up. We looked most furiously at each other. My anger must have been powerfully excited, for I felt a vibration in the calf of my left leg. This is always a sure sign with me ; and I have not felt it for a long time be-fore.
Sivu 29 - They will become the faith, the religion, the morality of all nations; and, in spite of all that may be advanced to the contrary, this memorable era will be inseparably connected with my name...
Sivu 318 - Emperor adopted her as his daughter, and gave her in marriage to the hereditary Prince of Baden. This union was for several years far from being happy. In course of time, however, the causes of difference gradually vanished ; the Prince and Princess became attached to each other, and from that moment they had only to regret the happiness of which they had deprived themselves during the early years of their marriage.

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