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eth the father of all such informers, persecutors, and liars, and false witnesses, his children may fear destruction; and the saints can sing hallelujah over the devil, satan, serpent, and all his followers, that do his work, whom the living God will reward accordingly.

G. F.

A Paper to Friends, and others, against the pomps of the world,

followed and used by many tradesmen, in their vocations, contrary unto many of their sureties, promises, and vows.

FRIENDS, stand in the eternal power of God, witnesses for the eternal God, against the devil and his works, and the world, and the lusts, and pomps, and vanities of the world, which world the devil is god of. Now, there is a saying by the godfathers and godmothers, (so called,) that they do promise and vow, &c. to forsake the devil and all his works, the pomps and vanities of this wicked world, and all the sinful lusts of the flesh, and vow for children that they will not follow them, nor will be led by them; but forsake them all. But do not we see that many that say so, run into all, or many of the lusts, and pomps, and vanities of the world? And are not such offended at those tradesmen that cannot trim their clothes and apparel according to the pomps, and lusts, and fashions of the world, which pass away? But such tradesmen that stand as witnesses in the power and truth of God, against such pomps, lusts, and vanities of the world, cannot fulfil the people's minds in them; and therefore they are offended at them. But, did God make man and woman with these pomps, vanities, and lusts of the world? Or how came they into them? No, God did not make man and woman with these pomps, vanities, and lusts of the world. But when man and woman forsook the living God, and disobeyed him, and followed the serpent, satan, and the devil; then he filled them with these pomps, and lusts, and vanities of the wicked world, which the devil is god of. So they fell from the righteousness, and holiness, and image of God; and disobeying and transgressing the command of God, and going from God, and following the serpent, he hath filled them with pride, envy, malice, and hatred, one against another; and with the lusts and pomps of the world. And they are grieved and vexed, one against another, when they cannot have such pomps and vanities as others have, and think much at such, and envy them that are in pomp and pride beyond them, or above them. And this pride, pomp, and lust, the devil hath begotten in man and woman, in the fall from God. And so it had a beginning in man and woman, and must there have an end, if ever they come to God.

And they that stand faithful witnesses for the eternal God, in his eternal power and truth, are witnesses against all this pride and pomp, and vanities of the world, and lusts of the flesh, and the devil and his works, and cannot please them, nor satisfy them in their pomps, pride, and lusts of the world, which are of the devil, and not of God, though it might bring them in much gain; yet they in their pomp and pride are offended, and very angry with them that cannot satisfy their minds in them. For the apostle saith, • The lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eye, and the pride of life, is not of the Father,' (mark, not of the Father,) not of God the Father, the creator of all, that takes care for all, who is the Lord of all. Now, if the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life, be not of the Father, who is it of then, but of the devil, the god of the world which lies in wickedness?

Now, how comes this lust of the eye, and pride of life, and lust of the flesh into man and woman? Seeing it is not of the living God the Father, it came by the devil, when man and woman transgressed the command of the living God, and obeyed the serpent, and so fell from their innocency, and the image of God in righteousness and holiness. So then the devil, the god of the world, filled them with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life, which is not of the Father. So this had a beginning in man and woman when they went from God, and disobeyed him, and transgressed his commandment, and not before. So they that stand in the eternal power of God and Christ, who hath renewed them up into the image of God that man and woman was in before they fell, they stand witnesses against the lusts of the flesh, and the lusts of the eye, and the pride of life, and the god of the world, that hath filled man and woman with these things, and hath begotten these things in them.

So these tradesmen that are God's witnesses, and cannot satisfy, nor fulfil, nor please the lust of the eye and the pride of life, nor lust of the flesh, which is not of the Father, but of the god of the world, the devil, whom Christ destroyed and his works; who, through death destroyed death, and the devil the power of death. And so Christ's wit. nesses and followers, do stand witnesses in his power and truth against the devil and his works, and the pomps and vanities of the wicked world. These are sealed certain witnesses in God's eternal power and truth, against all that which is not of the Father, but of the devil. And also are witnesses for that which is of God the Father, and his son Jesus Christ, and for his glory, and for his honour, and his praise.

But they that are in their pomps and vanities, and followers of the god of the world and his works, and the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eye, and the pride of life, do hate and persecute them that stand witnesses against such things. And they who are in their pomps, will hardly employ those that stand witnesses against them in their pride and pomps. So that these tradesmen can hardly get any trading amongst them, whilst they stand witnesses in God the Father's power and truth, against those who are in those pomps and vanities, and in that which is not of the Father. And in so doing, they know that they keep clean consciences to God; and know, and are assured that his blessings rest upon them, who will bless them with blessings from above, and the blessings beneath. And they are witnesses for God, who hath his upper springs, and his nether springs to refresh them, which enables them to stand faithful witnesses for the living God their Father: to whom be glory for ever; whose glory is over all the works of his hands; who is worthy to be served, worshipped, and honoured for evermore. Amen.

And therefore it is good for all, to wait patiently upon the Lord; for some of you do know, when truth first broke forth in London, that many tradesmen could not take so much money in their shops for some time, as would buy them bread and water; because they withstood la the world's ways, words, fashions, and customs. Yet by their patient waiting upon the Lord, in their good life and conversation, they came is to answer the truth in people's hearts and consciences. So there arose a belief in people, that Friends would not wrong them in any thing: so that at last the Lord did increase his blessings, both inwardly and outwardly upon his people. And therefore let none murmur nor complain, but wait in patience and faithfulness upon the Lord, who is both God in heaven and in the earth, and all is the Lord's, who can fill you both with his temporal and spiritual blessings: therefore all walk worthy of them in truth and righteousness; that whatever ye do in word or deed, it may be done to the praise and glory of God.

G. F. London, the 2d of the 11th month, 1682.'

A way to prevent the indignation and judgments of God from

coming on a kingdom, nation, or family. Commended to the consciences of all concerned.

First, all you vintners that sell wine, that keep taverns or such like

houses; and all you innkeepers, and you that keep victualling-houses, ale-houses, strong-water-shops, &c. see that you never let any man or woman have any more wine, ale, strong drink, brandy, or strong waters, or other strong liquors, than what is for their health and their good; in that they may praise God for his good creatures. For every creature of God is good, and ought to be received with thanksgiving.

But if you do give or let men or women have so much wine, brandy, strong liquors, strong beer, or ale, till they be drunk, or to make them drunk:

1. You destroy the good creatures of God.

2. You destroy them that have not power over their lusts, no more than a rat or a swine, who will drink till they are drunk.

3. You are a great cause of ruining them in their healths, purses, and estates, (their children and families,) in feeding of them in their lusts, by letting them have more than doth them good; which also tends to bring God's judgments upon you, to your own ruin and destruction.

For many, when they are full of wine, beer, or strong liquors, then they will cry for music, pipe, and harp, and it may be, their whores also. And so in this, you that suffer or allow such things, are nursers of debauchery, and corrupters of them, and of your own families also.

And also such men, when they are full of wine or strong liquors, and have destroyed the creatures, by taking more than doth them good, then they are got to that height that they are ready to quarrel and abuse, or kill or destroy one another; and sometimes kill other people, (who do them no harm,) as they are walking or travelling in the streets or highways. For when they are overcome by strong liquors, then are they fit and do lie open to all manner of wickedness.

And though you think by selling or letting people have wine or strong liquors more than doth them good, or is for their health, the more they drink, the more gain you think it brings you; and the more you vend your goods, the more profit you get.? Ah poor sellers! Do not you think, that God with his all-seeing eye doth behold you and your actions? And cannot the Lord soon bring a blasting upon all your undertakings, and such ungodly gain and profits, and whatsoever you have gained by your covetousness, and from the lusts of others, through which they do destroy their estates, children, and families? Will not this bring destruction upon you and your unrighteous gain, which you have gotten by feeding their lusts? For that spirit which feeds the destroying Justs, must needs be the destroyer; and the profits of that will not be gain to you in the end.

For are not you sensible, how that many, after they have spent their estates, or part of them, will run into your debt for wine or strong liquors, yea, such as you let have more than did or doth them good? And is not this the cause that many break, by trusting, and other ways as before mentioned ? Trust should be with that which is trusty, which doth not waste or destroy, and such God will bless. And therefore take heed of letting any man or woman have any more wine or strong liquors, than what is for their nourishment, health, and good.

See what a dreadful wo the Lord pronounced against them, that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink, that continue until night, until wine inflame them. Then they call for the harp and the viol, the tabret and the pipe, &c. But such regard not the work of the Lord, neither consider the operation of his hands. “A sad state!' Wo unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and are men of strength to mingle strong drink. And therefore all are to shun such things; all are to be sober, and to mind and fear God, that they may escape these woes; as you may see in Isaiah, chap. v.

And therefore all vintners, and such as sell wine, with ale-houses, inns, and victualling-houses, who sell ale, brandy, and strong liquors, never let any one have any more than doth them good, and is for their health, (as is said before,) so that all may eat and drink the good creatures of God to his praise and glory; which drunkards and gluttons cannot, nor they who let them have the creatures of God in excess, or immoderately till they are drunk and surfeited, for such do feed themselves without the fear of God.

Secondly, let all who go under the name of Christian families, train up their children in the fear of God, and keep themselves in the fear of God, that they may keep all their servants and families in the fear of God; out of all looseness and wantonness, and vanities and excess, and from all drunkenness, fornication, whoredom, or uncleanness, and unrighteousness, and all ungodliness; that they may keep out of all those things that displease or dishonour the Lord God. And do not nourish up the lust of the eye, nor the pride of life, nor the lust of the flesh; for if you do, you nourish up that which is not of God the Father. And therefore to shun all these evils, and to depart from them, and keeping in the fear of God; this is the way to bring the blessing of God upon a land, kingdom, nation, or family.

G. F. God will destroy them which destroy the earth. Rev. xi. 18.

Drunkenness makes a man worse than a beast, and makes a strong man weak, and a wise man a fool.

This testimony and warning was, and is owned and subscribed by many vintners and others, concerned in the trades and callings before mentioned, who were present at the reading of the manuscript.

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