The Writings of George Washington: Being His Correspondence, Addresses, Messages, and Other Papers, Official and Private, Selected and Published from the Original Manuscripts, Nide 11

Ferdinand Andrews, 1839
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Sivu 153 - an act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers...
Sivu 115 - House a copy of the instructions to the minister of the United States who negotiated the treaty with the King of Great Britain, together with the correspondence and other documents relative to that treaty, excepting such of the said papers as any existing negotiation may render improper to be disclosed.
Sivu 470 - The establishment of an Institution of this kind, upon a respectable and extensive Basis, has ever been considered by me as an object of primary importance to this Country; and while I was in the Chair of Government, I omitted no proper opportunity of recommending it, in my public speeches and other ways, to the attention of the Legislature.
Sivu 3 - I proceed after this recital, for the more correct understanding of the case, to declare ; that, as it has always been a source of serious regret with me, to see the youth of these United States sent to foreign countries for the purpose of education, often before their minds were formed, or they had imbibed any adequate ideas of the happiness of their own ; contracting too frequently, not only habits of dissipation and extravagance, but principles unfriendly to republican government...
Sivu 9 - I cannot suffer you," replies Washington, " to close your public service, without uniting with the satisfaction which must arise in your own mind from a conscious rectitude, my most perfect persuasion that you have deserved well of your country. "My personal knowledge of your exertions, whilst it authorizes me to hold this language, justifies the sincere friendship which I have ever borne for you, and which will accompany you in every situation of life ; being, with affectionate regard, always yours,
Sivu 263 - I have finally determined to accept the commission 'of Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the United States ; with the reserve only that I shall not be called into the field until the Army is in a situation to require my presence, or it becomes indispensable by the urgency of circumstances.
Sivu 480 - Your confidence in me, sir, has been unlimited, and I can truly affirm unabused. My sensations, then, cannot be concealed, when I find that confidence so suddenly withdrawn, without a word or distant hint being previously dropped to me. This, sir, as I mentioned in your room, is a situation in which I cannot hold my present office, and therefore I hereby resign it.
Sivu 83 - I want an American character, that the powers of Europe may be convinced, we act for ourselves, and not for others.
Sivu 203 - I begin my diurnal course with the sun ; that, if my hirelings are not in their places at that time I send them messages of sorrow for their indisposition ; that, having put these wheels in motion, I examine the state of things further; that, the more they are probed, the deeper I find the wounds, which my buildings have sustained by an absence and neglect of eight years...
Sivu 262 - The conduct of the Directory of France towards our country; their insidious hostility to its government; their various practices to withdraw the affections of the people from it; the evident tendency of their...

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