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At Perth, Mr Robert Morrison, to Miss M. Black.

Feb. 2. At Corntown, near Stirling, the Rev. James Logan, St Ninian's, to Miss Catherine Stewart, daughter of Mr John Stewart of Corntown.

2. At White Vale, Mr Josias Fairley, manufacturer, Glasgow, to Miss Mary Bogle, daughter of the deceased George Bogle, Esq.

3. At Killnochanich, Mr Finlay MacDougall, of Kintra, to Miss Mary MacDougall, third daughter of the late Dr John MacDougall of Cregganich.

5. At Falkirk, Mr George Sheriff, formerly of St Petersburgh, to Miss Margaret Bell, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Beil, merchant, Falkirk.

8. At Dumfries, Lieut. Colonel Alex. Maitland, in the East India Company's service, to Miss Catherine Currie, youngest daughter of the deceased David Currie, Esq. of Newlaw.

8. At Locherwoods, Mr Samuel Brown, Campbelton, to Miss Lilly Corson, daughter of William Corson, Locher woods.

8. Mr George M'Haffie, writer in Wigton, to Miss Isabella Gordon, youngest daughter of the late Mr Gordon of Balmeg.

11. At Edinburgh, James M'Farlane, Esq. late of Kingston, Jamaica, to Miss Margaret Findlay, daughter of Mr David Findlay, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh.

12. At Girvan, Mr James M'Ewing, to Miss Margaret Maitland, daughter of the late Mr Charles Maitland,

15. At Glasgow, Patrick Doig, Esq. of Antigua, to Miss Jane Austin, daughter of the late Mr John Austin, merchant there.

Lately, at Castle Forbes, the seat of the Granard family in Ireland, Lord Rancliffe, to Lady Elizabeth Mary Forbes, eldest daughter of the Earl of Granard, and niece to the Earl of Moira.


Feb. 25. At Borthwickbrae, Mrs Elliott Lockhart, a son.

26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Mure of Caldwell, three sons, all of whom died in a few days.

28. At Pinkie House, the Lady of Sir John Hope of Craighall, Bart, a son.

March 4. At Denham Green, the Hon. Mrs Erskine of Cardross, a son.

5. At her house, Gayfield Place, Lady Jardine of Applegirth, a son.

7. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir John Heron Maxwell, Bart, a son.

8. At Edinburgh, Lady Jamima Johnston Hope, a son.

9. At Rockville House, Mrs Grant of Congalten, a daughter.


Nov. 21. At his seat, at Highbury in Kent, in the 74th year of his age, Abraham Newland, Esq. Cashier of the Bank of England for upwards of 30 years. Mr Newland was the son of a baker in Southwark; and he owed the conspicuous situation he held in the Bank to his own perseverance and unremitting attention to his pursuits.

Mr Newland died worth 200,0001. in stock, besides 10001. per annum arising from estates. He has disposed of it in the following manner :

To Mr Henry Hase, now Chief CashierMr Rippon, Second Cashier-Mr Attwood-Mr Bross, 5001. each as Execu


To Mrs C, housekeeper to the deceased, the interest of 60,000l. 50001. in cash, the house and furniture at Highbury, and horses, carriages, &c. To Mr Henry Hase, 2301. per annum, arising from the Broad-street annnity (money lent by Mr Newland to the parish, and when the annuity shall cease, the principal to be paid) and 7001. consols. Mr Rippon, Second Cashier 700 Guineas Mr Bross 700 ditto Mr Attwood L.10,000 To each of the family of the Goldsmids, eight in number, 500l. to purchase a ring.

To the Gentlemen belonging to the Chief Cashier's Office, twenty in number, from 301. to 1001. each, with about two exceptions.

To the porters of the Bank and Lodge, from 10l. to 501. each; and to the domestics of the deceased's household, the like sums.

The residue of the property is left a mongst the relatives of the deceased, who are in needy circumstances. Amongst them is a Chelsea pensioner, who, during the life of Mr Newland received 501. per anhas been left 1001. a-year. A farmer's servant at Hornsey, who did not partake of Mr Newland's bounty during his life, has been left 300l. per annum.


24. At Greenhead, Glasgow, aged 78 years, Mrs Agnes M'Naught, relict of Mr James Calland, merchant.

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28. At Glasgow, Mrs Agnes M'Nair, relict of the Rev. James M'Nair, minister of Slamannan.

29. Patrick Bell, Esq. of Cowcaddens. 29. At Perth, Sarah Sophia Wilson, and on the 7th Dec. William Carlyle Wilson, her brother, children of Alexander Wilson, merchant there.

Dec. 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Lundie, relict of the Rev. John Wood, late minister of Crookham, in Northumberland.



Dec. 12. At Hope Park House, near Edinburgh, Miss Mary Nasmyth, sister of Robert Nasmyth, Esq. of Whitehill, advocate.

15. At Sweetbrier, in Lanarkshire, Mrs Ogle, relict of Andrew Ogle, cabinetmaker in Edinburgh.

15. At Memel, of a fever, Sir George Rumbold, Bart. formerly British minister at Hamburgh.

19. At Edinburgh, Mr William Burrell, West Register Street. He has left a valuable museum of Natural Curiosities.

21. At Dunbar, Mrs Wilkinson, relict of the deceased Mr William Wilkinson, late in Oswaldean.

- At Greenock, Mr James Simpson, late shipmaster, aged 76 years.

- At Glasgow, aged 84, Mrs Shortridge, relict of John Shortridge, Esq. merchant there.

and after lamenting to his kindred and neighbours the irreparable loss he had sustained, he was observed, by some involuntary impulse, to bend his course to the usual place of resort; and as the occasion was no doubt doubly afflicting, he regaled himself and revived his spirits by a double dose of the best. It is generally understood that his widow will succeed to the vacant office; but his youngest son John, now in his 63d year, who is well known, at all the country weddings in the neighbourhood, as a musician of considerable eminence, is likewise a candidate; and his pretensions, doubtless, are supported by very strong hereditary claims.

24. At Paris, Madame La Fayette. She was the daughter of the Duke d'Ayen, son of Marshal De Noailles, and wife of the famous General La Fayette.

25. At Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth Ro. bertson, daughter of the late Robert Robertson, Esq of Tullybelton

26. At Montrose, aged 46, James Glegg, surgeon in the Royal Navy, son of Adam Glegg, Esq. late merchant in Montrose.

Lately, on her passage from Lisbon, the infant daughter of the Earl of Westmore


At Dublin, in the 105th year of his age, Mr Thomas French.

23. At Kinfauns, near Perth, in the 87th year of his age, Andrew Hall, kirk-officer, beadle, and sexton of that parish. He succeeded his father, or, in his own words, came to the Post in the year 1742; and it is a circumstance not only remarkable, but probably unequalled in the history of the Church of Scotland, that his grandfather, his father, and himself, held that office, in regular succession for the long period of 160 years. Andrew was originally a tailor; but, after he became an office-bearer in the church, he relinquished that trade, and became a fisherman on the Tay, working as a gardener or labourer when not employed on the water. He was distinguished by

his ardent attachment to the interests of
our present Royal Family. During the
rebellion in 1745, having refused to paste
upon the door of the kirk some treasonable
advertisement, he was taken into custody
by a party of the Highland army stationed
at Burnfoot, and detained for several days
as a prisoner. Pretending inability to read
the paper, he was soon after liberated; and
Andrew used, in his old age, to relate the
unshaken firmness with which he bore his
confinement, as well as the address by
which he at last effected his escape, as no
small proof of his bravery and wisdom.-
He bore all the marks of a genuine grave-
digger; and may be considered as the last,
in this part of the country, of the old
school of beadles. His uniform conduct
afforded a striking proof of the effects of
habit. It was his regular practice, after
every funeral, to adjourn with some com-
panions to a public house, where he spent
the whole earnings of his mournful duties.
Upon the interment of his first wife, which
happened after an union of half a century,

February 10. At London, Murrough Marquis of Thomond. His Lordship was riding, attended by a groom, in Grosvenor Square, when his horse taking fright, got upon the pavement, where he fell, and precipitated the Marquis with violence inte the horse way, where a waggon cart com. ing hastily by, one of the wheels ran over the body. He was taken into Lord Blandford's house, where he expired in about half an hour. His Lordship was in his 85th year, and was married to Miss Palmer, niece of Sir Joshua Reynolds, but had no issue. His Irish title, the Marquisate of Thomond, descends, with his estates, to his Lordship's nephew, Captain O'Brien.

11. At Sandhills, the Rev. John M'Millan, in the 79th year of his age, and the 59th of his ministry.

11. At Greenock, Mr John McKellar, merchant; and, on the 22d Feb. Mrs M'Kellar, his wife.

13. At Cartside House, Colonel Napier, of Milliken, in the 42d year of his age.

15. At Edinburgh, Miss Christian Smiton, second daughter of the late Mr Walter Smiton, painter in Edinburgh.

17. At ditto, Robert Holmes, Esq. of Bel· fast.

17. At Richmond, in Surry, Mrs Veitch of Elliock.

Feb. 20. At London, the Right Hon. Gerard Lake, Viscount Lake, a Generalin the army, Governor of Plymouth, Colonel


of the 80th regiment, Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall, and one of the Prince of Wales's Council of State. His Lordship was taken ill about three days before, (on the 17th) while attending the trial of Gen. Whitelocke, which occasioned the postponement of the trial for two days.His Lordship eminently distinguished himself in his country's cause on the Continent, in Ireland, and, lastly, in the East Indies, where he added greatly to the glory and honour of the British name, and was created a Viscount, and raised to the Peerage on the 31st of October 1807, as a reward to which his merit justly entitled him. He was much attached to, and much esteemed by the Prince of Wales. He is succeeded in his titles and estates by his eldest son (now Viscount Lake,) who was present at the dissolution of his father. His Lordship was, we believe, about sixty years of age, but his constitution was much impaired by the climate of India.

Feb. 21. At London, John Gordon M'Kenzie, Esq: surgeon in the Coldstream Guards, aged 30.

21. At Edinburgh, in the 21st year of her age, deeply lamented by her family and friends, Mrs Elizabeth Campbell Hamil ton, of Daiserf and Milnburn, wife of Ro bert Campbell Hamilton, Esq.

24. At the manse of Torryburn, the Rev. Mr David Balfour, in the 84th year of his age, and 41st of his ministry. He will long live in the remembrance of his flock.

24. At Edinburgh, Miss Jane Campbell, youngest daughter of the late David Campbell, of Belmount, Esq. writer to the signet. 26. At ditto, Mrs M'Leod, relict of the late Mr Roderick M'Leod, writer in Edinburgh.

28. At Balgay, David Anderson, Esq. of Balgay.

29. At Edinburgh, Mr Charles Oates, shoemaker.



At his seat in the county of Sligo, Sir Malby Crofton, Bart. He served un. der the immortal Wolfe at the siege of Quebec.

Lately, after two days illness, Francis, the second son of Mr Matcham, by the sister of the deceased Lord Nelson; a promising youth, of 12 years of age.

At Brighton, Mrs A. M. Bennet, mother of Mrs Esten, and author of several popular novels.

Lately at Edinburgh, Miss Sibella Hutton, daughter of the late Rev. Wm Hutton, minister of the gospel at Dalkeith.

At Dundee, at an advanced age, Mr Robert Doig, manufacturer, much regretted. At Bathgate, Mr Thomas Mair, of Pottishaw.

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March 1. At the Duke of Buccleuch's House, Whitehall, London, the infant son of Lord Dalkeith.

2. At Barnagad, Argyllshire, Archibald M.Lachlan, Esq. of Craigenterve.

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At Edinburgh, Catharine, infant plegirth, Bart. daughter of Sir Alexander Jardine of Ap

2. At London, universally regretted, James Colquhoun, Esq. merchant.

3. At Lochgair House, Argyllshire, to the inexpressible grief of her parents, Catharina Hamilton Charlotte Ann, only Esq. younger of Asknish, Advocate. child of Humphrey Trafford Campbell,

3. At Clifton, Mis Grace Gordon, eldest daughter of Sir Alexander Gordon, of Culvennan and Greenlaw.

late confectioner there.
4. At Edinburgh, Mr Edward Innes,

4. At ditto, Mrs Susan Erskine, relict of Robert Campbell, Esq. of Monzie.

6. At Eastfield, near Leith, aged 63, James Bannerman, Esq. late of Canada.

6. At London, in the sixty-first year of and Baron Milton, of Milton Abbey in his age, George Earl of Dorchester, Viscount Dorsetshire, also Baron Milton of Shrone Hill in Ireland, Lord Lieutenant of Dorsetshire. His Lordship was never married; his only sister, Lady Caroline Damer, always resided with him; his disorder was for many years. He is supposed to have the gout, with which he had been afflicted died immensely rich, and is succeeded in his titles and estates by his only brother, the Hon. Lionel Damer.

7. At London, suddenly, Sir Giles Rooke, Knt. one of the Justices of his Majesty's Court of Common Pleas.

7. At Edinburgh, Mr James Knox, writer, clerk to the Society for propagating Christian Knowledge.

9. At ditto, aged 44, Miss Agnes Home, daughter of the late John Home, Esq. of Ninewells.

husband of the celebrated Mrs Siddons.11. At Bath, William Siddons, Esq. the Though he had been for some time infirm, his death was rather sudden, as he had friends, and appeared to be in good health. sed the preceding evening with a party of pasMr Siddons was an estimable man in private life, distinguished for his probity, and an exact performance of all his duties. He had a correct taste for literature, and a ready turn for poetry, which appeared in many loyal and patriotic songs, to which, however, he was too modest to put his Mrs Siddons was in Edinburgh at the time, and had performed several nights, when, on receiving the melancholy tidings. she set off for Bath on the 18th.



March 11. At Lossiemouth, aged 89, Lady Gordon, relict of Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstown.

12. At Edinburgh, Donald Campbell, Esq. of Sonachan.

13. At ditto, Mr William Murray, merchant, Canongate, aged 81 years.

14. At Walkinshaw, Miss Grace Campbell, daughter of the deceased James Campbell, Esq. of Blythewood.

15. At Parton Manse, the Rev. Archibald Glen, minister of that parish, in the S4th year of his age, and 8th of his ministry.

16. At Leith, aged 17, Peter Dudgeon, eldest son of Mr John Dudgeon, merchant. 17. At Edinburgh, Mr Adam Dalmahoy, late glover there.

17. At Fyfe Place, Leith Walk, Mrs Jean Laidlaw, wife of Mr Donald M'Laine, merchant in Edinburgh.

18. At Bowbridge, aged 24, Mr Cumberland Finnie, son of Mr John Finnie, farmer at Bowbridge, very much regretted He was unfortunately killed by a kick of one of his work horses, while putting up his riding horse in the stable in the evening, after his return from Edinburgh.

20. At Inveresk, the infant child of Cap. tain David Milne, royal navy.

1808. Mar. 4.




15. At Letham, George Henry Buchan Hepburn, eldest son of John Buchan Hep- Buried Males, . 9296. burn, Esq. of Letham.

Price of Stocks.


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S. 5.


Mar. 7. 60 72 36 44 14. 60 74 36 44 18. 60 72 36 43 28. 60 72 36 44

63 64 64

644 64

Prices of Grain per quarter, Corn Exchange,


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| Wheat. Barley | Oats. | Pease.

S. S.

S. S. 27 34 56 60 30 37 56 60 32 38 50 55 39 40 50 56

A general bill of all the Christenings and
Burials, from Dec. 16. 1806, to December
15. 1807.

Christened in the 97 parishes within
the walls

Christened in the 17 parishes without
the walls


Christened-Males, 9812.

Christened in the 26 out-parishes in Middlesex and Surrey


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Under two years of age
Between two and five
Five and ten

Ten and twenty
Twenty and thirty
Thirty and forty.
Forty and fifty
Fifty and sixty
Sixty and seventy
Seventy and eighty.
Eighty and ninety
Ninety and a hundred
An hundred and one
An hundred and two
Increase in the burials this year,

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Females, 9604. In all, 19,416

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· Females, 9038. In all, 18,334 Whereof have died,

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22 214 22 21

22 21 23 224 24 23

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J. G. and William Longbeard, will not suit our Miscellany.
G. Wright, and J. M. D. are received,



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Prices of Grain at Haddington.

1808. | Wheat. | Barley. | Oats. | Pease. Mar.4. 37 0 34 0 32 032 0 11. 36 6 35 0 18. 36 638 0 25. 37 01 39 0

32 036 0 33 0 38 0 SS 0 37 0

Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, în Edinburgh Ma ket, per Peck.


5443 2010











Pease and

Barley Meal. Bolls Price. Bolls. | Price. Mar. 1. 250


18 19

8. 260


18 19

15. 180






18-19 18 19

18 19

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