Sivut kuvina

April 18. At Greenfield, the Rev. And. Haldane, Dreghorn, to Miss Margaret Campbell, daughter of Alexander Camp bell, Esq. of Greenfield.

18. At Stonehaven, Robert Crowe, Esq. Surgeon in the Royal Navy, to Alexandrina, only daughter of Major Mackenzie, 36th regiment of foot.

19. At Aske, in Yorkshire, the Reverend William Wharton, to the Hon. Miss Dundas, daughter of Lord Dundas.

20. At Bloxholm, Lincolnshire, the seat of General Manners, Robert Fergusson, Esq. Nottingham Place, London, to Mary, only daughter of William Hamilton Nisbet, Esq. of Dirleton.

20. At Law Grove, George Black, Esq. Inspector of Taxes, to Miss M. Lawson, eldest daughter of James Lawson, Esq. of Law Grove.

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April 3. At Dryden House, Lady Macdonald Lockhart, a daughter.

6. At Charlestown, Cornwall, the wife of Lieut. Burn, R. N. a daughter.

At Edrom, Mrs Logan, jun. a son. 10. At Dalyell Lodge, Fifeshire, the Lady of John Dalyell, Esq. of Lingo.

12. The Lady of the Hon. Montgomery Stewart, a son.

13. At Balgay House, Mrs Anderson, of Balgay, a son and heir.

13. At Tillicoultrie House, Mrs Glasfurd of Tillicoultrie, a son and heir, who died next day,

16. At London, the wife of Mr John Murray, bookseller, Fleet Street, a son.

16. At the Viscountess Duncan's house in Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Fergusson, a daughter.

24. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Major West, a son.

25. At ditto, Mrs Farquharson of Invercauld, a son.

25. At ditto, the Lady of David Douglas, Esq. advocate, a daughter.

25. At London, the Lady of the Hon. Henry Blackwood, R. N. a son.

Mrs Major Erskine, 48th regiment, a daughter.

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May 5. The Lady of Lieut. Leith, 68th regt. a son.

9. At High Wycombe, Bucks, the Lady of Colonel Howard Douglas, a daughter.

10. At Calderwood, the Lady of Sir William Maxwell, Bart. of Calderwood, a stillborn daughter.

12. At London, the Lady of John Thornton, Esq. eldest son of Samuel Thornton, Esq. M. P. a daughter.

12. Mrs Stenhouse jun. of Southfod, a daughter.

14. Mrs Fraser, Farraline, a son. 14. At Middleton, Mrs Hepburn Mitchelson, a daughter.



DEATHS in INDIA.--May 1807. At Delhi, Mr Alexander Falconer Taylor, Assistant Surgeon 22d Native Infantry, Bengal, eldest son of Mr Taylor, rector of the gram mar school, Musselburgh.

In Bengal-July 26. Alexander Gray, M. D. surgeon on the Bengal Establishment. He died possessed of large property, chiefly vested in Government securities. The principal part of his fortune, amounting to nearly three lacs of rupees, is, after the payment of some small legacies, devised for building a church, and the endowment of an hospital at Elgin, in Morayshire Aug. 24. At Calcutta, William Jackson, Esq. Register of the Supreme Court of Judicature, one of the attornies of the said court, and attorney to the Hon. East India Company On board the Lord Keith Indiaman, Captain Ramage, commanding that vessel. July 23. Mr John Russell, of Kedgeree.-Mr Joseph Bruce, late of Dacca, aged 75-Sept. 16. At Calcutta, Lieutenant William Macdougall, of the Corps of Bengal Engineers. To his acquirements in the Hindoostanee language, Mr Macdougall was indebted for his selection to fill the situation which he long held in the College of Fort William. In that situation, the possession of considerable talents, aided by an extensive knowledge of the language which he professed to teach, insured to Mr Macdougall the respect of his pupils. The partiality with which they beheld him may be ascribed to another cause-to the suavity of his manners, resulting from the cheerful and benignant temper of his mind. Mr Macdougall died at the early age of 27 years; and the loss of a young man, of so much promise, may be justly considered as a public misfortune.-Sept. 8. At Calcutta, Mr Thomas Mayne Brown.-At ditto, Capt. Robert Graham Clarkson, 19th regt. Native Infantry.

At Madras-April. Gavin Trotter, Esq. Surgeon in the Hon. East India Company's service. Aug. 21. At Seringapatam, Capt. Robert Barclay, of the 2d battalion 5th regt. Native Infantry.-At Madras, John Smith, Esq. Surgeon to his Majesty's 94th regiment of foot.-Sept. 12. At Trichinopoly, Mrs Hay, wife of John Hay, Esq. Surgeon in the Hon. East India Company's service, and eldest daughter of Major Gen. Gowdie, Madras Establishment.

At Bombay-Feb. 1807. Lieut. John Gibson, 2d regt. Bombay Native Infantry, eldest son of the late Mr Peter Gibson, Ayr.-March 22. 1807. At ditto, aged 26 years, Fotheringham Ogilvie Fraser, Esq. late Captain in the 1st battalion of the 78th regiment of foot, second son to Capt. Fra

ser of the Edinburgh regiment of militia, a young man of a most amiable disposition, much and justly regretted.-May 30th, At ditto, Lieut. Patrick Robertson, 8th regt. N. I.-Sept. 15th, At ditto, Captain D. C. Wemyss, of the 1st battalion Sd regt. N. I. eldest son of David Wemyss, Esq. St Andrew's, Fifeshire-At ditto, Alex. Adam, Esq. in the service of the Hon. East India Company.-At ditto, the infant son of William Crawford, Esq.

July 1807. On board the Cirencester East Indiaman, Mrs Robertson, wife of Major Thomas Robertson, Chief Engineer, Prince of Wales Island.

Aug. On his passage from China, Mr David Aitken, surgeon of the Perseverance Indiaman.

On his passage home from the East Indies, Alexander Joseph Rankine, youngest son of John Rankine of Dudhope, Esq.

29. At the Cape of Good Hope, in con sequence of a fall from his horse, Captain Lawrence Oliphant, of the 72d regiment of foot.

Sept. 23. At Madeira, Lieut.-Col. James St Clair, of the 87th regt. of foot.

30. At Barbadoes, on the 7th day after his arrival in the island, Mr John Strachan, surgeon, in the 22d year of his age, fourth son of the Rev. William Strachan, minister of Culter, near Biggar.

Oct. 10. At Antigua, Mr Thomas Blair, surgeon, sixth son of the late Mr Thomas Blair, surgeon in Liberton, Lanarkshire.

30. At Surinam, David Hay, Esq. of the Customs there.

Nov. 7. At Berbice, Mr James Gibson, only son of the late Major James Gibson, Dumbartonshire fencibles, and grandson of Mr James Gibson, surgeon in Edinburgh.

20. At Pittsburgh, (America,) Alexander Addison, Esq. one of the most eminent Counsellors at the western bar. He was son-in-law to the Rev. Mr Grant of Elgin.

26. At Jamaica, Mr Joseph Robertson, eldest son of Mr Robertson, merchant, Elgin.

29. Alexander Buchanan, Esq, of Tobago, Dec. 11. At Demerara, in the prime of youth, Mr Angus Scobie, son of Kenneth Scobie, Esq. of Achmore, Assynt.

At Jamaica, Major G. Crawford, of the 2d West India regiment.

Feb. 1808. At Edinburgh, John Shaw, aged 103.

March. At Lisbon, aged 74, Charles Murray, Esq. son of the late John Murray, Esq. of Philiphaugh, and many years his Britan nic Majesty's Consul at Madeira.

28. At Achmore, Assynt, aged 76, Kenneth Scobie, Esq.


April 4. At Dingwall, aged 75, Dr James Wishart, late physician in Cromarty.

5. At Largo, aged 76, James Calderwood Durham, Esq. of Largo.

7. At manse of Kells, Robert Lumsdaine, Esq.

8. In Ireland, after a life spent in the active exertion of every kind and generous quality, full of years and honour, that justly venerable and beloved character, the Countess Dowager of Moira, mother of Earl Moira.-By her death, his Lordship acquires an addition to his fortune of 60001. a-year.

9. At Aberdeen, Capt. Andrew Mason, many years in the Jamaica trade from Leith. 9. At Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Alexander Donald, Esq. formerly merchant in London.

9. At Dunkeld, Mrs Amelia Ann Sophia Oliphant, wife of Charles Stewart, Esq. of Dalguise.

10. At Whitmoorhall, Walter Dunlop, of Whitmoorhall, Esq.

10. At Edinburgh, Dr William Lawson, surgeon, Royal Navy.

10. At Durham Hill, Mrs Mary Aitken, spouse to David Anderson, Esq. Examiner of his Majesty's Customs for Scotland.

11. At Roehampton, Benjamin Goldsmid, Esq. an eminent banker. He was in perfect health on the Friday preceding.

11. At Edinburgh, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with uncommon fortitude, Mr John Hallion, comedian, of the Theatre Royal there, for 33 years, much and justly regretted by his family and numerous friends.

11. Robert Finlay, Esq. of Wallyford, W. S.

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12. At Glasgow, Mr Allan Macaulay, manufacturer,

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12. At London, William Duncan, Esq. of Brunswick-Square. When sitting in his chair, in perfect health, reading a newspaper, he fell back and expired immediately.

12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Beatrix Colquhoun, relict of the Rev. Thomas Miller, minister of the gospel at Lerwick.

12. At Crieff, Mr John Cook, merchant. 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Susanna Adam, wife of John Clerk, Esq. of Eldin, and sister of the late Robt. Adam, Esq. architect.

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25. At Glasgow, in the 74th year of his age, John Campbell, sen. Esq.

27. At Glasgow, in the fifth year of his age, George Jardine, the only son of John Jardine, Esq. Advocate.

27. At Edinburgh, Mary Denham, youngest daughter of Mr Thomas Denham of the Register Office.

28. At Little Milton of Urr, John Affleck, Esq. aged 82.

Lately, Miss Isabella Langton, daughter of the Countess of Rothes.

At Brighton, R. Henderson, Esq. M. D. late Physician to the Forces.

At Clifton, of a mortification in his foot, Charles Wolseley, Esq. Admiral of the Red, aged 67.

At Lower Tooting, James Strachan, Esq. one of the Elder Brethren of the Trinity House.

Lately, at Wauchope, Charles Scott, Esq. of Wauchope.

At Glasgow, Mrs King, relict of Mr Daniel King, of Row, Perthshire.

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At Park Place, Glasgow, Mr Andrew Sibbald, merchant.

At manse of Cullen, the Rev. Mr Robert Grant, in the 78th year of his age, and 53d of his ministry.


At Pathhead, Fifeshire, Mrs Falconer, relict of John Falconer, Esq. of Putney Heath. At Falstone, Dr Wood, late of Jedburgh. At Dunse, aged 15, Miss Aitchison, daughter of Mr Aitchison, Renton Barns. This young Lady was at the dancing school, and had danced a minuet; she sat down, and was complaining of severe giddiness in her head, and instantly fell lifeless beside her youthful companions.

May 1. At Leslie, the Rev. Mr George Willis, in the 85d year of his age, and 49th of his ministry.

2. At the manse of Symington, the Rev. Alexander Flockhart, minister of that parish.

4. At Fort George, the Hon. James Stuart, Lieutenant Governor of that place, and brother of the Earl of Moray.

4. At Tranent, Mrs Ann Leitch, spouse of Robert Barclay, Supervisor of Excise.

4. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Ferrie, writer, Edinburgh.

5. At Stirling, Mr Alexander Cunningham, merchant there, aged 80, leaving considerable sums for charitable purposes, under the direction of the Magistrates and Council of that town.

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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,

FOR JUNE 1808:

With a View of SEGGIEDEN.




Register of the Weather for June,. 402
High Water at Leith for July,
Description of Seggieden,
Proceedings of the Wernerian Natu-



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ral History Society, Monthly Memoranda in Natural His




tory, Plan for the Protection of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,. History and Description of the City of Carlisle, Population of the Principal Cities and Towns in Scotland, according to the Return of 1801,



An original and genuine Narrative of
the remarkable Blockade and At-
tack of Blair Castle, the House of
James, Duke of Athol, by the For-
ces of the Rebels in the Spring of
Synopsis of the Gaelic and Latin Lan-





Account of Books committed to the
Flames, suppressed, or censured, 416
Answer to Gaelic Etymologies, 418
Correction of Error in Remarks on

• •


History of the German Slave Trade, ib,
-Journey through the Highlands and

Western Isles, in the Summer of
1804. By the Ettrick Shepherd, 423
Mr Fox's Account of the Earl of
Argyle's Expedition into Scotland
in 1685,...


SCOTTISH REVIEW. I. Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, an English officer,

Memoirs of the Progress of Manu-
factures, Chemistry, Science, and
the Fine Arts,

II. The Renovation of India, a Poem.
With the Prophecy of Ganges, an



New Works published in Edinburgh, 443
Scottish Literary Intelligence,
Literary Intelligence, English and





Lines on reading a Sketch of the
Life of General Hamilton,
The Battle of Argoed Llwyfain,. . 447
Inscription placed in a rural Grot at
the Burn, the Seat of the Right
Hon. Lord Adam Gordon,
Fable of the Rose Tree,
Song of the Exile,


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[merged small][ocr errors]




House of Lords,



• 449


Reversionary Grants
Bill,-Subsidy to Sweden, . .
-Orders in Council,-Reversionary
Place Bill,

-House of Commons,



-Sweden. Cotton and Peruvian Bark.-Orders in Council Bill, -Qude Papers,-French Decrees, . 451 -Swedish Commerce,-Orders in Council, Bill




-Stocks and Markets,

ib. 448 ib.

[ocr errors]

Sweden and Russia,
Spain-Departure of the Royal Fa
mily for France.-Abdication of
the King,-Renunciation of the
Spanish Princes,
-Capture of Mariegalante and De-
Naval Intelligence,


-Trial of Lieut. Gen. Whitelocke,
Scottish Chronicle,

450 ib.

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-Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, ib. Civil Appointments,.



463 464





480 State

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