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and unwholesome jail, should be made and attachment, and followed them isto suffer an useless and unjust punish. to the College Square according to their ment.

seniority, where the brethren were re. Upon the other plate were the names gularly dismissed. of all the present Grand Officers, with Among the poblemen and gearlene the following inscription :

present upon the occasion were the In the absence of the Acting Grand MasterEarl of Morton, Lord Visc. Caibart,

TEE GRAND MASTER ELECT, Lord Sempill, Sir P. Murray, Menn Amidst the acclamations of a numerous as- for the city, &c. &c, semblage of the Brethren,

An immense concourse of spectators

were assembled in the streets, at the THE FOUNDATION STONE

windows, on the house tops, even the THE NEW GAOL OF THE CITY OF The day being remarkably fiue added

executioner's platform not excepte EDINBURGH;

much to the beauty of the scene ; and AN EDIYICE Planned with the benevolent purpose of re- the regularity, precision, and decorun medying the evils of the former prison,

with which the whole was conducted, by a suitable regard to the health and reflect much honour on those concerned comfort, and morals, of those whose

in that department. detention the law requires;

In the afternoon, the Lord Provost end That the unfortunate debtor, Magistrates gave an elegant turtle-fax Being no longer condemned to mingle with in the Assembly rooms, George stret, criminals,

to the Hon. William Maule, the Grand May not, in losing the blessing of liberty, Master Mason Eiect of Scotland, Ike e. Be exposed to lose also the innocence and ficers of the different Lodges

, Lord V'sreligion Which are the consolation of his dreary

count Cathcart, Commander in Cer, hours;

and a number of noblemen and genik. That even the criminal

men who had been present at ibe isto Under the severest sentence of the law resting ceremony. After dinner a greit May have no unnecessary addition to the number of loyal, constitutional, ad punishment, which that awful sentence propriate toasts were drunk with ents

and his own conscience inflict; siasm, Mr Gow's excellent band of And that the greatest end of public security sic playing suitable tunes. Everything may thus be obtained,

was conducted with the greatest barse At the least possible expense of individual ny and good order. suffering.

The gaol now begun to be erected by After the whole was concluded, the long been much wanted in this city, al Grand Master addressed the Lord Pro will be found eminently useful

. To vost in a short congratulatory speech, plan prepared for its construction is to which his Lordship made a reply, ex- mirably adapted for the comfort add a pressive of the propriety of the under- curity of the prisoners, and the prett taking, and thanks for the attention of vation of their health and morals. I the Grand Master, and of the Masons other public buildings about to be entu. of Scotland.

ed in the vicinity of the goal are eta Upon the return of the procession, grand scale. Those containing the xx the junior Lodge walked first, and the library, &c. for the Faculty of Art other Lodges followed in their proper cates, and other accommodations from order; then the Lord Provost, Magis. Courts of Justice, which are already trates, and Council, &c. uncovered begun, form a continuation of the set and the Grard Lodge immediately af- Exchequer building in the Parliams ter—the Lord Provost, &c. leaving the Square. It runs westward from ita procession at the Highland Society Hall; Parliament House, and will form ? ! and the Grand Lodge returning to the magnificent pile of Grecian architects College through the numerous assew ture, blage of the brethren, who were drawn The whole is to be completed from up on each side within the military, re the designs of Mr Robert Reid. Foka ceiving the Grand Lodge as they pas- tect; and when finished, wili costat sed with every demonstration of respect one of the chief ornaments of this off.

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COURT OF JUSTICIARY. was circumstantial, as in all cases of that On Monday June 13. came on the kind it must necessarily be ; with that: trial of Jaines Gilchrisr, stocking.maker evidence a majority of the jury was at Slatefield near Glasgow, for the mur. satisfied; and he thought it justice to der of Margaret Brock, his wife, on the that majority to state that the whole night of the 21st of January last, by first of the Court were of the same opinion. strangling her, and then setting fire to –His Lordship then adverted to the her clothes, whereby she was so much baneful effects of an indulgence in spiscorched and burnt, as to occasion herritous liquors; it had caused the pri. death. It appeared in evidence, that soner to embrue his hands in the blood the pannel and his wife, when they kept of his nearest and dearest relative, the suber and attended to their work, lived wife of bis bosom, after having lived upon good terms; but when they took twenty-seven years a married life. His to drinking, they frequently quarrelled, Lordship concluded his address, by enand the pannel often struck his wife : treating the prisoner to employ what That on the afternoon of the 21st Jan. time he had to live in imploring the parthey had both got drunk, and they quar. don of God through the merits of his reiled; the neighbours heard her scream Redeemer, that he might obtain mercy violently, and give a guller, as if she was in the world to come, as there was no choaking :— That Jean Abernethy, who hope of pardon in this. He then prolived the door above the pannel, went nounced the sentence, which was, that into the pannel's house about eight o'. he should be hanged at the common place clock, when the pannel said his wife of execution in Glasgow, on the 20th of was gone ; that the house was all dark: July, and his body given to the Professor l'hat when some other neighbours came of Anatomy in that city for dissection. with a light, they found the deceast on When sentence was pronounced, the her knees in the kitchen, with her arms prisoner said, “ If he was guilty, a huneaning on a chair, and her clothes and dred deaths were too little for him; but her body much burnt. This was the he thanked God he was innocent." ubstance of the evidence.-Mr Alex. The pannel was 47 years of age, stout Vachonochie addressed the Jury on the made, of a dark complexion, and decent art of the Crown, and Mr John Reid appearance. He was very attentive to on behalf of the pannel.

the proceedings, but no way agitated. The Lord Jusiice Clerk, in an ele. This unfortunate man suffered the ant charge to the Jury, gave a clear sentence of the law at the appointed nd correct abstract of the evidence.- time and place. About one o'clock on The Jury next day returned their ver the 20th July, he was attended in the ict, finding by a plurality of voices the hall in Glasgow, by the Rev. Mr Mac. annel Guilty.

Lean, of Gorbals, Mr Brodie, Dovehill, After the verdict was delivered, the and Mr M‘Donald, Edinburgh. After annel said, “ There certainly must be long conversation and prayer, he reome understanding in this case ; but I peated his declaration of innocence in eclare before God and this audience, the strongest terms. Before leaving the nd as I have to answer to God at the hall, he poured out a tumbler of beer, ay of judgment, I am as innocent of and before drinking it, he called to the his crime as the child unborn. I knew Lord Provost, and all who heard him, othing of my wife that night till I got to witness at the tribunal of God that ut of bed, and found her burnt. How- he was innocent. He then appeared on ver, if it be the will of the Almighty the scaffold, decently dressed in black, at I am to suffer, I die innocent.' where he again repeated his declaration

The Court then proceeded to pro. of innocence. After singing two por. punce judgment. The Lord Justice tions of the sist and 103d psalms, with lerk, in a most eloquent and impressive a clear and steady voice, he mounted veech, addressed the prisoner on the e- the platform with astonishing firmness ormity of his crime ; whether guilty or and composure, and about three o'clock, nocent, which God and his own con was launched into ertenity, in the prems. ience could alone know, he must ac sence of a greater concourse of people nowledge that his trial had been a than was recollected to have assembled is one. The evidence against him there on a similar occasion,



General Sir William Medows is applieta Whitehall, Sept. 6.- The King has been pleased to noniinate and appoint Robert Clanricarde, deceased; and General : Le

ed Governor of Hull, sice the End Blair, Esq. of Avontown, Dean of the Fa. Gwyn, Lieutenant-Governor of the lit et culty of Advocates, to be President of the Wight, vice Sir W, Medows College of Justice in Scotland, in room of

Colonel James Robertson, on halfpay e the Right Hon. Ilay Campbell, resigned. The King has also been pleased to grant

the 92d, is appointed Lieut-Gomera el the dignity of a Baronet of the United

Fort George, vice the Hon Cel

. Seet

deceased. Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, to Ilay Campbell, Esq. of Succoth, Doctor of lonel of the 16th foot, vice Gen, Box je,

Gen. Sir Charles Green is appointed C: Laws, and the heirs male of his body law- deceased – Brevet Lieut-Colone

! Dezi fully begotten. The Right Rev. Dr Dampier, Bishop of 29th foot, vice Lieut.-Colonel Lake, des

White, is appointed Lieut. Colcsel de Rochester, is translated to the See of Ely, sed-Major Hewgill is appointed Coke in room of the Hon. Dr Yorke, deceased.

of the York Light Infantry Voluttet, at Sept. 17.- The King has been pleased to

Sir Charles Green, promoted. appoint the Rev. John Cook, Professor of Hebrew in St Mary's College, St Andrew's,

MARRIAGES. to be Professor of Divinity in that College, in room of the deceased Dr Robert Arnot; Cooper, Balfron, to Miss Susanna Dias

Aug. 9. Ac Glasgow, the Rev. lender and the Rev. Daniel Robertson, minister of Meigie, to be Professor of Hebrew, in room

die, Glasgow.

11. At manre of Udney, the Rer. Is of Mr Cook The University of St Andrew's have daughter of the late William Forspei, Tiene

can Mearns, minister at Tarves

, to Lith conferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity of Huntly. on the Rev. Frofessor Cook, and on the Rev. George Cook, minister of the gospel son, Coldstream, to Isabella

, eldest dagle

17. At Dunbar, the Rev. Adam The at Laurencekirk The King has been pleased to present houses.

ter of the late Mr James Turnbull

, Le the Rev. Hugh Ross to the church of

18. At London, James Stuart Hall

, La Fearn, vacant by the death of Mr William

late of Madras, to Janet, fourth daugheze Simpson, late minister there. The Earl of Hopetoun has been pleased in Edinburgh.

of the late Mr James Hunter, merchar: to present the Rev. Robert Colvin, D.D. to the church of Johnstone, vacant by the

22. At Glasgow, Dr John Heenan, a

Miss Alexander, daughter of Mr F. Aletranslation of the Rev. Dr Sibbald.

ander. The Magistrates and Council of Glasgow have elected the Rev. Dr Gavin Gibb, mi

24. At Dundee, the Rev. David Dicks,

one of the ministers of St Cuthbertiny nister of Strathblane, to be minister of St Andrew's Church in that city, in room of

Miss ]. Jobson, daughter of James Jokes Dr William Ritchie, translated to the High

Esq. Church of Edinburgh.

27. At Forres, Mr Johs Cumming, The King has been pleased to appoint

Miss Sophia Bannerman, of Banfi. Robert Reid, Esq. architect in Edinburgh, oufacturer, to Miss Sutherland.

--, Ac Saltcoats, Mr James Dunlop, mp to be his Majesty's architect and surveyor

29. At Ardgowan, John Cuningham, & in Scotland.

son of Sir William Cuningham of Robert Master and Assistants of the Merchant land, Bart. 10 Miss Janet-Lucretia Wła Company of Edinburgh, elected Sept. 5.

daughter of the deceased John Wilber

Esq. of Kelly Alex. Bonar, Esq, Banker, Master. 30. Ac Campbelton, Mr Duncan Wx Assistants, Mess. Archd. Mackinlay; Robt. Gown, merchant, Greenock, to Mis lati Allan; James Carfrae; Alexander Smith; Campbell, youngest daughter of the line Richd. Bannatyne; Charles Baxter; Wm Mr Lachlan Campbell

, surgess in Cae Creech; David Clark; William M.Lean;

beltown. Peter Wood; John Walker; Archibald 31. William Foote, Esq. Alloa, to uz Campbell; Mr Adam Freer, Treasurer. jory, eldest daughter of Mr Mariend

'The Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Greenfield. Council of Edinburgh, have conferred the At Cheltenham, Captain John freedom of that city on Dr James Gregory Sth foot, to Mrs Erskine, widow of Mr and Dr Andrew Duncan, sen Physicians, jor Gen. Erskine of Cardross, and more and Professors of Medicine in this Univers daughter of the late Lieur.-Gen, Sir W3sity.

lian Myers, Bart.

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At Iver, Robert Anstruther, Miss 6. The Duchess of Newcastle, a daughter. Holt.

7. The Lady of Thomas Hamilton, Esq. At Gretna Green, Lewis Frazer, Esq. of a son. the 15th foot, to Catherine, daughter of J. 7. At manse of Kilmaurs, Mrs Roxburgha Williams, Esq. of Wilcroft, near Hereford. a daughter.

Sept. 1. At Edinburgh, Mr Andrew He 15. At Highgate, the Lady of Francis riot, merchant in Glasgow, to Agnes, daugh- Freeling, Esq. of the General Post Office, ter of the late Mr. William Hogg, of the a daughter. Hon. East India Company's service.

15. Mrs M'Intosh of Balnespick, a daugh1. At Glasgow, Mr John Keir, preacher ter. of the gospel, co Miss Mary Burnet, daugh 15. At Tain, Mrs M‘Kidd, a son. ter of the late Mr James Burnet.

16. At Campbelton, Mrs Gardner, late 2. At Edinburgh, the Rev. David Wau of Springbog, a daughter. chope, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late In Nottingham Place, the Lady of Sir William Dick of Prestonfield, Bart. Sir Edward Hamilton, of the Royal Navy,

2. Capt. Walter Brown, jun. of Currie, a son and heir. to Catharine, daughter of the late James - Mrs Buehan, of Auchmacoy, a son. Renton, Esq Berwick.

17. Mrs Silver, of Netherlee, a daughter. 6. Ac Douglas Castle, Adam Thomson, 20. At London, Lady Anson, two boys, Esq. of Knockbreck, to Miss M'Haffie. one of them still-born.

8. At St Mary Stoke, A. H. Stewart, 21. The Countess of Bristol, a son. Esq. to Miss Bleaden, daughter of John 21. Lady Ossulston, a daughter. Bleaden, Esq. of Stoke Hall, Ipswich. 21. The Lady of the Hon. Lawrence

14. At Whittingham, Mr Charles Shir- Dundas, a son. reff, merchant, Leith, to Miss Coxon, daugh 24. Lady Petre, a daughter. ter of the late Mr Henry Coxon, Howbaulk, 24. At Mells Park, Somersetshire, the Northumberland.

Lady of Colonel Horner, a daughter. At the manse of Fyvie, Mr Lewis Nicol, 24. At Farnbro', Warwickshire, Lady advocate in Aberdeen, to Miss Elizabeth Mordaunt, a son. Touch, daughter of William Touch, Esq. 25. At Gloucester Place, London, the Lalace of the Royal Navy.

dy of H. T. Hardacres, Esq. of the Royal

Navy, a son, after having had eight daughBIRTHS.

ters in regular succession. May 13. Ar Gibraltar, the Lady of Lieut. 28. At Powis, Mrs Leslie, a daughter, Colonel Ross, 57th regiment, a daughter. her fourteenth child.

July 22. At Kilgraston House, Mrs 28. At London, the Lady of H. ThornGrant of Kilgraston, a son.

ton, Esq. M. P. a daughter. 22. At Wemyss Hall, the Lady of James 29. Ai Arnot house, the Lady of ThoWemyss, Esq. of Winthank, a daughter. mas Bruce, Esq. of Arnot, a son.

25. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Ďr That 29. At London, Lady Popham, a son, becher, a daughter.

ing her ninth child. 25. At ditto, Mrs Johnston, wife of Mr Lately, at Cleland House, the Lady Henry Johnston, surgeon, a daughter. Marton Dalrymple, Esq. a daughter.

26. At ditto, Mrs Wishart, York Place, Sept, 1. At Kirktonhill, Mrs Taylor, of a daughter, still-born.

Kirktonhill, a daughter. 28. At ditto, Mrs Maxwell Gordon, a 2. At Annanhill

, Mrs Cuningham of

Thornton, a daughter. 29. At Glengary House, the Lady of At Milrig, Ayrshire, Mrs Gordon of Colonel Macdonell of Glengary, a son and Milrig, a daughter, heir.

9. At manse of Cariston, 'the Hon. Mrs 30., The Lady of Viscount Marsham, a Lyell, a son. son and heir,

11. At Camnethan Honse, Mrs Lock- At Sir Walter Farquhar's house, Lon- hart of Castlebill, a son and heir. don, the Lady of Gilbert Mathison, Esq. 3 11. At Rankeillor, Fifeshire, the Lady of daughter.

the Hon. Lieut.-General John Hope, of di Malshanger, the Lady of Colonel Craighall, a son. Cunyngham, a son.

The Duchess of Beaufort, a daughter. At Markfield, Stamford Hill, the Lady At Brighton, Mrs T. Turner, a daughof Robert Moubray, Esq. of Cockaircie, a ter, being her twenty-fourth child.

Births in India.At Bengal, the Lady Aug. 3. At Sinton House, Mrs Scott of of James Law, Esq. a daughter. At Rus. Sintou, a daughter.

sapuglah, the Lady of Henry Young, Esq. 4. The Lady of George Pott, Esq. a Assistant Surgeon, a son. At the Residendaughter,

cy, the Lady of William Russell, Esq. 2




daughter. The Lady of Colonel Blair, a At Seringapatam, Gen. Sit WE. daughter. The Lady of N.B. Edmonstone, Clarke, Bari. Commander of that disanc, Esq. a son. At the Government House, in the 45th year of his age. the Lady of Hugh Spottiswoode, Esq. a Marcb. In Bencoolen, the Hea. Cerer daughter. Ac Arcot, the Lady of Major Murray, son of the late Bishop of St David' Walker, a son. The Lady of Leith Alex- and nephew of the Duke of Achole

, unde ander Davidson, Esq. a daughter. At Ma- the late Lord Charles Aynsley. He fel. dras, the Lady of the Rev. Dr Kerr, Prin- sacrifice to the great exertion beset cipal Chaplain, a son. At Purneah, the the defence of Mr Parr, Governor of Base Lady of C. Græme, Esq. a daughter. At coolen, who was massacred by the Mara Cuprah, the Lady of R. H. Rattray, Esq. a in March last. He was a young man, ta. daughter.

versally admired and esteemed.

April 8. At Rio de Janeiro, whither be DEATHS.

had accompanied the Royal Famur a:

Government of Portugal, Gen John Farbe Oct. 13. 1808. In the province of Guzerat, of Skellater, in Aberdeenshire, in the Lieut. Simon Fraser Robertson, of the 8th year of his age. General Forbes was the regiment of Bombay native Infantry, third senior General Officer in the service of the son of Arthur Robertson, Esq. of Inches.

crown, General and Governor of Rio de 16. On board the Lord Duncan India. Janeiro, a Counsellor of War, General $ man, in Kidgeree roads, Bengal, (on his Cavalry, and Knight Grand Cross of the passage to Prince of Wales island for the illustrious orders of Avis, in Portugal

, en recovery of his health,) Mr Andrew Lyall, of Charles III. in Spain. This much rs son of the late Provost James Lyall, of pected veteran was a Lieutenant at the Montrose.

siege of Maestricht in 1748. He served ] 23. dt Berhampore, William Grant Esq. these campaigns, as well as the Seven Sea fourth son of Patrick Grant, Esq. of Glen. War, at the conclusion of which he entered moriston. This gentleman, from his pious into the service of Portugal, where he esand liberal character, was no less the sub- tributed much to the establishing the te ject of regret at his death than of gene- tics of Frederick the Great (then isor ral esteem while he lived. He left Scot• duced into all the armies of Europe) in the land at an early period of life, and was on Portuguese army, under the immediate pe the eve of returning to his native country, tection and friendship of Count de Lippe in the 37th year of his ago, when he fell a During a period of nearly 50 years, he is victim to a malignant fever : he has be- tinguished himself in that country by s queathed to the different societies for the activity, his zeal, and his incorruptibike is. propagation of the Gospel among the na- tegrity, to which last circumstance : ** tive Indians, the sum of 5300). Sterling. perhaps owing, that he enjoyed, upisar.

Nov. 18. In Bengal, of the wounds he re. ruptedly, the favour of four successites ceived in an attack on the post of Comona, vereigns. The tears and upfeigned stro Lieut. Thomas-Kennedy Ramsay, of the of the present reigning Prince were the pioneers, second son of the late Rev. John most affecting testimonials of his azt Ramsay, minister at Kirkmichael.

ment to the General, as the public and 22. In the fort of Allyghur, aged 23, also

cere regrets of the people were of bis real in consequence of a wound which he recei- worch. Indeed he was a virtuous and a ved in the above attack, Lieut. David Chas. honourable man; and, as a soldier, pasi Livingstone, youngest son of the lace Sir sed undaunted courage, indefatigable 3. Alexander Livingstone, Bart. of Westquar- tivity, promptitude, and decision. Herste ter.

manded, with reputation, the Portugas Dec. 18. At Hydrabad, Mr George Rose, army in Roussillon, at the commence surgeon to the 2d bact. 17th regiment na of the Revolutionary War; and he wil tive infantry, sixth son of the late William hereafter be classed among those of ou Rose, Esq. of Mountcoffer.

countrymen who have added to the respons Jan. 14. 1808. At Calcutta, much regret. tability of the British national character ted, after an illuess of four months, Mrs Ro among foreigners. bertson, wife of Mr James Robertson, sur Ac Bombay, Capt. Andrew Bestis, geon at Moorshedabad, Bengal establishe commander of the Fortune country ship

June 4. At Alexandria, America, Miss 19. In Bengal, whither he had gone for Ann Warren (late Miss Brunton,) se u the recovery of his health, Mr Charles the Countess of Craven. Campbell, surgeon and botanist to the Com. 13. At Tobago, Neill Stewart Esq al pany's establishment at Sumatra, second Urrard, son of the late Mr James Campbell of Glas At Antigua, Ralph Cuming, M. D. gow

geon of the paval bospital

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